So you think you can level dancer? Join hosts Feofi and Edwyth as they are joined by Talint, Kaitlin, and Jesterking, in an in-depth discussion about Dancer, before and after its addition to the game, and several discussions of job abilities that will most likely never be added to the game, lol Ed. Listen to the hilarity and join in the dancing fun now, btw can anyone help me recitate Feofi?

Also check out Talint’s blog which served as the inspiration for this episode by clicking here

Limit Break Radio presents 'Elegantly Edwyth'! Episode 1: The Three S's

The very first episode of the Limit Break Radio Natworks brand new show: Elegantly Edwyth. Hosted by Edwyth of the Bahamut server Elegantly Edwyth, takes an aspect of Final Fantasy XI and looks at it under a microscope in his own absurdly specific way. On this episode Edwyth with co-hort Feofi and visiting LBR Network host and LBR summer host TamTu, examine Signet, Sanction and Sigil. What are they? How do the work? What’s the difference between them? All those answers plus more on Elegantly Edwyth!