Episode 48 - The Art of the Low Man

On today’s episode of Limit Break Radio, we reveal the new LBR host! Icydeath and Kraeia of the Asura server join us as guests. We talk to them about their new podcast available at Chocobo-Knights.com as well as the art of low-manning events. Tamtu joins the crew for the second part of our three year anniversary, we also talk about Extra Life, read your emails and make N. feet jokes!

Episode 47 - The Final Countdown

On today’s episode of Limit Break Radio we begin to celebrate 3 years of Final Fantasy XI podcasting!!! This was supposed to be our second call-in special, but for a variety of reasons we didn’t end up conducting the call-in special, but we are joined by Eskalia, Xerumeru and Xaze as they announce their new show to come out on the Limit Break Radio Network this year titled ‘Voices of Vana’diel‘, as well as talk about our favorite events from Final Fantasy XI. We’re also joined briefly by Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha to discuss recent trends in FFXI. We also read UK iTunes reviews, your e-mails and, of course, your voicemails in Voices of Vana’diel.

Voices of Vana’diel Website

Hmm, looks like Maat was pissed that we gave away his secrets on last years anniversary special. He’s reset the clock! You now have 9 days to figure out the secret. There are clues scattered about. All the pieces are in play. Let us know your theories!

Episode 45 - Things You Didn't Know...!
On today’s episode of Limit Break Radio Kallo and Aniero are joined by JPButton’s Elmer The Pointy to talk about the history, legends and lore of Vana’diel. Joined by our Galkan friend Veloxe we cover the history behind the three nations and give you some interesting facts about jobs, some weapons and gear, and beastmen. Get your mud wine out and get ready for this awesome edition of Limit Break Radio!


Episode 45 - Let's Party!

On the 45’th episode of Limit Break Radio, the hosts are joined by Tuufless, the mind behind the Campsitarus XP campsite blog. Today we’re talking about XP camps, both common and uncommon from level 1-75 and into meriting. This episode was streamed and recorded LIVE for donors, or Starbreakers, to Limit Break Radio. We are offering this feature as an incentive for members to donate to our Fan Fest fund so we can attend the 2009 Fan Festival. We also make announcements about Extra Life 2009 and briefly talk about our upcoming panel at Youmacon 2009 happening in Dearborn, Michigan. That’s all on this episode of Limit Break Radio!


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Episode 44 - Eye-in-jar

In this episode Viki of the Remora server joins Aniero, Kallo and Gamer (yes, Gamer!), to talk about one of the most difficult events….to pronounce: Einherjar. Come listen as we slaughter names like Tanngrisnir, Dendainsonne, and Sjokrakjen. While we may not be able to say them, we can tell you how to kill them! We also take your emails, listen to your Final Fantasy XI noob stories on Voices of Vana’diel, say the word “squishy” more times then necessary and much much more. That’s on this, the 44th edition of Limit Break Radio!

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Episode 43 - Square-Enix Community Team Podcast Tour: Live Events!

Here it is! The final leg of the Square-Enix Community Team Podcast Tour! Aniero, Kallo, Sayl and Gamer are joined by Senior Community Planner Rob Peeler and Senior Community Relations Matt Hilton along with Pikko of Allakhazam to discuss the Final Fantasy XI live events throughout the years. We also listen to your voicemails and read your emailed suggestions for the Live Event Suggestion contest and announce our winners! Join us for this very special edition of Limit Break Radio!

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Bet you didn’t expect this! As promised, we’re trying to release episodes faster and more often so here’s Episode 42, our first less formal episode featuring Eskalia of Odin. Join Aniero, Kallo, Sayl and Eskalia as they reminisce about the days of old when FFXI was young and Vana’diel was still an unexplored land! Back in the day, we would have to walk 20 min to Valkrum Dunes up the plateau both ways! In 5 feet of snow. Training Goblins every step of the way. With no foot equip…and we liked it! We apologize for the audio, there was something weird going on with the equipment. We talk about our upcoming Square-Enix interview and contest and give you all the important details about that (REMINDER: Deadline for entries is MAY 1’st!). We also take your emails, iTunes reviews, a 21 Weapon Skill Salute and Voices of Vana’diel. All on this episode of Limit Break Radio!

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Episode 41 - Hit The Books!
This episode was named by Coronos as voted on by our Starbreakers! Congratulations Coronos!
In this episode we’re joined by Hesper of the Quetzalcoatl server to talk about the last job that Limit Break Radio has to tackle: Scholar! Backing him up, our veteran guest and long standing staff member Omgwtfbbqkitten aka Foobar lending his expertise to the topic. Gamer is MIA for this episode, so sitting in his his place we’re also joined by special guest Triquetra! We also announce changes to Limit Break Radio as a result of the listener survey, take an e-mail from Napkin of Odin, and we announce details about our Tidal Talisman contest due to hit the site in April, plus all the in-depth Scholar talk here on Limit Break Radio!

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Episode 40 - Rise of the Viceroy

After a bit of a break and a few setbacks episode 40 is finally here! Viceroy, the leader of the Chocobo Knights Linkshell joins the crew to talk about the Rise of the Zilart expansion missions. We examine each major Zilart mission, including Divine Might, to ensure that you make it through each battle and mission on your epic journey to Tu’Lia and beyond! We also talk to Viceroy about his video chronicled adventures with the Chocobo Knights Linkshell, we see the return of the Adventurer of the Week segment, read your iTunes reviews, emails, plus we reveal Limit Break Radio’s brand new show intro! This episode is one not to miss!

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Limit Break Radio - Episode 39 - Big Zeni! No Whammy! STOP!

Welcome to 2009! Let Limit Break Radio take away your post-party hangover blues with a 4 and a half hour long episode! ‘About what?’ you may ask, Zeni Notorious Monsters! We talk ZNM’s with Luso, we’re also joined by TamTu to talk about He Says, She Says and Edwyth and Feofi of Elegantly Edwyth! We talk to Luso about his music and website PharaohAtem.com, pizza, a look back on FanFest and much much more. All in this episode of Limit Break Radio!

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