Today on Limit Break Radio, we do our “part three” tradition of reading your emails, taking your live calls and #FMFFLs. We also make a special announcement: on episode number 9 Limit Break Radio will be interviewing Susan Calloway, the wonderful vocalist behind the FFXIV song ‘Answers’ and frequent performer at Distant Worlds. Remember if you would like your email read on the show send it to

For weeks the new feature ‘The Hunt’ added in 2.3 has been by far one of the most contentious additions to the Final Fantasy XIV community. Drama over when someone pulls a mark, witch hunts in shout to try and ‘out the culprit’, and accusations of players using 3rd party software have all been at the forefront of this issue. However, we’ve also seen many player networks spring up and some serious competitiveness come back into the Final Fantasy XIV community. Limit Break Radio discusses all the important points: Are Hunts, as an event, fair? Is the current loot table fair? Is Square-Enix facilitating 3rd party applications with their game and system design and do these apps give players an unfair advantage? What can we, as players, do about the ill will generated amongst the community by this event? We opened our phone lines and let listeners contribute to the discussion and we hope you will continue the discussion on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We’ve now had two weeks with Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 2.3 and already it’s changed the focus of the endgame community. The LBR crew talks about doing Sycrus Tower, the new dungeons, Chocobo raising, The Striking Tree, Frontlines and of course The Hunts! We have a small spoilerific discussion about the new main story line quests, so if you haven’t done those yet, you might want to use discretion. We’ll be getting really in depth on The Hunt issue on part 2 of episode 8, it’s a discussion not to be missed!

What’s better than tome and coil resets? A new episode of Limit Break Radio to top it off is what! On the show today: your calls, emails, #FMFFLs, #FappingTheRealm, and Elitist Party Finders. We also give away a $20 game time card donated to us by @FFXIV_PTFinders. Make sure to follow them on Twitter. This episode was streamed live over on June 28th 2014. If you would like to call-in to Limit Break Radio make sure you tune in at our page during the live broadcast for more details on how you can participate!

We’ll be streaming an all new episode of Limit Break Radio going in-depth on the hosts feelings about patch 2.3, we’ll also address some of the Hunt rage that’s been going around the community and have a discussion about 3rd party tools. Please join us on July 19th 2014, at 3pm EDT for Limit Break Radio!

Patch 2.3 has come rolling in to the world of Eorzea and Limit Break Radio is here to give you all the latest patch details on Limit Breaking News. Aniero, Kallo and Juxta give their first impressions after 24 hours with the patch and give you some tips, tricks and discussion about the new content! We also announce that Limit Break Radio will officially be attending the 2014 Fan Festival.

Make sure you join us for the next live Limit Break Radio episode July 19th at 3:00pm EDT on the Limit Break Radio Twitch Channel.

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Patch 2.3 Notes (Full Release)

Happy update day! Have you defeated Ramuh yet? Taken down your fellow players in Frontlines? Take a stab at Syrcus tower yet? Well, check out the latest Limit Break Radio episode while you do! Todays show was recorded live on on July 28th and is inspired by this post by a Japanese player and translated by EmiliM on the official Final Fantasy XIV forums, the crew discusses the current state of Final Fantasy XIV’s endgame content. Is the content engaging and fun or memorizing patterns and playing a game of “team jump rope”? Aniero, Juxta, Kallo and Nika get in depth with their feeling about FFXIVs endgame content. A discussion not to be missed!

We’ll be streaming an all new episode of Limit Breaking News covering the 2.3 patch notes and initial host impressions. Please join us on tomorrow, July 9th 2014, at 7pm EDT for Limit Breaking News!

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Current State of End-Game Contents – A Blog Post from A Japanese Player

Limit Break Radio breaks down all the important E3 info you want to know. Discussions about Rogue and Ninja, and upcoming patch 2.3 content including new Crystal Tower, dungeons, Frontlines PvP combat, free company additions and much more. Check out what you can look forward to in patch 2.3 and a little of 2.4. This episode was streamed live over on Saturday June 28th under extremely warm conditions. Join Aniero, Kallo, Juxta and Nika for this exciting installment of Limit Break Radio!

Hey Limit Break Radio listeners, we’re back with another great episode of LBR:ARR! I want to thank our listeners for being patient with this episode. We were waiting until after the Live Producer Letter from E3 2014 to release the show so we could at least give you a quick rundown of everything that Yosheep and crew discussed. We’ll be going into more detail about everything that was revealed out at E3 2014 on the next episode of Limit Break Radio. But for today we read your favorite @FFXIV_PTFinders tweets, take a look at your emails and much more. We’ll also announce the winner of the Final Fantasy XIV: Before Meteor soundtrack contest. Unfortunately, the Twitch recording of this episode was not kept by the Twitch servers, so when we do the dance party, everyone who missed the stream will just have to use their imagination. Thanks again to everyone who came out and hung out with us during the show and to everyone who called in. We’ll be announcing the date of our next live show soon so keep an eye on the website, Facebook page and/or Twitter feed.

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Video Showcasing Rogue class and Ninja job

It’s Tuesday Tomesday and you know what that means! It’s time for your weekly dose of Limit Break Radio. On the show today we take some of your calls, talk to Nika about her progression through the Second Coil of Bahamut and Juxta discusses his PvP experiences. Plus, we have some fun with the audience over the Twicth stream. This episode is a little shorter because we ran overtime on episode 6.1. Coming up next week we read some of our favorite @FFXIV_PTFinders tweets, read some emails and much more.

Limit Break Radio is back with an all new episode right on the heels of Final Fantasy XIV’s Letter from the Producer XIV. We talk about changes and additions coming in patch 2.28 due out in June as well as what’s due out in patch 2.3: Ramuh, Crystal Tower part 2, Hullbreaker Isle, Tam-tara Deepcroft (Hard Mode), and Stone Vigil (Hard Mode) dungeons as well as calls from you, the audience. This episode was streamed live over on May 24th 2014 and you can find the archived show complete with brand new in-game visuals and chat log on our and YouTube pages. This episode ran a little long in order to cover everything in the Live Letter and as a result next weeks episode is a touch shorter. We hope this weeks show and our new epic venture into live broadcasting will make up for this discrepancy.