When FFXIV was reborn, Yoshi P took a new approach to developing games. As it would turn out, Square Enix as a company would eventually adapt to his new way of thinking. But is this something that will benefit the series as a whole? Tune in to find out what the hosts think.


Hot on the heels of Patch 4.15 the crew…give thanks? Whose thankful for what inside and out of LBR and Final Fantasy XIV? Tune in to hear the thoughts of the entire LBR family, even Kooky and Scuro. The cast also dig into Rival Wings and make a peculiar announcement regarding the new Perform Function.


Soken recently did an interview about his history and work with Square Enix and Final Fantasy XIV, including how he came to possess the world record for most songs composed in an MMORPG. Yosheep also did an interview which was laden with hypocritical responses. The LBR crew breaks down both interviews.


After 29 grueling days of bashing heads against keyboards a world first has finally been achieved – we’ll discuss their achievement and help you get to know that fine group of adventurers! Plus, Playstation Universe did an interview with Yoshi-P that revealed some interesting tidbits for future content.


Today’s show is an homage to the great Opie and Anthony. Inspired by Limit Break Radio, the minds behind RPMMORadio submit one of their episodes for scrutiny under the the fiery eye of Aniero and Co. With an absent Nika from the show the kid gloves are off and it gets brutal very fast. Not for the feint of heart.


Limit Break Radio takes a closer look at some of the things Yoshi-P said in an interview with GamesIndustry.Biz. They dial in on two main points of contention including the 10 Million player count and the idea that the game could go Free-To-Play a lot sooner than anyone is comfortable admitting. Nika also talks about her Bahamut Escape Room escapades and Aniero loses his shit.


After the abysmal attempt that was Omega as a raid and a narrative, The Return to Ivalice seems to have given a breath of fresh air to the world of Eorzea. Tune in to find out what all the hosts think about the raid and the rest of patch 4.1 as a whole.


It’s been a very busy week in the world of FFXIV as Yoshida has appeared in two separate interviews and dropped preliminary patch notes for the impending 4.1. But, LBR doesn’t get to dive too deeply into them because the phones are ringing off the hook, you’re going to want to hear what these callers had to say about the state of the game.


With another Live Letter in the books and Patch 4.1 coming in less than 2 weeks Eorzea should be abuzz with excitement. Yet, all is not well in the world of FFXIV. Where is Eureka? When do we get Rival Wings? Why are we doing to Ivalice? These are all valid questions, tune in now. We promise no answers.


Square Enix recently updated the official site in preparation for the launch of Patch 4.1. Along with these updates we got a few little snippets of text that hint at the newest raid Return to Ivalice as well as some clues to the context of the forthcoming MSQ injection. The hosts break that all down, then relax with some Limit Breaking Music.