On this episode everyones favorite Tarutaru Juxtaposition returns with Elisen and co-hort Onitaru to discuss the Starlight Celebration! Juxta covers the quests and rewards from this years event, as well as personal updates, Elisen’s first fanmail, and Delkf**k’s Tower! All this and more on Simply Juxta!

Juxta-best Festival 2008

Fresh on the heels of the 24 hour Extra Life marathon it’s Simply Juxta! Asmodia joins Juxta and Elisen as they celebrate Simply Juxa’s 1 year anniversary and to talk about The Grim Tale of Pyracmon and the Baleful Eye. What do you need to do for one of those cool looking Eerie Cloaks? Find out on this episode of Simply Juxta!

Simply Sunbreeze

From the office of the Limit Break Radio interns comes another Simply Juxta. This episode: The Sunbreeze Festival! Learn how to defeat Ullegore, dance in time, play the carnival games and scoop goldfish for the 2008 Sunbreeze Fesitval! Alison and Elisen join Juxtaposition in learning about this great summer event.

Please note: An error was made during the post-production of this Simply Juxta episode. The corrected episode was posted at 8:15pm EST on Sunday August 10’th 2008. If you downloaded this episode previous to this date and time please download the corrected episode. Thank you.

Celestial Juxta

Limit Break Radio presents the fourth installment of the Simply Juxta series: Celestial Juxta. In this episode Aeredon and Elisen join Juxtaposition in Lower Jeuno to discuss the Mog Bonanza event as well as the new Celestial Nights event! No emails in this episode but that’s OK because Aeredon’s impression of a Datechochin more then makes up for it! Oh, and Juxta leaks info about Episode 34…thanks Juxta.

Juxta Is In The Air

In this episode Juxta is joined by a plethora of co-horts and sweethearts, Fabreezio from the Odin server helps Juxta break down the Valentione’s Day celebration. Erufailon and Lady Fayne also join Juxta in the recording booth in hopes that he stays on task…which he doesn’t. Plus Juxta reads your emails and Valentione’s Day cards and poems and oh so much more!

Happy Juxta-Mas!

It’s the Starlight Celebration, so you know what that means….yeah, another Simply Juxta. Today’s co-hort is Jaredin from the Odin server. They talk about the Starlight Celebration and how to participate and what rewards you can get from it. Juxta plays a song that was recorded for us by TamTu of the Hades server and Juxta reads emails! Enjoy…I guess…

Simply Juxta Episode 1: Juxta-ween

You wanted it…you got it. Limit Break Radio’s intern, Juxtaposition, gets his own segment in Simply Juxta. Juxta will be discussing the in-game holiday events that are available in Vana’diel. In this edition Juxtaposition and Kallo discuss the Harvest Festival and some various other…disturbing things. Enjoy! (and don’t say we didn’t warn you!)