Classic LBR is BACK! For this week we take the focus off of Final Fantasy XIV as we get ready for Fan Fest 2016 in just 5 weeks and spend the entire show reminiscing about Final Fantasy XI and the “classic” version of Limit Break Radio. Aniero and Viki (aka Nika) are on hosting duties as we welcome two special guests Eskalia host of Voices of Vana’diel and Poppa our secondary guest that doesn’t know the topic and is there for no discernible reason. This also serves as Episode 65 of the original Limit Break Radio and we sign off Final Fantasy XI for good. Thanks for the memories Vana’diel, we will miss you.

Limit Breaking News brings you the latest on the September 2011 update to Final Fantasy XI. The crew discusses changes to Dynamis and Walk of Echoes as well as notorious monsters added to BCNMs and Voidwatch. They also take a look at some of the new armor released with the update and Juxtaposition troll all of Final Fantasy XI. Excellent.

Limit Break Radio finally gets around to tackling the large topic of Wings of the Goddess missions. Joining Aniero, Juxtaposition and Tamtu for this episode are Theodus, Sharde and Toboe from the Phoenix server. We tread the topic lightly focusing on fights and quests and trying to keep the episode as spoiler free as we possibly can. This episode makes LBR history as the first show Aniero has ever had to leave early for (Aniero fans don’t worry, here’s there for, like, 80% of this episode). I’m sure Tamtu and Juxtaposition end the show in a highly professional manner.

Today on Limit Breaking News Aniero, Juxtaposition and Sayl take a look at the changes and adjustments in the July 2011 Final Fantasy XI update. This is a very small update and as a result this episode is very short. They talk about various job adjustments, Voidwatch updates and various other little things that changed with this update. So join us for this very brief Limit Breaking News.

Limit Break Radio brings you another classic informative episode featuring Aniero, Juxtaposition, Sayl and Tamtu with special guest and Synergy crafting expert Anyia (aka A.J.) from the Odin server. If you can’t tell by now, we’re talking about Synergy on this episode of LBR, the reason being its rise in popularity since the introduction of the Abjuration scraps system. Everything you need to know about Synergy is contained in this episode! We also chat about the 10’th Vana’diel Census, fmffl’s, and much more. That’s here on Limit Break Radio.

Limit Break Radio brings you…an episode. OK, so I know we had planned on talking about Wings of The Goddess, but Aniero got a really bad headache on the show day. Never one to disappoint the fans Aniero decided to tough it out anyway but decided to do a shorter show to just chat about what’s up in Vana’diel. Join us as we slay some Urd’s, talk about our latest project Gamer Escape, discuss content introduced in the May content patch as well as the future of content and much more. We’ll be rescheduling our Wings of the Goddess missions episode soon, so be sure to look out for further announcements.

On this edition of Limit Breaking News: Aniero, Tamtu and Juxtaposition examine the contents of the Riftworn PyRxis that is the May 2011 update to Final Fantasy XI. We take a look at Voidwatch, the adjustments to HNMs, Abjuration Synergy, and the most important update of all: the update to Last Resort! I’m not biased, am I? It all happens here on the 20’th episode of Limit Breaking News.