Hello FFFL Fans! Week 2 of the league proved to be one of heart break, come from behind thrillers, and ownership growing impatient! Half of the league made changes to their line-ups for the coming week.

First, Titan’s Banana Hammock released Yang in favor of picking up Kain. Despite the pick up, Kain will be spending a week on the bench learning the team’s offensive schemes. Meanwhile, Balthier will be filling in as the team’s Melee DPS! How good will a gun be at melee? Time will tell.

Second, the Mordion Gaolbirds have made a change up at healer. The experiment with Chemist Bartz appears to be over as the team has released him and will be starting newly acquired Rydia in his place.

Lastly, the Kallo Klux Klan continues their roster overhaul, picking up Zidane off the free agent wire and dropping Cid Highwind. When reached for comment, Cid had this to say: “It’s a huge mistake. I did the best I could, but usually they give garbage men a truck when they have to carry this much trash all the time.”

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Thank you to all the LBRmy supporters for #TheBet! You guys truly made this another memorable experience in the LBR books. During Episode 52 – #ThePayOff, your support was finally rewarded as Juxta Position got his tattoo LIVE during the show.

Huge Shout Out and Thank You to SAM WOLF, tattoo artist at Signature Tattoo! If you are ever in the Michigan area and want a tattoo done, hit up Sam Wolf! Give him some LBRmy love and check out his ink artwork!
Signature Tattoo page
Instagram @samzig13

Juxta's Initial Reaction

Check out the Tattoo highlight here on YouTube!



We here at Limit Break Radio say it quite often and it never seems like it’s enough, but we have the best damn fans out there. The amount of love and support you are all willing to give to help us grow and to reach new audiences is just amazing. What started out as a mere hobby for us nine years ago has transformed into what can only be described as a dream. Just over a year ago, we were four sweaty dudes in a cramped computer room (and one Nika on Skype) recording for 9+ hours once a month on a single PC. Now, we’ve renovated a different cramped computer room into a studio. The show is run using three different computers and we stream live every single week, in addition to producing a brand new show soon to be on a weekly basis. You’ve all came together to build Kallo a brand new super computer to stream with, you’ve raised over $2,000 to help support those with gender-identity issues, who face challenges daily, and you have helped fuel a bet worth $4,500 to tattoo Juxta, wax Eskalia and shave Aniero.

Limit Break Radio truly is brought to the fans by the fans and for that you have our everlasting gratitude.

On to the reason for this lengthy thank you, recently we here at Limit Break Radio have begun to branch out and bring you a bit more content. Between the shows, the streams on two channels, Re:fresh Radio and The Late Late Show with Robbie it’s always been our goal to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. So, with all of our previous Milestones on Patreon being hit, we asked ourselves, “whats next?”

Introducing the future of Limit Break Radio\Final Encounter Cast we bring you the next set of Patreon Milestones; which includes all the recent Twitch Shows guaranteed to go weekly as well as an ongoing Poster Series. In addition to these new Milestones, we also plan on adding others in-between as we develop them and come up with new ideas.

As always, your support, feedback and loyalty to us and what we create for you is undying.

Love, The Limit Break Radio Crew.


Week 1 of the FFFL is officially in the books!

Last week, Hengr’s Crucible (1-0) took down the Mordion Gaolbirds (0-1) in a come from behind win!

The Kallo Klux Klan (0-1) lost a heartbreaker to Bondage N Servitude (1-0)!

And the Besaid Butt Plugs (1-0) delivered the performance of the week in a routing of Titan’s Banana Hammock (0-1)!

Now that the celebrating is over, it’s time to gear up and focus on week 2! Find this weeks matchups after the jump!

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Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen!

In what promises to be a season filled with action, drama, intrigue, and perhaps even collusion (because it’s just not an LBR event without some good ol’ fashion collusion), we have the week 1 match ups for the Final Fantasy Feast League!

As a reminder, the match outcomes are determined by you, the fans, and our whining and complaining should in no way dictate how you vote!

So here are the matchups!

Hengr’s Crucible Vs Mordion Gaolbirds

Kallo Klux Klan vs Bondage N Servitude

Titan’s Banana Hammock vs Besaid Butt Plugs

Polls close at 11:59 PM on Friday!


The FFFL (Final Fantasy Feast League) will run for the duration of an in-game PVP season. Each team will have a match once per week of which the outcome will be determined by the fans.

Matchups will be posted on Tuesday night (after the weeks LBR episode has come out) at www.limitbreakradio.com and fans will be able to vote on the winner. Polls will close at 11:59 PM on the Friday of that week and the winners announced on Saturday.

More Details after the jump.

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Limit Break Radio’s #TheBet – #CampAniero or #CampJuxta – YOU Decide!

During Episode 39, Aniero Grigori and Juxta Position made an ultimate bet…

Who should be the one to get the FFXIV Legacy tattoo, Aniero Grigori or Juxta Position?


  • Donations must be made during Limit Break Radio’s or Final Encounter Cast’s live streaming, does not matter who is streaming.
    Twitch channels: http://www.twitch.tv/LimitBreakRadio or
  • Donations must be made through Limit Break Radio’s PayPal! —> Limit Break Radio PayPal
  • Make sure to mark your donations with either #CampAniero or #CampJuxta
    ***If your donation message is not marked correctly for your designated team, your donation will not count!
  • First team to $2,500 gets the Legacy Tattoo!

Winner will be filmed LIVE getting the Legacy Tattoo

Losers will be filmed LIVE for the following:

  • If #CampAniero Loses —> Aniero Grigori shaves off his manly beard for two months as well as change to a Lalafell (Potato Odin!) for one month. Eskalia Ryumasa painfully waxes his legs smooth.
  • If #CampJuxta Loses —> Juxta Position and Kallo Landis shave their heads squeaky, shiny clean for two months. Juxta Position will also shave off his eyebrows. Nika Kayanian will no longer be her womanly FemRoe, and change into #CampAniero’s race choice.

I’d like to thank every one who came out showed up at our weird ass panel time to see the roast. We had a ton of fun doing it. We hope more of you will join us for our celebration of 10 years of podcasting for Final Fantasy Online games.

Big thank you to all our Roasters! I really appreciate the time everyone took to make fun of me. It was a great time and I have such respect for all of you as talented people. Just, thanks!

Mr Happy – Twitch Channel, YouTube Channel, Dream Network
Joe Never Fails – Twitch Channel
Ethys Asher – YouTube Channel
Samus Rageborne – Twitch Channel, EvolvedMale.com

In the meantime, enjoy this trainwreck!

Hey everyone!

On episode 35 we’re going to play our very first round of “Stump the Crew” the live and interactive trivia game. The rules are pretty simple (for now) but this game will evolve over time, but that only happens with your help and input. This game is played by calling up LBR live on the show and asking us trivia questions about EITHER Limit Break Radio history or general Final Fantasy XIV trivia and lore. Details after the jump!

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And here we go folks, now we bring everything full circle with part 2 of my epic interview with Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast. In part 2 we answer such burning mysteries as “why did you bring the show back?” “what happened with Aetheryte Radio/Eorzeapedia/Gamer Escape?” and “what’s next for the Limit Break Radio crew?” It’s a discussion you won’t want to miss!

Join us as we go further into the history of Limit Break Radio. This time, we cover the reason behind the lacking of closure to the Final Fantasy XI days, and what went into reviving the show for Final Fantasy XIV. Aniero also gives us a breakdown of the reunion of the crew for A Radio Reborn. This launched just before our Podcast was conceived. Enjoy the episode, and thanks again to Aniero for coming on as a guest.