Find yourself wondering what impact the exciting changes announced at vana’fest will have on FFXI? Do you find yourself curious about how the level cap increase will change things? Are curious as to why this episode wasn’t out 3 months ago? Well, have no fears because episode 4 of Voices of Vana’diel brings you the Voices of Vana’fest! Joining us on the show is Elmer the Pointy of along with an as always excellent group of callers. So tune in because excitement abounds and hard drive space lacks on episode 4 of Voices of Vana’diel!

Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha have once again joined forces to discuss the removal of the level cap from the Chains of Promathia expansion and the impact it will have on Final Fantasy XI. Aniero is joined by Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha and a handful of other guests: Xerumeru of Voices of Vana’diel podcast, now former intern Juxtaposition, Ringthree of You Are Not Your O’s Kote, former LBR guest host Omgwtfbbqkitten (aka Foobar), Vorzheva of the Cerberus server and Theodus of the Phoenix server. Our round table discussion leads many places including Abyssea and MMO development, we read and comment on your emails and more announcements about Limit Break Radio are made. Remember, Pet Food Alpha will be doing a follow up episode after the June updated currently slated for June 21’st 2010.

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On today’s episode of Limit Break Radio, the crew is joined by Ventus of the Odin server and Mizuharu of Ramuh’s Empire Linkshell to talk about Wings of the Goddess Notorious Monsters. We have a whopping 3 hour show packed with information about Stronghold Notorious Monsters, the Fomor King NM’s and the WotG HNMs Sandworm and Ixion. Aniero announces some future changes to Limit Break Radio, we read your emails, you fail at Facebook and Juxta is…well, Juxta. That’s on Episode 52 of Limit Break Radio!

Obviously the announcements at VanaFest 2010 mean that in the next year we will see a brand new era in Final Fantasy XI. The March 2010 update marks Vana’diels first steps towards Abyssea! Join us for episode 51 of Limit Break Radio, we’re joined by guest Ringthree from the Odin server to talk about the announcements at VanaFest 2010 as well as the brand new March 2010 update. We also talk about the future of Limit Break Radio, read your emails and Viki gets N. feet! All on this episode of Limit Break Radio!

Evangela – Besieged (Chillout Remix)
Evangela – Recollection (Chillout Remix)

Limit Breaking News 15 - March 2010 Update

Join Aniero, Viki and guests Maxx-V and Veloxe as we talk about the most recent update to Final Fantasy XI. We talk about the new Trial of the Magians quests, Summoners new avatars Odin and Alexander, new additions to Wings of the Goddess, and some of the new items added with this update. We also discuss the server merge that happened with this months update. Join us for all this and more on Limit Breaking News!

Good evening and welcome back for episode 2.5 of Voices of Vana’diel. We want to apologize for the delay in getting this episode out, but rest assured it will be worth the way. Today, our heroes continue their journey, deciding to make a stop in Jeuno for haggling reasons. We learn about the physics of mithkabobs, the debate over motion sickness… and a sinister plot so terrifying it may shake our team to pieces! All this and more on episode 2 of the Legendary Treasure Trove of Legendarier Treasures!

Last week we held a live streaming event to discuss the incredible announcements concerning the future of Final Fantasy XI at VanaFest 2010. We present the audio from the live stream that night that over 550 people tuned in to hear! We really want to thank everyone for joining us for this event, I can safely say it exceeded all of our wildest expectations.

On Today in Vana’diel: New Version Update Announced! (PlayOnline), FINAL FANTASY XI TARUTARU TRADING ARTS mini: Now on Sale! (PlayOnline), and Beneath the Cherry Tree (PlayOnline). Remember to join us for VanaFest 2010 Live coverage presented by Pet Food Alpha and Limit Break Radio. Join Aniero for Today in Vana’diel!

Returning to you live from Serpentking Square, Episode 2 of Voices of Vana’diel is coming your way….. really late! While our news and what not is more than a little out of date, we still had a great time making the episode and some excellent conversations with out callers! TamTu joins us to talk about the events in FFXI that just didn’t make it and we take both returning and new callers. We declare our new lamer and gamer of the month and talk a bit about our other segments. We apologize for the lateness and assure you that episodes 2.5 and 3 are not far down the line. But for now: sit back, relax, and get ready for a heaping helping spoonful of awesome (yea, I said it); Episode 2 is here!

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