Hello and welcome to the brand new show from the producers of the wildly popular Final Fantasy XIV podcast Limit Break Radio, which is called: Final Encounter Cast. The hosts you know and love step out from behind the shadows of their FFXIV characters and tackle all the latest pertinent news and information inside on the video game community and industry. Join Nate, Robbie, Christoph, Nika and Kali for this all new venture to bring the same high energy, high production value show that you love with Limit Break Radio to a subject we all care about: video gaming. For our first show we review all the huge news and announcements out of E3 2015 and give you an idea what you can expect with Final Encounter Cast.

The home for this new show will be at FinalEncounterCast.com. Nothing is there just yet, but we should have something in place by episode 2. We’d love to hear your feedback! Send us some email at FinalEncounterCast@gmail.com

Hey everyone, hope you’re all enjoying the Gold Saucer. We don’t have a new episode for you today but we thought today might be a good oppertunity to tell you all what’s coming on the next LBR episode. We’ll be revealing our funding plans, discussing Patch 2.51, talking about the controversial app Guildwork, list the Top 14 WORST FFXIV players of all time, and debuting a brand new segment highlighting some of the musical talent in the Final Fantasy XIV community.

That’s all going down Sunday March1st at 2:00pm Eastern. You don’t want to miss this.

Check out the killer Odin track we used in the promo today

Love, Battles & Reality is a special one hour presentation from Limit Break Radio that examines online games in their greater social context. This is consists of three stories presented in a style similar to This American Life. The first story by Nate Bender (aka Aniero) called ‘Life Between Two Worlds: The Culture of Online Gaming‘ in which he explains the basics of what a MMO is and travels to the 2007 Final Fantasy XI FanFest. From Ross Wolinsky, his story ‘A Word To Our Players‘ takes an outside look at Final Fantasy XI through one dedicated player and asks important questions concerning the value of MMOs in our society. And in our final story from Aaron Henkin, ‘A Disturbance In The Force‘, we look at the boundaries between fiction and reality and how even just one person can blur those lines for the rest of us.

Join us for this LBR special presentation: Love, Battles & Reality

Show Notes:

Second Skin
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FRONTLINE: Digital Nation
FRONTLINE: Digital Nation Official Website
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FRONTLINE: Digital Nation on Netflix.com

FRONTLINE: Growing Up Online
Discovery Channel: Rise of the Video Games
PBS: The Video Game Revolution *Buy the DVD
Upcoming film – The Raid: Official Site

Since playing the “pilot” of Limit Break Theater on the lolClipshow, we got many requests for a fully produced Limit Break Theater episode. So, here it is! The very first fully produced and finished Limit Break Theater episode “Sunny Days in San d’Oria”. Join the LBR crew as they get ready to help Juxtaposition with a quest to defeat a dragon. Sound effects and music by Square-Enix. Written by Kallo. Produced & Directed by Aniero.