Here is it in all it’s glory! Aniero and Kallo bring you all the buzz from the 2008 Fan Festival! Since Fan Fest was only one day this year we packed this years coverage as full as we could get it! Over four hours worth of coverage, everything from the Moblin Maze Mongers to the development panels to the costume contest, Limit Break Radio’s Fan Festival wrap up has it all!
We spend some time with Robert Peeler, Senior Community Planner for Square-Enix, as well as Opalflame and Tenryu from FFXI Vault, The Pet Food Alpha crew, we also talk to Araelus about his ground breaking work with Final Fantasy XI machinima. There are some more familiar faces talking to Aeredon, Viceroy, Frice, Zero, Neelia, Ganiman, TamTu and Sooray, Ringthree, Omoikitte, and I*bleep*n! All this plus so much more on Limit Break Radio’s 2008 Fan Festival coverage! Thanks to Pharaoh Atem aka Luso, for all the music for this episode!

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