Greetings Vana’dielians! Besides Ani’s everyday boring robotic and all around cardboard tasting updates–you’ll get a fresh tablespoon or two of my charming wit. /em cue glinty teeth effect. On to the news, both Aniero and I have added our own profiles to the host bios section and various new functions and features should pop up soon on the forums. Other than that good luck in the wild and remember if your party is about to wipe…someone needs to go for help, make sure you get dibs before the pull. /wink

Peace, Kallo

Content has been adeed. More is coming soon. Show #1 is in post production and should be up within a week. Kallo and I will primarily update the site but all of the hosts are registered and active on the forums. Registration is available on the forums so please register and help us build a great community site.