This episode features the return of Limit Breaking Music, curated by intern Lloid. But the crew also discuss their epic after party plans for Fan Fest.


The hosts start the show paying tribute to a talented VA and beloved voice of Eorzea, Sian Blake as Yugiri. The show also sees the return of the popular segment Limit Breaking Music and as well the birth of a new one…Racial Roulette. Tune in for hilarity.

Show Notes:
EastEnders’ Sian Blake and her children confirmed dead
Sian Blake: Partner held in Ghana over EastEnders actress’s murder
Benjamin Antony James – Ravana (Rock Remix)
oxM3RC3RL3SSxo – Alexander Boss Theme Remix
ride hot – Knights of the Round’s -EDM Remix-
NPC – The Lost City of Amdapor (Final Fantasy XIV Remix)
Life of Eorzea – Zephyr Cradle
Daijin – Fate of Atma
Chronostalgia – Zephyr Cradle