Heaven-On-High is out and the verdict is in for Limit Break Radio. They break down some major pitfalls of the event while pointing out the strengths. Overall, the entire patch including the new Hildebrand seems to have left a sour taste.

EXTRA! EXTRA! HEAR ALL ABOUT IT! Limit Break Radio brings you the latest and greatest Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward news straight from E3!

Tune in with Aniero, Kallo and Juxta as they dive into the preliminary Heavensward 3.0 patch notes as well as disect some of the footage seen in the Launch Trailer!

And as always, Aniero gets angry, Kallo is hilarious and Juxta derails.

Today on Limit Breaking News Kallo and Juxta break down all the important Heavensward info revealed in Live Letter XXI. Joining them are Kooky Persona and the Evolved Male: Samus Rageborne. Learn about the new job abilities, new areas, new music and much much more on this edition of Limit Breaking News.

Limit Break Radio’s Nika and Aniero bring you all the latest from the Final Fantasy XIV developer panel at PAX East 2015 in Boston, MA. The crew provides details and insights about Dark Knight, Machinist, and Astrologan. More details about the new raid to be introduced in Heavensward: Alexander. Plus brand new armor for existing jobs and a video tour of many of the new massive zones!

Show Notes:
A Tour of the North Trailer
PAX Panel Screenshots Gallery

Limit Break Radio finishes up 2014 with a wrap up of the events of the 2014 Tokyo FanFest. They get in depth on juicy reveals like the new race the Au-Ra, the new jobs Astrologian and Machinist, the new endgame raid Alexander, the video showing off Dark Knight animations and so much more! The crew also discusses what’s ahead in 2.5 with the new dungeons Keeper of the Lake, Wanders Palace (Hard) and Amdapor Keep (hard) as well as the Manderville Golden Saucer. The crew takes calls from the Final Fantasy XIV community to get their reactions about all the exciting announcements. These announcements are so epic that this show ran for 3 uninterrupted hours. Enjoy the longest Limit Break Radio for Final Fantasy XIV yet!

Show Notes:
FFXIV Patch 3.0 New Job Dark Knight (Role Tank)
FFXIV Dragon Mount Collectors)
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – New Dungeons Video Reveal, Patch 2.5
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Manderville Gold Saucer Reveal

Limit Break Radio is back again to cover the 2014 London Fan Fest. Even though they weren’t able to attend LBR is breaking down all the important info and announcements from the London FanFest. The crew gets deep into the Dark Knight information, flying mounts, new beastmen and primals and speculation about the upcoming gun class teased at the event. They also dive deep into the patch 2.4 notes, which is like rolling up a Limit Breaking News in the middle of a LBR show. Finally, the show is rounded out with your calls. Thanks for calling in to the show everyone!

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Huskybythegeek music

We’re back for the second part of our 2014 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival coverage. Aniero and Nika are reporting from the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, well, if we’re honest it’s mostly Nika because Aniero completely overdid himself in true Vegas fashion at the FFXIV Fan Fest After Party at Insert Coin(s). We continue to interview the greatest community in online games, snagging interviews with a ton of the cosplayers, Sonomaa Kihten of the legendary Order of the Blue Gartr, Joshua Grey host of the Official FFXIV Fan Fest Twitch Stream, cosplay judges KO Cosplay and Lisa Lou Who and SO many more! Thanks again to absolutely everybody who said hello, talked to us for an interview, took pictures with us, came out to Insert Coin(s), stepped up to our wrap up mic, posed for pictures, raided with us or helped us with gear. We met so many amazing people this weekend and this show isn’t possible without you guys. Please enjoy Part 2 of Limit Break Radio’s 2014 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Special.

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Huskybythegeek music

It’s Limit Break Radio’s coverage of the 2014 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival from out at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas! What a weekend! There were so many amazing announcements: the new expansion Heavensward and the trailer that accompanied it, along with confirmation of a new playable race, huge new zones, new jobs, a level cap increase, and so much more. Plus a ton of 2.4 info and even some peeks into 2.5 as well. Aniero and Nika spent a lot of time talking to members of the community about their experiences at Fan Fest and their reactions to all the exciting announcements. We spend a little time with Matt Hilton of the Square-Enix community team, catch up with old friends and make new ones. This episode includes clips and interviews from the registration day and day 1 of Fan Fest as well as our wrap up recording in the Rio Pavilion right outside the convention doors. Keep an eye on our website for part 2 of our FanFest wrap up which will come out within the next few days as well as tons of pictures and videos from out at the 2014 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival.

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Huskybythegeek music

Patch 2.3 has come rolling in to the world of Eorzea and Limit Break Radio is here to give you all the latest patch details on Limit Breaking News. Aniero, Kallo and Juxta give their first impressions after 24 hours with the patch and give you some tips, tricks and discussion about the new content! We also announce that Limit Break Radio will officially be attending the 2014 Fan Festival.

Make sure you join us for the next live Limit Break Radio episode July 19th at 3:00pm EDT on the Limit Break Radio Twitch Channel.

Show Notes:
Patch 2.3 Notes (Full Release)

Limit Breaking News is back! Yes, Vana’diel’s favorite breaking news segment is back and now covering Final Fantasy XIV! We’ll be bringing you the latest up to date info on Final Fantasy XIV. Whether it’s patch notes or bannings Limit Breaking News works to break down the most important changes in the Final Fantasy XIV community. On today’s show we’re talking about the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.2 released on March 27th 2014 introducing the Leviathan fights, new turns of Coil, Tomestones, new endgame gear and much more. Join Aniero Grigori, Kallo Landis and Juxta Position for our first Final Fantasy XIV episode of Limit Breaking News.

Show Notes:
Patch 2.2 Notes (Full Release)
Introducing New Optional Services
Latest Updates To Lodestone