File10/Assault/FirstLieutenant and Captain

Veloxe joins Kallo in the Rogue’s Den for the very last time! It’s the final Assault ranks to be covered here on The Rogue’s Den. Kallo takes you through the final assault missions as well as telling you how to rank up to First Lieutenant and give you some information on the Captain rank. Kallo is looking for new guests for the Rogue’s Den, the next topic to be covered by Kallo and the Rogue’s Den has been selected as: crafting! To submit a guest application for the Rogue’s Den you can check out our ‘Guest Applications’ section in our forums.


Today on The Rogue’s Den, Kallo and Veloxe cover the Second Lieutenant rank of the Assaults. This episode was recorded live before an audience of our Starbreakers and features a wonderful rendition of “I’m so Pretty” by the lovely galkan dancer Veloxe. This is the second to last Rogue’s Den to cover Assaults, will Kallo spill the beans on his next subject? Tune in to find out!

The Rogue's Den Episode 4

This time on Rogue’s Den! Time constraints! That’s right, Aniero really puts us under the knife, but, me and Veloxe still manage to deliver the information and punctuality that you’ve come to expect from the Rogue’s Den! This time, we cover all the Assault Missions in Tier 4 Lance Corporal as well as go over the awesome rewards awaiting mages — Yigit Gear! So strap yourself and get ready for awesome in audio form. Oh, and Veloxe.

The Rogue's Den Episode 3

Kallo and Veloxe make another pirate broadcast from the Rogue’s Den. In this episode they discuss the third assault rank Superior Private. They will give you tips and strategies for each of these difficult assaults, plus check out some of the appraised rewards from this tier. They also check out some of the gear you can spend those assault points you been accumulating on. All this plus much more of this episode of the Rogue’s Den!