Here is it in all it’s glory! Aniero and Kallo bring you all the buzz from the 2008 Fan Festival! Since Fan Fest was only one day this year we packed this years coverage as full as we could get it! Over four hours worth of coverage, everything from the Moblin Maze Mongers to the development panels to the costume contest, Limit Break Radio’s Fan Festival wrap up has it all!
We spend some time with Robert Peeler, Senior Community Planner for Square-Enix, as well as Opalflame and Tenryu from FFXI Vault, The Pet Food Alpha crew, we also talk to Araelus about his ground breaking work with Final Fantasy XI machinima. There are some more familiar faces talking to Aeredon, Viceroy, Frice, Zero, Neelia, Ganiman, TamTu and Sooray, Ringthree, Omoikitte, and I*bleep*n! All this plus so much more on Limit Break Radio’s 2008 Fan Festival coverage! Thanks to Pharaoh Atem aka Luso, for all the music for this episode!

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Another massive episode from Limit Break Radio, although all things considered we did a pretty good job chopping this down by 20 hours! It’s our Extra Life day coverage with clips from our 24 hour web stream care of W00t Studios. Aniero, Kallo, Sayl and Erufailon talk about the clips from Extra Life. On the stream we hear from Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha, Mindscythe of W00t Studios, Brain and Scooter of Geek Speak, plus we’re joined by Zero, Hyrist, Lady Fayne, Juxtaposition, Elisen, Droewyn, Argetlam, Stacey, plus many more over Ventrilo. We also read emails, talk about FanFest, announce Limit Break Radio’s next contest, plus much much more!

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Episode 37 - Cleaning House aka LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

This is a very different Limit Break Radio then you’re probably used to. There is no topic and no guest. Yes, that’s right, no topic or guest. Just Aniero, kallo and Sayl playing catch up and talking about some really great news. We talk about Extra Life, the 2008 Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival, and new shows on the Limit Break Radio Network. We also thank our Star Breakers, read your e-mails, Voices of Vana’diel, and LOOOOOOOOOOOL. Thanks to Scott from VG Cats for granting us permission to use his art for our episode banner! Check out VG Cats!

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Episode 36 - Q: How Long Is Too Long? A: This Show!

This is by far the longest episode of Limit Break Radio clocking in at 4 hours! On this episode of Limit Break Radio Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha joining us to talk about Dancer as well as his article How Long Is Too Long?, we also have Rosalyn and Hyrist joining us who were the winners of the first and second place prizes in our ‘NPC Mimicry Contest’. Plus Voices of Vana’diel, e-mails, achievements (bleep-bloop), and the fate of Spring Hope!

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Episode 35 - The Capped Crusader

Limit Break Radio celebrates two years of FFXI podcasting with this, their first of a two part anniversary special. We have a massive episode topping out just past three hours! Our good friend Hyshio joins us to talk about his recent big accomplishment: obtaining his Maats cap, and lend his expertise with strategies on how to beat that old buzzard in to the ground! We cover all the original and RoZ jobs from Warrior to Dragoon and give you tips and tricks to help you win your fight. We also read your e-mails and iTunes reviews, check in with Voices of Vana’diel, and announce a brand new contest! Tunes in to find out what the sweet prize is on this episode of Limit Break Radio.

Episode 34 - The Brutalsode

Limit Break Radio’s 34’th episode tackles the job of Dark Knight. Aeredon from the Odin server joins the crew to talk about the finer points of the Dark Knight class, but of course Aniero can’t keep his mouth shut. We cover Dark Knight like we have every other job, 1-75 with a focus on abilities, spells, sub jobs and job tactics. Gamer makes his triumphant return and TamTu is back as well. We also read you e-mails, Adventurer of the Week, and listen to your Voices of Van’diel. There’s also another TamTu original, and we threaten the safety of chocobos. This episode is not to miss! Get it? Miss? HA!

Episode 33 - Get a Job, Newbie!!!

Here it is! Limit Break Radio’s first summer show! Woo! In this episode TamTu joins us to discuss unlocking the advanced jobs in Vana’diel. TamTu is LBR’s special summer guest host for this summer and we’re stoked to have him on! Additionally Seshamaru from joins us to help talk about the advanced jobs, as well as his website We also read your emails, Adventurer of the Week and Voices of Vana’diel makes its return! We end the show with a very special song by none other then TamTu! That and much much more of this episode of Limit Break Radio.

Episode 32: The Brew

In this episode of Limit Break Radio Maxx-V and Tigerfury come to Norg to visit with the LBR crew! In honor of their visit the crew celebrate with their own special “brew”. As the brew dinking ensues, so does this episode. When we woke up the next morning we had a handful of hazy memories and a nearly three hour recording! What was the episode about you ask? I have no idea…

Oh right, right ToAU missions and HNMs is what this episode is about. We talk about the major battles and quests within the ToAU mission storyline (spoiler free as always) as well as the three ToAU HNMs, Cerberus, Hydra and Khimaira, including spawn locations, strategies and of course much much more. We also take your emails and pass out! TO THE BREW! CHEERS!

Please note: I made a typo on the RSS feed. Anyone who downloaded ‘The Brew’ before Saturday May 24’th, 1pm EST, you have downloaded the wrong episode. Reload the RSS feed for the correct episode. You’ll know if you have the wrong episode because it will be ‘Sunken Treasure’ again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sunken Treasure

Limit Break Radio dives head first into the world of Salvage! In our first crack at the Treasures of Aht Urhgan content we examine one of the most complex and complicated events in Vana’diel. Red Mage Ryuko from Caitsith server joins us to walk us though what exactly Salvage is. We talk NMs, ramparts, cards, bosses, gear, stratagies and everything else we can shove into this information packed episode! We also read your emails, Adventurer of the Week, we let Erufailion out and kick Juxta back in!

The Art of WAR

Limit Break Radio’s good friend Maxx-V makes her return to discuss the finer points of the Warrior job. We are also joined by a special in studio guest, Atamusk, who has traveled all the way to the secluded Norg to hang out with the Limit Brak Radio crew. We talk about all aspects of Warrior taking you from 1 to 75 and filling you in on key gear, weapons, abilities and so much more. We also hear a very special Voices of Vana’diel message from our old friend Gordor as well as Adventurer of the Week, e-mails and interns in closets!