Limit Breaking News 6 - March 2008 Update

Limit Break Radio examines the details of the March 2008 update. We look at the new Dancer and Scholar AF, some of the new Campaign elements, new zones, new NMs, new absorbs and Samurai job abilities. Oh man! So much stuff! Anier, Kallo and Sayl are joined by Limit Break Radios very first guest host ever! THE ALMIGHTY SPAZZ! Make sure to check this out!

Limit Break Radio Episode 29: Medics & Maces

Here it is, Limit Break Radio gives you another information packed-to-the-gills episode! In this episode we have Zero from the Fairy server, also known to the show as the other half of the FanFest reporting team, to talk about all things White Mage! One of the last jobs covered by Limit Break Radio and arguably one of the most comprehensive. Zero covers all aspects of the White Mage job and then some even going into his research into using White Mage as a damage dealer. Plus your emails, a special Adventurer of the Week, Sayl has a big announcement & Voices of Vana’diel, all on this episode of Limit Break Radio!

Juxta Is In The Air

In this episode Juxta is joined by a plethora of co-horts and sweethearts, Fabreezio from the Odin server helps Juxta break down the Valentione’s Day celebration. Erufailon and Lady Fayne also join Juxta in the recording booth in hopes that he stays on task…which he doesn’t. Plus Juxta reads your emails and Valentione’s Day cards and poems and oh so much more!

Aniero and Frice dive-bombing Tiamat with Sayl about to make it go bewm

How does Limit Break Radio follow up their longest episode ever? By making the next one even longer! Clocking in at a whopping 2 hours and 20 minutes, Limit Break Radio gives you: Have No Mercy! LBR’s coverage of the CoP Wyrms and Ground Kings! Frice from the Odin server joins us once again as we dive head first into the world of HNMs! We cover everything from spawn times to loot drops to take down strategies! We also have your emails, Adventurer of the Week and our very first themed Voices of Vana’diel. This episodes topic: Campaign! Make sure to find out what the new Voices of Vana’diel topic is in this episode!

LBR's Gigantious Beginners Guide to Vana'diel


Sit down and strap yourself in for Limit Break Radio’s longest episode EVER!! Clocking in at a whopping two hours and eight minutes, LBR is proud to present the “Gigantious Beginners Guide to Vana’diel”! Dashknocker from the Fairy server takes us through the ropes of the lower levels in Vana’diel. It’s such a daunting task that we need more time then usual, so you all get a little extra episode. We introduce our new intern Erufailon, read your E-mails, Adventurer of the Week, and Voices of Vana’diel! This episode has it all!

Happy Juxta-Mas!

It’s the Starlight Celebration, so you know what that means….yeah, another Simply Juxta. Today’s co-hort is Jaredin from the Odin server. They talk about the Starlight Celebration and how to participate and what rewards you can get from it. Juxta plays a song that was recorded for us by TamTu of the Hades server and Juxta reads emails! Enjoy…I guess…

Kweh Kweh Kweh WARK!

This episode was recorded back in October and, due to a processing error, got held up in editing until now. Our resident chocobo expert Neelia from the Diabolos server joins us to help us become better care givers for our chocobos (especially Aniero). We talk about chocobo raising, racing, breeding and digging. We reveal our new 4’th host and replacement for Argetlam, we also take a look at your e-mails and Adventurer of the Week. No Voices of Vana’diel this week, sorry, but there is music by Luso, so hopefully that makes up for it!

Fan Fest Special Day 2

Limit Break Radio’s coverage of the 2007 Final Fantasy XI Fan Fest concludes with our Day 2 wrap up. We take a look at the Atmos challenge, do tons of interviews, check out the costume contest, take a look at what was discussed at day 2’s development panel and all kinds of other havoc. More music provided by Luso, we check the Voices of Vana’deil mailbox and bring you the latest information from the 2007 Fan Festival. Thank you to everyone who helped out and made these episodes possible. See ya next year!

Limit Break Radio's 2007 Fanfest Special Day 1

Day 1 of our FanFest wrap up. We cover everything that was talked about during day one of the 2007 US Fan Festival. Aniero, Zero and Frice bring you an in depth look at the two new jobs due to come out with Wings of the Goddess as well as the job adjustments that are coming with the next update. We also have interviews and actual event audio not not mention a look at the Live Quest and many of the other activities at this years Fan Festival. The music provided in this episode was remixed by Luso. Thank you to everyone who took the time to say hi and especially to the kind folks of Square-Enix for being excellent hosts! Day 2 to come soon!

Limit Breaking News 5 - The 2007 Vana'deil Celebration - Osaka, Japan

Once again we talk with our convention correspondent Maxx-V about her trip to Osaka, Japan for the The 2007 Vana’deil Celebration. We cover all the information that Square-Enix has revealed about the upcoming expansion Wings of the Goddess, including discussions on the two new jobs announced, the new large scale battle system, time travel, currency and much more.