Episode 36 - Q: How Long Is Too Long? A: This Show!

This is by far the longest episode of Limit Break Radio clocking in at 4 hours! On this episode of Limit Break Radio Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha joining us to talk about Dancer as well as his article How Long Is Too Long?, we also have Rosalyn and Hyrist joining us who were the winners of the first and second place prizes in our ‘NPC Mimicry Contest’. Plus Voices of Vana’diel, e-mails, achievements (bleep-bloop), and the fate of Spring Hope!

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Limit Breaking News 9

Here’s the latest Limit Breaking News. The September 2008 update has hit, and with it the wold of Vana’diel is changed. Aniero and Kallo along with the winner of ‘LBR’s NPC Mimicry Contest’ Rosalyn of Odin, cover all you need to know about the Sept. update. From the revolutionary new Level Sync system to the de-pop timers on Absolute Virtue and Pandemonium Warden, we cover it all right here on this Limit Breaking News.

The Rogue's Den Episode 3

Kallo and Veloxe make another pirate broadcast from the Rogue’s Den. In this episode they discuss the third assault rank Superior Private. They will give you tips and strategies for each of these difficult assaults, plus check out some of the appraised rewards from this tier. They also check out some of the gear you can spend those assault points you been accumulating on. All this plus much more of this episode of the Rogue’s Den!

Episode 35 - The Capped Crusader

Limit Break Radio celebrates two years of FFXI podcasting with this, their first of a two part anniversary special. We have a massive episode topping out just past three hours! Our good friend Hyshio joins us to talk about his recent big accomplishment: obtaining his Maats cap, and lend his expertise with strategies on how to beat that old buzzard in to the ground! We cover all the original and RoZ jobs from Warrior to Dragoon and give you tips and tricks to help you win your fight. We also read your e-mails and iTunes reviews, check in with Voices of Vana’diel, and announce a brand new contest! Tunes in to find out what the sweet prize is on this episode of Limit Break Radio.

Simply Sunbreeze

From the office of the Limit Break Radio interns comes another Simply Juxta. This episode: The Sunbreeze Festival! Learn how to defeat Ullegore, dance in time, play the carnival games and scoop goldfish for the 2008 Sunbreeze Fesitval! Alison and Elisen join Juxtaposition in learning about this great summer event.

Please note: An error was made during the post-production of this Simply Juxta episode. The corrected episode was posted at 8:15pm EST on Sunday August 10’th 2008. If you downloaded this episode previous to this date and time please download the corrected episode. Thank you.

Limit Breaking News - 2008 Premier Site Summit

An all new Limit Breaking News has Ganiman from FFXIClopedia and Opalflame IGN’s FFXI Vault joining the Limit Break Radio crew & old favorite Dashknocker to talk about the 2008 Premier Site Summit and share their speculations for the upcoming September update. We also talk about the recent Game Watch Interview translated by ElmerThePointy and hosted on Blue Gartr and Pet Food Alpha. This is a very interesting interview and we highly recommend you read it. Now then, enjoy!

Episode 34 - The Brutalsode

Limit Break Radio’s 34’th episode tackles the job of Dark Knight. Aeredon from the Odin server joins the crew to talk about the finer points of the Dark Knight class, but of course Aniero can’t keep his mouth shut. We cover Dark Knight like we have every other job, 1-75 with a focus on abilities, spells, sub jobs and job tactics. Gamer makes his triumphant return and TamTu is back as well. We also read you e-mails, Adventurer of the Week, and listen to your Voices of Van’diel. There’s also another TamTu original, and we threaten the safety of chocobos. This episode is not to miss! Get it? Miss? HA!

Celestial Juxta

Limit Break Radio presents the fourth installment of the Simply Juxta series: Celestial Juxta. In this episode Aeredon and Elisen join Juxtaposition in Lower Jeuno to discuss the Mog Bonanza event as well as the new Celestial Nights event! No emails in this episode but that’s OK because Aeredon’s impression of a Datechochin more then makes up for it! Oh, and Juxta leaks info about Episode 34…thanks Juxta.