Holy crap! 50 episodes! And what a 50’th episode this is too. The Limit Break Radio crew is joined by Veloxe and Maxx-V to put an end to Assaults, covered by Kallo on The Rogue’s Den, by talking about the Nyzul Isle assault. We take you from floor 1-100 and give you our tips and strategies for making it to the other side in one piece and with some loot in tact. We also read your e-mails, find out where in the world YOU think Gamer is, and talk about the recently announced VanaFest in Japan. Kallo is late, there are…..surprises, Canadian pride, and ginger cookies…all this on the 50’th episode of Limit Break Radio!

Thanks to Starbreaker Karbine who named this episode!

The Canadian Song is courtesy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 from episode 910 ‘The Final Sacrifice’ which is coming out on the MST3K – XVII DVD March 16, 2010 from The Shout Factory BUY IT FOOLS!

Kicking off the New Year for the Limit Break Radio Network, it’s episode 1.5 of Voices of Vana’diel! Today, we get an introduction to our heroes and watch as they begin their quest for fame… riches… and a parrot?! It’s opening night and the curtain is going up. Get your popcorn and grab a soda; the show is about to begin!

After a brief hiatus Limit Break Radio is back! On this episode of LBR, the crew is joined by Barduwulf of the Alexander server to talk about the recently completed Add-on Scenario content, ‘A Crystalline Prophecy’, ‘A Moogle Kupo d’Etat’ and ‘A Shantotto Ascension’. We walk you through the mission particulars and boss strategies. We also give you the scoop on LBR’s flash contests where you can join Limit Break Radio for a live show taping! Join Aniero, Kallo, Viki and guest Barduwulf for this exciting edition of Limit Break Radio.

Broadcasting live from Serpentking Square… it’s Voices of Vana’diel episode 1! Joining us today is Viki of Remora to talk to our adventuring callers about… well anything! Open lines is the policy of this very first episode and we cover such important topics as Blue Mage, Chocobo Raising, and Mass Migrations! We also shamelessly plug possible upcoming merchandise and hint at the possible (and very probable) appearance of Episode 1.5 very shortly down the line. All of this and more on episode 1 of Voices of Vana’diel!

File10/Assault/FirstLieutenant and Captain

Veloxe joins Kallo in the Rogue’s Den for the very last time! It’s the final Assault ranks to be covered here on The Rogue’s Den. Kallo takes you through the final assault missions as well as telling you how to rank up to First Lieutenant and give you some information on the Captain rank. Kallo is looking for new guests for the Rogue’s Den, the next topic to be covered by Kallo and the Rogue’s Den has been selected as: crafting! To submit a guest application for the Rogue’s Den you can check out our ‘Guest Applications’ section in our forums.

It’s finally here! The audio from the Youmacon 2009 Final Fantasy XI Podcast Panel is now available for your listening pleasure!

Listen in as Fusionx and Aniero discuss the history of Pet Food Alpha and Limit Break Radio. They also talk about their future collaborative effort with Eorzeapedia for the Final Fantasy XIV podcast: Aetheryte Radio.

We also got the chance to sit down with Robert Peeler and the newest member of the FFXI Community Team, Devin Casadey. We help introduce Devin to the community and get the chance to throw a few questions their way.

On Today in Vana’diel: Unveiling the New Synergy System! (www.playonline.com), “The Latest Evolution in Equipment—Announcing the Evolith System! (www.playonline.com), Part One of November Update Reveals Hints at New Armor System (www.petfoodalpha.com), Introducing the Add-on Trilogy Bonus Gift! (www.playonline.com), Job Adjustments Part I and Part II (www.playonline.com), Wings of the Goddess Nation Quests! (www.playonline.com), Moblin Maze Mongers Mesmerize You with More Madcap Mazes! (www.playonline.com). Join Aniero as we play catch up on Today in Vana’diel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can promise you this is not a hallucination! This is it, it is here, and there shall be no more adieu… Episode 0 of Voices of Vana’diel is here! On the show, we perform the skit belonging to the winner of our script contest, introduce ourselves and even our surprise (less surprising than you might think) 3rd host, shamelessly plug upcoming events, and debate the validity of modus veritas and the death of FFXIapp. We also introduce our various segments, including our summoner poll and we even crown our very first gamer of the month! All this and more on the pilot episode of Voices of Vana’diel!