EXTRA! EXTRA! HEAR ALL ABOUT IT! Limit Break Radio brings you the latest and greatest Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward news straight from E3!

Tune in with Aniero, Kallo and Juxta as they dive into the preliminary Heavensward 3.0 patch notes as well as disect some of the footage seen in the Launch Trailer!

And as always, Aniero gets angry, Kallo is hilarious and Juxta derails.

It’s time for another exciting episode from Limit Break Radio, it is, in fact, the final episode before the crew will get hands on with early access of Heavensward content. In this episode the crew tackles the idea the of Job Homogenization. With all the changes Square Enix’s is bringing with Heavenwards, are Jobs becoming too alike, or are the changes making for more diversity? Hit play to listen to everyone’s thoughts — but feel free to ignore Eskalia’s. Aniero, Nika and Juxta also talk about their romp on State of the Realm and Kalloposition serenades Aniero with a little diddy.

Make sure to tune in next Sunday June 21st at 2:00pm eastern on Limit Break Radio’s Twitch stream for the next live episode of Limit Break Radio. We’ll be talking about Hevanesward early access and how smoothly (or not) that has gone, and as always we’ll want to hear from you, by either sending us email at hosts@limitbreakradio.com or calling the show over the Skype account LimitBreakRadio. And LBR prepares for Hevaensward proper on June 23’rd. What will they have in store? Tune it and find out!

It’s Limit Break Radio’s first weekly episode, and in keeping with true LBR fashion, we have WAY more information to cover then you would think could be crunched into just over 2 hours. But this isn’t your average FFXIV podcast we’re talking about, this is Limit Break Radio. Weekly LBR! We gettin’ shit done, son! So, here’s, literally, everything we know about Heavensward, culled from press events, interviews, and Live Letter Presentations, this is the most comprehensive list of what we can expect with the Heavensward expansion. So, grab your passes, it’s all aboard the Heavensward hype train as we close in on the final week before early access.

On the next Limit Break Radio: The crew will be discussing job homogenization in Final Fantasy XIV and whether or not the jobs in FFXIV stand out among similar classes in other MMOs. That’s going down Sunday June 14th at 4:00pm Eastern on the Limit Break Radio Twitch channel.

Limit Break Radio does NOT return with part 3 of episode 15, for the unstoppable might of the Sixteen Hyphen Nine Garlean Covert Operations has once again hijacked their broadcast! Glory to Garlemald! Behold as you see the fruits of our labor come to fruition! My master engineer, Darius nan Gravebell, has finally overcome his terribleness, and has actually succeeded in a complete takeover. Thus, the plan of the great Daedalus van Brutus (that is me), can finally proceed! We begin by… Mwahahahah… Prank calling those stupid hosts of Limit Break Radio! Even Damon van Thanatos got some nasty zingers in there! Listen to the chaos that engulfs their studio! Priceless! Phase two our glorious strategy came about even quicker than anticipated: Eorzeans are already laying down their arms before our third eyes in subjugation. Oh, and there was a Phase one point five: We mimicked one of their popular segments to an overwhelming success! The top Fourteen Worst Eorzeans!! It was perfect, Eorzeans are so stupid, ha ha! Finally, we found some emails that were IN NO WAY EDITED BY THE GLORY OF GARLEMALD that were sent to those fools at Limit Break Radio. Garlean influence is already widespread among Eorzea, do not be last to accept it, fools! Mwahahaahahh!!

Limit Break Radio returns with part 2 of episode 15, which is LBR’s final monthly episode. We are officially one week closer to Limit Break Radio’s debut as a weekly show all thanks to your generous support over on Patreon. On todays show: Final Fantasy XIV news has been scant as of late, but the community is more active and vibrant than ever. Joining the crew on todays show is Mr Happy of Mr Happy Gaming and the Dream Network to talk about their new talk show State of the Realm and upcoming plans for his channel. They’re also joined by old friend of the show Fusionx of Gamer Escape and Aetheryte Radio to see what Gamer Escape has planned moving into Heavensward and reminisce about how the community has evolved from 1.0 to 2.0. We’re also joined by a special 3rd guest but we’ll leave that one a surprise! And then we check out the not-so-good side of the Final Fantasy XIV community and introduce our brand new segment: Shitpost Dramatic Reads. That’s all on this episode of Limit Break Radio.

Today on Limit Breaking News Kallo and Juxta break down all the important Heavensward info revealed in Live Letter XXI. Joining them are Kooky Persona and the Evolved Male: Samus Rageborne. Learn about the new job abilities, new areas, new music and much much more on this edition of Limit Breaking News.

This is it! The last 3 part Limit Break Radio episode ever! Because of your support at our Patreon page, Limit Break Radio announces the premier date of the weekly Limit Break Radio: June 7th 2015. The crew also announces the winners of Fan Art contest and glamour contest. All entries for the contest including our winning entries will be here on LimitBreakRadio.com in a few days. The crew weighs in on Patch 2.57 and the coil echo buff, Steps of Faith nerf and pony music as well as run through the Q&A from the Nico Super FATE event with some juicy Heavensward tidbits. Plus your calls and Kallo’s new PC, that’s today on Limit Break Radio.

Limit Break Radio returns with one of our very last “part 3” episodes. We see the return of Limit Breaking Music, and of course your #FMFFLs and e-mails. Ethys Asher remains on standby to answer any lore questions the crew may have. Episode 15 will be our very last 3 part episode as wel head to a weekly schedule in late May/early June because of your generous support at our Patreon page. This is also your very last chance to enter our art contest and cosplay glamour contest! Alright, on with the show!

Here we go. Strap in, because Limit Break Radio is finally talking all things lore and story in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. All spoilers are fair game. If you don’t want to be spoiled on any part of the FFXIV story, wait to listen to this episode! To help with this monumental task the crew has enlisted the help of Eorzean YouTube guru Ethys Asher. Ethys makes some of the most fascinating and well presented videos about Final Fantasy XIV that we’ve ever found. If this episode doesn’t convince you to subscribe to his channel, maybe consider this video of his summary of the 1.0 story line. Everything is on the table, let’s talk some story!

Welp. That’s it folks. A Realm Reborn has come to a dramatic end. We’re all giving it some time to let the full gravity set in. Oh, you don’t know what happens yet? OK, fine, we get it. We will remain spoiler free for just 1 more week and then the spoiler embargo lifts and we have a big spoilery story discussion! In the meantime, for today’s show we’re going to go over all of the information dropped in Live Producer Letter XX. We also give final reminders for listeners to submit entries for the Limit Break Radio Pop Culture FanArt Contest and the Glamorous Cosplay Contest because episode 15 is your deadline. Finish your 2.55 main story quests, because next episode all will be revealed!