After talking about a bit of news, including an interview at Gamescom with Yoshi, Koji and Soken the group return to Juxtober! This time around long time fan of the show Volkai submits an entry on behalf of the Hearthstone Community entitled, the Daring Reporter.


There have been a lot of moving parts behind the scenes for Limit Break Radio. This week, those plans are finally revealed. There’s a lot of feels going around, a lot of calls from voices new and old. Plus, Yoshi P makes new waves among the community with some quotes from a Games Radar article.


The crew is missing one Aniero today, but they still dig deep into some comments from Yoshi P about the future of Eureka. Plus, they take a deep dive into the major additions to the game from patch notes over the past three expansions to get an idea of how much the content is actually shrinking…if at all.


Patch 4.4 is now out and the community have voiced their opinions. Find out what the crew thinks of the MSQ, Omegas Finale and a new interview from Dual Shockers.


With Patch 4.4 on the horizon, the patch notes have been released. The length of the notes are staggering, but yet the content is all expected and seems so light. The crew take several callers voicing concerns of burn out on the game as well as whether or not 5.0 will bring a much needed change.


As the world of FFXIV is ripe with talk of rumors and leaks, the trailer for Patch 4.4 brings with it some answers and questions of its own. With some leaks validity now being proven, what does this mean for the future of FFXIV as Fan Fest looms? We have all the answers.


With the newest patch on the horizon, the recent live letter gave a bunch of new information…but did it really? The crew discuss what seems par for the course and even the community seems to think this update was a bit…dry? Plus, we go over the top 20 songs that the FFXIV player base voted for.


With the rest of the crew away doing who knows what, Nika is left to host the show. Joined by friend of the show Strife and Ionsta, they talk about the intricacies of FFXIV and World of Warcraft post Stormblood and Battle for Azeroth.


It’s been two weeks since the community got its hands on the new patch content. How’s it been holding up so far? And was 3 years of dev time enough to make the new app worthwhile?


This episode features the return of Limit Breaking Music, curated by intern Lloid. But the crew also discuss their epic after party plans for Fan Fest.