Here we go. Strap in, because Limit Break Radio is finally talking all things lore and story in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. All spoilers are fair game. If you don’t want to be spoiled on any part of the FFXIV story, wait to listen to this episode! To help with this monumental task the crew has enlisted the help of Eorzean YouTube guru Ethys Asher. Ethys makes some of the most fascinating and well presented videos about Final Fantasy XIV that we’ve ever found. If this episode doesn’t convince you to subscribe to his channel, maybe consider this video of his summary of the 1.0 story line. Everything is on the table, let’s talk some story!

Welp. That’s it folks. A Realm Reborn has come to a dramatic end. We’re all giving it some time to let the full gravity set in. Oh, you don’t know what happens yet? OK, fine, we get it. We will remain spoiler free for just 1 more week and then the spoiler embargo lifts and we have a big spoilery story discussion! In the meantime, for today’s show we’re going to go over all of the information dropped in Live Producer Letter XX. We also give final reminders for listeners to submit entries for the Limit Break Radio Pop Culture FanArt Contest and the Glamorous Cosplay Contest because episode 15 is your deadline. Finish your 2.55 main story quests, because next episode all will be revealed!

It’s patch day! Time to find out who or what ends up falling in patch 2.55. Limit Break Radio has you covered because we’re talking about everything we know about patch 2.55 and what we learned about Heavensward from interviews out at PAX East 2015 as well as GDC and others. We also read your emails and respond to the drama llama. That’s all on this super sized episode of Limit Break Radio!

Limit Break Radio saves its best for last. On today’s show LBR counts down the Top 14 Worst Final Fantasy XIV Players, and launch a brand new segment, Limit Breaking Music, showcasing the musical talents of the Final Fantasy XIV community. Today we’ll check out songs from Erutan, Falconshield and Benjamin Anthony James as well as premier a brand new FFXIV track never heard anywhere before.

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Here we go Limit Break Radio listeners, the crew dives head long into a controversial debate: is the 3rd party tool Guildwork a game-breaking app that breaks an event or is it a mostly innocuous, creatively designed piece of software that automates information sharing? Does Square-Enix’s responses to past tools give us an indication about what realistic risks are involved with using the software? LBR breaks it all down for you, and lets you lend your voice to the discussion by taking calls on the topic. Do you have a strong feeling about Guildwork? The discussion doesn’t end with the podcast, send us an email to or leave a comment on our Facebook page and we’ll be sure to read it next time on the show.

Our Patreon fundraising effort has hit $1300/mo!! Thank you so much everyone who has already given! This officially means Limit Break Radio will begin producing a general gaming show. Stay tuned for details on the launch of this new show! If you would like to support Limit Break Radio considering heading over to our Patreon page and pledging whatever you can afford. We’ve only had 12 people come in at the $1-$5 level. Consider that for a second: LBR has raised $1300/mo on the generosity of a fraction of our audience. Just 50 of you are shaping the future of Limit Break Radio. But if 10% of our audience gave just $1/mo that would get us nearly $1000 of funding! Think of all the cool things we can bring you then! Plus just $1/mo gets you access to the LBR extra content. Trust me…worth it!

Limit Break Radio’s Nika and Aniero bring you all the latest from the Final Fantasy XIV developer panel at PAX East 2015 in Boston, MA. The crew provides details and insights about Dark Knight, Machinist, and Astrologan. More details about the new raid to be introduced in Heavensward: Alexander. Plus brand new armor for existing jobs and a video tour of many of the new massive zones!

Show Notes:
A Tour of the North Trailer
PAX Panel Screenshots Gallery

Here it is Limit Break Radio listeners, the first part of what may be Limit Break Radio’s most epic episode to date! On today’s show Limit Break Radio officially announces and unveils their Patreon fundraising campaign, the LBR memorabilia auction and community advertising program. Limit Break Radio fans can now support their favorite FFXIV podcast directly, get some cool exclusive gifts and help shape the future of Limit Break Radio. The LBRmy has already started to answer that call with a staggering $795 per month being pledged! You can check out all the rewards and plans for Limit Break Radio’s future by visiting out Patreon page. The crew also reminds you about the FanArt Contest as well as the Glamour Cosplay contest. Oh, and they talk about Final Fantasy XIV, duh. 2.51 is the topic today! On the docket: The Manderville Gold Saucer, Triple Triad, Chocobo Racing and the final leg of the Zodiac Weapons questline. Keep an eye on the website for more updates about our brand new programs!

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Happy Tome day Eorzea! Limit Break Radio returns with a brand new podcast talking about the latest Live Producer Letter, new info about what to expect with Patch 2.51 and the Gold Saucer, and even a little info about Heavensward. Kallo had to split midway through the episode but friend of the show Samus Rageborn (aka Evolved Male) steps in and fills in for him. Juxta gets some new toys to play with and the crew reminds everyone about the sweet Art Contest and Glamour Contest that are accepting entries until Episode 15. The LBR crew also reads a few emails and takes some calls. Tune in to Episode 13 where we’ll be giving away a copy of the Final Fantasy XIV Soundtrack as well as unveiling our Patreon project!

Here we go Eorzea! Limit Break Radio returns for our regular part three tradition of reading your emails! Nika had to step out for this portion of the episode, so it’s up to Aniero, Kallo, Juxta and Eskalia to answer your deepest burning questions as well as your #FMFFLs. The crew also announces contests to giveaway the Yoshi-P signed Final Fantasy XIV art book AND the Gaius Van Baelsar t-shirt donated by Limit Break Radio listeners. Lastly, Aniero takes some time to outline future plans for Limit Break Radio moving in to 2015 and asks listeners for their support. Get all the important details on this episode of Limit Break Radio!

Show Notes:
Contest Rules for Yoshi-P Signed Art Book)
Contest Rules for Gaius Van Belesar Shirt

Limit Break Radio weighs in this week on some controversial topics being tossed around in the Final Fantasy XIV community. The crew gives their opinions about the Square-Enix cash shop as well as the idea of “Story-Mode Coil” and Aniero has some cross words for high geared players. This debate rages on for a super-sized show of almost 2 hours and 15 minutes. The crew also takes calls from the Final Fantasy XIV community, because on LBR we give our listeners a direct voice! Be sure to catch Limit Break Radio live on to participate!