Limit Breaking News brings you the latest on the September 2011 update to Final Fantasy XI. The crew discusses changes to Dynamis and Walk of Echoes as well as notorious monsters added to BCNMs and Voidwatch. They also take a look at some of the new armor released with the update and Juxtaposition troll all of Final Fantasy XI. Excellent.

Today on Limit Breaking News Aniero, Juxtaposition and Sayl take a look at the changes and adjustments in the July 2011 Final Fantasy XI update. This is a very small update and as a result this episode is very short. They talk about various job adjustments, Voidwatch updates and various other little things that changed with this update. So join us for this very brief Limit Breaking News.

On this edition of Limit Breaking News: Aniero, Tamtu and Juxtaposition examine the contents of the Riftworn PyRxis that is the May 2011 update to Final Fantasy XI. We take a look at Voidwatch, the adjustments to HNMs, Abjuration Synergy, and the most important update of all: the update to Last Resort! I’m not biased, am I? It all happens here on the 20’th episode of Limit Breaking News.

Last Friday Japan was hit by an earthquake measuring 8.9 and subsequent Tsunami. During this event 4 nuclear reactors of the Fukushima nuclear power plant destabilized causing a large scale nuclear crisis and causing rolling blackouts in efforts to reduce power consumption across Japan. As a result Square-Enix has taken down the servers that host Final Fantasy XI and XIV for an unknown period of time while the country recovers from this catastrophe. This episode of Limit Breaking News discusses the happenings in Japan, as well as the new official FFXI forums and some Dev Tracker announcements, and other changes discussed by the official FFXI Twitter account. So join Aniero, Sayl, Juxtaposition, Tamtu, Viki and Maxx-V for this unique edition of Limit Breaking News.

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Google Crisis Response page

Aniero, Juxtaposition and former guest host Volkai go over the changes and additions in the December 2010 update to Final Fantasy XI! We talk about some of the new gear, Empyrean Armor, the dominion system and the new Heroes of Abyssea content! This episode was streamed live over uStream, but during the show the stream had multiple problems. To make up for this Episode 58 of Limit Break Radio will also be streamed live. Keep checking back for the official announcement here on Limit Break Radio.

Aniero, Juxtaposition and Xerumeru check out what we got in the latest update to Final Fantasy XI. We explore a few of the new AF3 or Empyrean Armor, new spells and abilities, changes to Trial of the Magains and much much more. Join us for this hilarious edition of Limit Breaking News! Be sure to watch the front page of for information about our upcoming episode discussing the new Empyrean Armor.

Limit Breaking News 16 - June 2010 Update

Aniero, Viki and Juxtaposition are joined by former guests hosts Hyrist and Neelia to discuss the June 2010 Update to Final Fantasy XI. We check out the huge boost that Dancers got with this update, the Walk of Echoes, Abyssea and check out some of the new epic level 80 gear. All this and more on this edition of Limit Breaking News.

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Limit Breaking News 15 - March 2010 Update

Join Aniero, Viki and guests Maxx-V and Veloxe as we talk about the most recent update to Final Fantasy XI. We talk about the new Trial of the Magians quests, Summoners new avatars Odin and Alexander, new additions to Wings of the Goddess, and some of the new items added with this update. We also discuss the server merge that happened with this months update. Join us for all this and more on Limit Breaking News!

Last week we held a live streaming event to discuss the incredible announcements concerning the future of Final Fantasy XI at VanaFest 2010. We present the audio from the live stream that night that over 550 people tuned in to hear! We really want to thank everyone for joining us for this event, I can safely say it exceeded all of our wildest expectations.