Limit Breaking News 12 - Final Fantasy XIV

In this edition of Limit Breaking News, Aniero, Kallo and Argetlam discuss the recent E3 announcement of Final Fantasy XIV. They discuss the trailer, the website and the Q & A panel at E3 2009. They make speculations and talk about what they would like to see with Square-Enix’s next online title. Limit Break Radio will continue to bring you the latest news about Final Fantasy XIV! (Show notes have been updated and expanded)

Show Notes:
Square-Enix E3 Q & A Live Blog @ Live Blog from the Square-Enix press conference at E3 2009
E3 2009: Final Fantasy XIV - What We Know E3 2009: Final Fantasy XIV – What We Know
FFXIV NEWS - Tanaka & Komoto Interview Allakhazam: FFXIV NEWS – Tanaka & Komoto Interview

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Limit Breaking News 11 - The April 2009 Update

On this edition of Limit Breaking News Aniero and Kallo are joined by a panel of previous guest hosts including Hyrist, Zero and everyone’s favorite TamTu! We cover all aspects of the April update from the White Mage, Red Mage and Summoner adjustments, to changes made to Fields of Valor, to augments, we got it all! We also talk a bit about the new add-on scenario A Crystalline Prophecy and outline the end rewards for its completion. That’s all on this edition of Limit Breaking News!

Limit Breaking News 10 - Jan. 22'nd LM-17

On this edition of Limit Breaking News we’re discussing the January 22nd 2009 salvage dupe bannings. Aniero and Kallo are joined by some of Final Fantasy XI’s most prominent community leaders including Sonomaa of The Order of the BlueGartr, Elmer the Pointy of JP Button, Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha, as well as former guest host Hyrist and Limit Break Radio forum admin DavyJones. This round table discussion examines the LM-17 bannings from several unique points of view and covers a range of widely connected issues involved with the bannings. From questions about Square-Enix’s handling of the situation to issues of community handeling, we cover it all! We have provided some links to relevant discussions and articles about this subject so you can make up your own mind about what happened.
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Here is it in all it’s glory! Aniero and Kallo bring you all the buzz from the 2008 Fan Festival! Since Fan Fest was only one day this year we packed this years coverage as full as we could get it! Over four hours worth of coverage, everything from the Moblin Maze Mongers to the development panels to the costume contest, Limit Break Radio’s Fan Festival wrap up has it all!
We spend some time with Robert Peeler, Senior Community Planner for Square-Enix, as well as Opalflame and Tenryu from FFXI Vault, The Pet Food Alpha crew, we also talk to Araelus about his ground breaking work with Final Fantasy XI machinima. There are some more familiar faces talking to Aeredon, Viceroy, Frice, Zero, Neelia, Ganiman, TamTu and Sooray, Ringthree, Omoikitte, and I*bleep*n! All this plus so much more on Limit Break Radio’s 2008 Fan Festival coverage! Thanks to Pharaoh Atem aka Luso, for all the music for this episode!

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Limit Breaking News 9

Here’s the latest Limit Breaking News. The September 2008 update has hit, and with it the wold of Vana’diel is changed. Aniero and Kallo along with the winner of ‘LBR’s NPC Mimicry Contest’ Rosalyn of Odin, cover all you need to know about the Sept. update. From the revolutionary new Level Sync system to the de-pop timers on Absolute Virtue and Pandemonium Warden, we cover it all right here on this Limit Breaking News.

Limit Breaking News - 2008 Premier Site Summit

An all new Limit Breaking News has Ganiman from FFXIClopedia and Opalflame IGN’s FFXI Vault joining the Limit Break Radio crew & old favorite Dashknocker to talk about the 2008 Premier Site Summit and share their speculations for the upcoming September update. We also talk about the recent Game Watch Interview translated by ElmerThePointy and hosted on Blue Gartr and Pet Food Alpha. This is a very interesting interview and we highly recommend you read it. Now then, enjoy!

Limit Breaking News 7 - June 2008 Update

It’s time once again for another Limit Breaking News, in this edition we cover the June 2008 Update. Gyudva, formally for the Fairy server now fellow Odinite, joins us to cover all the details of the June update. We talk about the expanded job ability and trait merits, some of the sweet new items, the new “ZNM” system, storage expansion, and taru nurses! Plus much much more! Check it out!

Limit Breaking News 6 - March 2008 Update

Limit Break Radio examines the details of the March 2008 update. We look at the new Dancer and Scholar AF, some of the new Campaign elements, new zones, new NMs, new absorbs and Samurai job abilities. Oh man! So much stuff! Anier, Kallo and Sayl are joined by Limit Break Radios very first guest host ever! THE ALMIGHTY SPAZZ! Make sure to check this out!

Fan Fest Special Day 2

Limit Break Radio’s coverage of the 2007 Final Fantasy XI Fan Fest concludes with our Day 2 wrap up. We take a look at the Atmos challenge, do tons of interviews, check out the costume contest, take a look at what was discussed at day 2’s development panel and all kinds of other havoc. More music provided by Luso, we check the Voices of Vana’deil mailbox and bring you the latest information from the 2007 Fan Festival. Thank you to everyone who helped out and made these episodes possible. See ya next year!