The discussion from episode 76 continues as the community reacts to the conversation. Did Final Fantasy XI have some good core gameplay ideas? What, if anything, can Final Fantasy XIV learn from its predecessor and are old MMO styles of play even viable in this day and age? Was JoeNever right? The crew reads your emails and takes your calls for the duration of the show to let you, the Final Fantasy XIV community, have your say! Plus, we check in with the Final Fantasy Feast League and tell you a little bit about an upcoming project from the Let’s Be Real Network.


On this weeks show Aniero, Kallo and Juxta throw back to the days of yore. They start by discussing this article from Kotaku and interviewing its author Cecelia D’Anastasio They talk about whats unique to FFXI and FFXIV and what similarities, if any they share. What makes them different and how does that effect each game? In addition, several stories and anecdotes from each of their MMO career’s come to light. The crews pessimism is challenged by friend of the show JoeNeverFails in an epic clash of FFXIV’s most vocal personalities.


Limit Break Radio spends the first portion of the show dissecting this rant on the Final Fantasy XIV community and the attitude of its players and community and, in a shocking twist, the creator calls the show! Also, the crew examines the best and worst additions to Final Fantasy XIV over the years and the events that sounded good on paper, but were ultimately just plain ugly. Settle in for this epic episode of Limit Break Radio!


You’ve all been waiting for it and the time is finally up! The Final Fantasy Feast Leauge returns for Season 2! Along with some rules and format changes the league has expanded it’s team lineup by nearly half, consisting now of two 5 team divisions. With only the Banana Hammocks making a return from last year, will reigning champ GM Kallo Landis be able to repeat his decisive winning streak? What new plays does Villain Favorite Aniero have in his book this season? Tune in to find out!


This week on Limit Break Radio the crew is down both Juxta and Kallo which means that the adults can have a real conversation about the brand new 3.35 content Deep Dungeon: Palace of the Dead. The long awaited feature has made it’s debut to mixed reviews from the Eorzean fanbase. Tune in to hear Aniero, Eskalia and Nika break down all of the most important info on Deep Dungeon. Plus, your calls and emails on Limit Break Radio!


This week on LBR, the cast sits down to discuss the unfulfilled promises that Square-Enix has made to us over the years. Also on the show, we see the return of dramatic shit post readings and catch up on your e-mails!. So whether it be summoner egis or a backdoor API, join Aniero, Juxta, Nika, and Eskalia as they discuss the validity, feasibility, and history behind some of SE’s most ill fated ideas.


The spoiler embargo has finally been lifted now that Nika has returned from Japan so the crew enlists the help of friend of the show Ethys Asher to lend his expertise and discuss Heavensward lore and story up to Patch 3.3. Curious to know what the ruins inside Ozma are all about? Or what the landmasses in 4.0 could possibly be? We break it all down for you in this episode of Limit Break Radio!


This week the show is down a Femroe, but Kallo has returned! First thing is first, Juxta Position undergoes his first annual job review. Plus, the crew wades through more calls about the Jump potion and even three shows on callers bring up some interest points. Finally, the hosts take a retrospective look at the evolution of content in FFXIV from 1.0 til now and what trends have emerged, vanished and what to expect in the future.


Limit Break Radio welcomes a very special guest to the program, Eckehard Stier, conductor for Final Symphony! Eckehard shares his experiences recording Final Symphony with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios and familiarizing himself with Final Fantasy music. Limit Break Radio also announces a special giveaway for 2 tickets to see the San Francisco Symphony perform Final Symphony live! Also on the show today, the community continues to react to the concept of a jumping potion. The crew takes nearly an hours worth of calls from the community regarding this proposed feature. Plus, the gang plays a new game: “Whose Fantasy Is It Anyway?”


Limit Break Radio is rocking a skeleton crew on today’s show missing Juxtaposition, Kallo and Kooky. Aniero, Nika and Eskalia hold down the fort with Poppa Woody filling in for our missing hosts. Today on the show the crew breaks down all the info from the Producer Letter Live at E3 2016 including an implementation time table on 3.35, more information on Deep Dungeon and confirmation Weeping City’s difficulty will not be nerfed. Plus, a look at this interview from Gamer Escape, and PlayStationUniverse that outlines some big potential changes for Final Fantasy XIV, including the concept of a level-skipping WoW-like “jumping potion”. Should FFXIV allow players to pay to skip levels? The community reacts live on Limit Break Radio!