Today on Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns the crew is talking about the Producer Live Letter XII outlining new content that we can expect in patches 1.16 and, the really big one, patch 2.2: Through the Maelstrom, including the Leviathan primal battle, new dungeon Amdapor Township and new turns of Binding Coil of Bahamut. The hosts share some of their #FMFFL’s, talk about their favorite easter egg’s in Final Fantasy XIV, and talk about the Final Fantasy XI and Dragon Quest X crossover events. The crew has been drinking heavily which has lead to the birth of a new phase of Juxtaposition: Drunkstaposition. Part 1 goes a little overtime today, so enjoy a slightly larger than normal Limit Break Radio.

Finally, the epic conclusion of episode two of Limit Break Radio: A Radio Rhombus. On this episode we check in with Eskalia Ryumasa and get his official report on Crystal Tower and other 2.1 content. We’ll also judge the top three #FappingTheRealm submissions to decide who will get a $10 Ultimate Game Card. And we read you e-mails and #FMFFL’s.

It’s Monday: that means its time for a new piece of Crystal Tower loot, Myth grinding and a new episode of Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns. Kallo is here to round out the cast filling in for Eskalia who we’ve sent out on assignment to experience 2.1’s content. We continue our discussion of the 2.1 content patch to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn getting into free company housing, more Crystal Tower, why Kallo isn’t logging in and Juxta shares a surprising fact. Next week we’ll ready your emails, judge your Fapping The Realm submissions and #FMFFL’s.

So this is a new segment brought to you by Limit Break Radio. The cast and crew of LBR all play Final Fantasy XIV on the Sargantanas server, are a part of the official LBR linkshell Laser Beam Raptors, and share a Mumble server. Someone came up with the brilliant idea of recording these conversations and now we’re releasing them on Soundcloud. These conversations sometimes deal with Final Fantasy XIV, sometimes other video games and sometimes nothing at all. We invite you to enjoy our new series simply called Laser Beam Raptors.

So the realm has awoken and so has Limit Break Radio, we’re back with a fresh episode giving our impressions of the 2.1 content patch to Final Fantasy XIV. But, oh wait…what’s this? Eskalia hasn’t logged one since 2.1? By Odin’s beard, this cannot stand! We send Eskalia out on assignment to make sure he’s experienced 2.1’s content. Will Juxta and Aniero be able to hold the fort by themselves? Tune in and find out what we think about Crystal Tower, the new dungeons, duty roulette, and (almost) everything 2.1 on Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns.

The long wait is over, we’re on the cusp of Patch 2.1 – A Realm Awoken, so on this episode we’re taking your emails, talking about changes to guest hosting on LBR, and preview a brand new segment coming to Limit Break Radio in the future. We also announce our very first contest called ‘Fapping The Realm’. Send us your sexy/funny/silly/hilarious scantily clad screenshots to and we’ll select a winner to receive a $10 Ultimate Game Card. Get ready for one big ass Limit Breaking News covering Patch 2.1 in the near future. But until then enjoy Part 3 of Episode 1 of Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns.

Just as promised Part 2 of the first official episode of Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns is here! On this episode we’ll go over the buffs that Warrior is receiving in patch 2.1, discuss character progression, and the 2013 Eorzean census data. We’ll also discuss the newly announced FanFest 2014 happening in Japan, North America and Europe in October 2014, as well as watch another Twintania kill this time with a Warrior tank. That’s all ahead here on Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns.

Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns kicks off it’s first official episode with an epic episode looking ahead to Patch 2.1 due out December 17th 2013. In this, the first part of a three part episode, Aniero, Eskalia and Juxta check out what Yoshi-P had in store for us with the Live Producer Letter X. That covers Crystal Tower, Pharos Sirius, hard mode Haukke Manor and Copperbell Mines, extreme mode primals, Good King Moogle Mog and Duty Roulette. We’ll also go over some of the more burning questions answered in the Q&A section of the Live Letter. That’s all just in the first part! Look forward to parts two and three in the weeks to follow!

We’re trying something new here by breaking up the episode. The total running time of the original show was roughly 3 hours, so what we’re going to try is to break the episode up into thirds to make listening to the show more manageable and have new content hit the feed every Monday. What do you think of the change? Write us and let us know: