Lower the gates! Put all guards on alert! Voices of Vana’diel is invading! Pet Food Alpha never saw it coming, nor did their window. Today on Voices of Vana’diel, we take over Pet Food Alpha, and compete for the show in a game of “Whose Podcast is it Anyway?” We play some excellent improv games including “Scenes From a Hat”, “World’s Worst,” and many, many rounds of press conference. We also handle the player achievements in that special way that only Voices of Vana’diel can! So put on your favorite invasion music and get ready because Voices of Vana’diel could be invading a neighborhood near you!

Aniero, Juxtaposition and Xerumeru check out what we got in the latest update to Final Fantasy XI. We explore a few of the new AF3 or Empyrean Armor, new spells and abilities, changes to Trial of the Magains and much much more. Join us for this hilarious edition of Limit Breaking News! Be sure to watch the front page of www.limitbreakradio.com for information about our upcoming episode discussing the new Empyrean Armor.

Still recovering from the hangover, episode 6 is here! On the aptly titled Drunkasode, we all got stinkin drunk and talked about everything. And I mean it, EVERYTHING. From vibrators that probably have apps to jaegerbomb counts to our preference in underwear… and sometimes we even talked about FFXI! Also, even for those of us who joined us for the recording… we caught a little something extra after we went off the air, so check it out! Warning: It’s heavily edited…. BUT if you happen to be a starbreaker, we’ve released an 18+ unedited version just for you in the starbreaker section! So, grab your favorite drink, and get ready for the best (worst) drinking game of all time!

Edwyth along with elegant assasin Jesterking and returning guest Squigglicious delve into the open waters of the new world order, where 80 reigns supreme and 75 is passe. Joining in their deep sea adventures, Staren and Anexia of the mighty ship Leviathan illuminate the untold treasures that live beyond the June update bringing their knowledge of the new weaponskills to the forefront. Who will survive this ten thousand league purge? Only time will tell.

On today’s Limit Break Radio we are joined by Volkai of Phoenix and Dragonlord of Leviathan to discuss what Vana’diel looks like after the game changing June 2010 update for Final Fantasy XI. We discuss our thoughts on Abyssea, new items, Walk of Echoes, and Trial of the Magians. We speculate about what’s coming next and how much better things could get. We also read your emails and bring back Adventurer of the Week…or the show. Whatever. That’s all on this, the 54’th episode, of Limit Break Radio.

Show Notes:
tac Thread for Feedback on Forum Structure
tac E-mail Aniero to Volunteer Your Art Services
tac [POLL] Should LBR Make It’s Show Planning Public?

Powering through the heat-wave, Episode 5 of Voices of Vana’diel is coming your way! On today’s episode, we’re alienating the rest of our fanbase by discussing and taking calls on jobs that people feel need to be changed for the better or for the worse. We’re also proud to present our long-awaited SCH Vs. BLM debate, mediated by Celedh, and debated by Xerumeru and our newest host of the show: Nel! (Xeres for those who’ve heard her on past episodes). Xaze is mysteriously absent (mostly due to us not having a mic for him this week), but we managed to pull it together to put out a great episode anyway. So everyone, use the bathroom, get a drink, and put on some sunscreen… Episode 5 is here!

Limit Breaking News 16 - June 2010 Update

Aniero, Viki and Juxtaposition are joined by former guests hosts Hyrist and Neelia to discuss the June 2010 Update to Final Fantasy XI. We check out the huge boost that Dancers got with this update, the Walk of Echoes, Abyssea and check out some of the new epic level 80 gear. All this and more on this edition of Limit Breaking News.

Show Notes:
DAT list from DownRightFierceLS.org DAT list from DownRightFierceLS.org

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Ridill Me This! Ridill Me This is a pod-cast focused on the end-game of Final Fantasy XI, and it is produced in a discussion panel format. Hosted by Ringthree, with the panel of Blaize, Izman, Iceblazek and Omoikitte, the show will cover new content, end-game battles, proper gearing, even linkshell management. This week we cover the VNM system from top to bottom. From how to run a VNM event, how to determine lots, how to fight the mobs, and even why the VNM system is fun, or not so fun. Finally, we take a look at what is coming in perhaps the most epic update since Treasures of Aht Urhgan was released. We hope you like our new show, and if you don’t it’s probably because you are gimp.

To email Ridill Me This: ridillmethis@limitbreakradio.com