Edwyth along with elegant assasin Jesterking and returning guest Squigglicious delve into the open waters of the new world order, where 80 reigns supreme and 75 is passe. Joining in their deep sea adventures, Staren and Anexia of the mighty ship Leviathan illuminate the untold treasures that live beyond the June update bringing their knowledge of the new weaponskills to the forefront. Who will survive this ten thousand league purge? Only time will tell.

Join hosts Edwyth and Jesterking as they turn this circus of notorious monsters into a dancefloor. Acrobatics, knowledge and various beastial knowledge is provided by the ever lovely Jeminijem, Tigerfury, Kenjimasuda, Carletta, and Berndherbert. Feel the adrenanline move through your veins as we put the spotlight on our prey, low level NMs.

Join Edwyth along with Djplaeskool, Krut, and Kyle Wynen of finalfantasyunion.com, in a discussion about the most important people in campaign. No, no, not you silly, we’re talking about Maat, Titania, Lewenhart, and the plethora of nasty anti-shadowhand defense people that are freelancers. Gain their and our influence by listening to this episode and checking out the Elegantly Edwyth tribune, you know you want that taru that doesn’t actually help you in the fight, just stands there and talks, talks, talks…… Not amused, not one bit!

Hosts, Edwyth and Jesterking, delve into the deep mystery of Vanadiel, that is Puppetmaster. Along with guests Bsphilar, and JP Button Founder, Elmerthepointy, we swim the deep ocean of attachments and maneuvers. Now the only question remaining is: will you come build sandcastles on the beach with us?


The most useless 2 hour as voted by, you, the fans of Limit Break Radio is…… BLUE MAGE!!!! Come on down and discuss the epicness of Azure Lore with host Edwyth and guests Jesterking, Mattr, Squigglicious, and Vlorsutes. I bet as you read this you had one question running through your brain, “Blue Mage has a 2 hour?” I know it suprised me too.