Join Nika and Juxta, new official host Strife, and friends Vegan Pete and Avi of She Heals I Tank as they react to the European FanFest information and make predictions for the future!

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Limit Break Radio makes it’s triumphant, and final, return to Las Vegas to cover the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest at the Rio. You’ll hear our reactions to Shadowbringers, the announcements of Blue Mage and New Game+ and much more. Plus, Limit Break Radio were joined by some of the titans of the FFXIV creative community at the Fan Fest After Party at the Hyperx Esports Arena at the Luxor in Las Vegas to share their thoughts on the new expansion.

Special guests include:
Gamer Escape
Maelstrom Radio
State of the RealmMr Happy & SlyAKAGreyFox
The Crucible
She Heals, I Tank
Phoenix Down Radio
Ethys Asher
Blue Gartr
Gather Together
MuseCast XIV
Aya – Dancing Fighter
Frosty TV
Nariko Star & Kaiyoko Star


This week on Limit Break Radio, with the wrap-up of the 2016 Japanese Fan Fest information is still being dissected. The crew finally gets Nika and Juxtaposition’s take on Red Mage, as well as a look at a recent Game Watch interview with Yoshi-P that gives us more insight into Red Mage and what we can expect from the launch of Stormblood. Plus the crew shares speculation on Red Mage, the as of yet unnamed 2nd Stormblood job and just how Ivalice will work with Final Fantasy XIV.

Show Notes:
Eorzean Census
Game Watch Interview Translation