Limit Breaking News 5 - The 2007 Vana'deil Celebration - Osaka, Japan

Once again we talk with our convention correspondent Maxx-V about her trip to Osaka, Japan for the The 2007 Vana’deil Celebration. We cover all the information that Square-Enix has revealed about the upcoming expansion Wings of the Goddess, including discussions on the two new jobs announced, the new large scale battle system, time travel, currency and much more.

Simply Juxta Episode 1: Juxta-ween

You wanted it…you got it. Limit Break Radio’s intern, Juxtaposition, gets his own segment in Simply Juxta. Juxta will be discussing the in-game holiday events that are available in Vana’diel. In this edition Juxtaposition and Kallo discuss the Harvest Festival and some various other…disturbing things. Enjoy! (and don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

Since playing the “pilot” of Limit Break Theater on the lolClipshow, we got many requests for a fully produced Limit Break Theater episode. So, here it is! The very first fully produced and finished Limit Break Theater episode “Sunny Days in San d’Oria”. Join the LBR crew as they get ready to help Juxtaposition with a quest to defeat a dragon. Sound effects and music by Square-Enix. Written by Kallo. Produced & Directed by Aniero.

Limit Break Radio continues it’s 1 year anniversary celebration with the second half of the 2 part anniversary special. In this episode Cravion from the Odin server joins us to talk about Paladin, we also take a look at the recently released Pit and Pankration and this years Final Fantasy XI FanFest…also we announce some major staff changes, emails, AotW, Voices of Vana’diel. Juxta fails and fails some more and we say goodbye to one of our own.

Limit Break Radio celebrates it’s first year in Final Fantasy XI podcasting with a massive two part episode! The first episode focuses on the Chains of Promathia missions, where we talk to the Pandemonium server’s Tokash about various strategies for the major battles of the CoP missions. Also, Juxta makes a mess and Voices of Vana’diel. Part 2 will be coming soon….
Show Notes:
FFXIclopedia's Chains of Promathia page FFXIclopedia’s Chains of Promathia page
For Glory: Erecia's Guide to All Things Chains of Promathia For Glory: Erecia’s Guide to All Things Chains of Promathia
Reshasha's You Suck at Climbing CoP 3-3 Walkthrough Reshasha’s You Suck at Climbing CoP 3-3 Walkthrough

In this episode we talk to level 75 Dragoon and Samurai Twcblaze from the Leviathan Server about, you guessed it, Dragoon! Look! No lol! We also premier a brand new Final Fantasy XI remix by MarcstaR, called the Bard’s Song which is available to download right here! Plus a very special Adventurer of the Week, Voices of Vana’deil and more!

Show Notes
MarcstaR's The Bard SongMarcstaR’s The Bard Song
Instructions on using the World Transfer service Instructions on using the World Transfer service
MarcstaR official MySpace MarcstaR official MySpace

Limit Breaking News 3 - E3 2007 Wrap Up

Our convention correspondent Maxx-V joins us again to review all the new Wings of the Goddess information that was released at E3 2007. We examine three notable interviews that happened with the Final Fantasy XI big shots Koichi Ogawa, Hiromichi Tanaka, Sage Sundi, and Yasu Kurosawa. Lots of new information was released through these interviews including the announcement of new jobs as well as the 2007 Final Fantasy XI Fan-Fest!

Show Notes:
PlayOnline Official Wings of the Goddess Website PlayOnline Official Wings of the Goddess Website Interview by James Mielke Interview by James Mielke Interview by Ganiman Interview by Ganiman Interview by Pikko Interview by Pikko
Pet Food Alpha's Interview with Ganiman Pet Food Alpha’s Interview with Ganiman

Episode 23 - Dice and Guns

We talk this week to Aniero’s close and longtime friend Foobar (a.k.a. Omgwtfbbqkitten) from the Titan server about Corsair. This is a very different show for us, we were down two guests, Argetlam and Sayl weren’t able to join us, but our old friend Tigrefury joins us again to lend us his expertise about Corsair. We also read your e-mails, Kallo gives his Adventurer of the Week and we premier our new Voices of Vana’diel segment.