Happy Heavensturn Erozea, Limit Break Radio is back with its first show of 2016! The team shares their thoughts about the Gerun Orcales passage left in Louisoix’s journal with a surprise guest appearance by Lore Master Ethys Asher. Also, thoughts on raid difficulty adjustments, Diadem changes and Anima Weapons with all the details of Live Letter XXVI. Plus, your live calls, and emails but most importantly Eskalis gets rekt.

Check out the video Ethys mentions about the Gerun Oracles that he was working on right here


With the introduction of Patch 3.15 we have all now started the long grind toward forging our Anima Weapons. The Limit Break Radio crew breaks down all the requirements for this lengthy quest for some of the best weapons in the game. There’s also been a very heated discussion surrounding the weapons and their grind and the LBR crew tackles that too by taking your calls and giving their opinions about the new Anima Weapons. Stay tuned all the way to the end because Aniero makes an announcement and asks for some input from the audience.


Several weeks ago LBR read an E-Mail that sparked quite a bit of controversy about the moderation habits at the FFXIV subreddit which then leaked over to BlueGartr. On today’s episode the crew interview one of the main moderators of the sub reddit, Eaene. The hosts also have a compelling conversation about the Diadem and read several emails while taking a few callers.

With Patch 3.1 having time to stew, Limit Break Radio goes through each addition to the game and breaks it down, with a lengthy exchange happening courtesy of the Diadem, aka Skynamis. Lords of Vermillion get’s some critical criticism and the show receives some great callers and E-Mails. PLUS, #CampJuxta and #CampAniero are formed in the wake of an exciting wager, tune in to find out the complete details!

It’s finally here. The long awaited patch 3.1; Skynamis, Lords of Verminion, MSQ and several other features await. The Crew wade through the patch notes while taking various callers; including fan-favorite Ryuichi, Joe Never and the epic Arthars.

This week the studio is down Nika, but gains a Kooky! The crew tackles all of the drama and fallout from the controversial sub reddit e-mail sent in my Nikki Seven. LBR addresses a lot of valid criticisms and gives a little bit of thier own. Returning caller Ethys Asher shares his insights and LBR gains a new, respected caller all the way from Singapore, Arthurs. And as always, we read e-mails from you, our fans.

The slow march toward 3.1 continues and the silence from Square-Enix is louder than ever. Join Aniero, Juxtaposition and Eskalia as they do another installment of the enormously popular Limit Breaking Music, and outline the live contest that will be held on episode 35 dubbed “Stump The Crew” where you can call up with your own trivia and if you stump the crew you win a prize. Plus, more info on the Roast of Aniero Grigori happening Saturday October 31st at 1:30am on the hallowed grounds of Youmacon, Team Limit Break Radio for the 2015 Extra Life fundraiser and much more! Plus TONS of your calls, emails and #FMFFLs.

Show Notes:
mcn – FINAL FANTASY XIV – End of Dream, Hope of Lights (Ul’dah theme remix)
Escha on YouTube
Shuichi – Final Fantasy XIV – The Path (Deephouse Remix)
Shuichi on SoundCloud
Resolution – Ishgard (in progress)
Resolution – Diamond Dust (in progress)
Resolution on SoundCloud
0xFF – FFXIV: ARR: “Gridania (Daytime)” Acoustic Arrangement [WIP2]

With 5 Weeks until Patch 3.1, news for the game has run dry. But Limit Break Radio Fan Mail is still flowing like a welfare tome-gear fountain. So the crew spends the entire show wading through your e-mails and your calls! Topic range from Aniero’s Incentive Idea, to the Patch Delay, to all kinds of abuse thrown at Nika and Eskalia. Nika shares her experiencing judging Ghost in the Linkshell‘s fashion show, plus your calls. Join us, as always, for a hell of a time.

This week on Limit Break Radio! We celebrate (read: rue) the return of No. 6 himself, Eskalia! With the entire crew present we disect piece by piece the 14 Hour Live Stream and all it’s INCREDIBLE information. The responses from the Hosts are varied and in some cases volatile…how many times will they be triggered this time?! And, as always we read E-Mails from our loving fans and insult everyone.