The day has finally come…and left, and now it’s Monday. I know, I know…you’re thinking, “Where is our damn compensation for the schedule change.”. Well, the truth is…I have it right here and the reason its late is because I was doing other things better suited for my time.

(Lady) (Friend) (Found It.)

‘Nuff said. And without further delay here it is…the first, of what may be many Limit Break Radio Web Comics. They can be found in the Media section.

You will get another update later tonight also, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday along with the show. Enjoy.

Peace, Kallo

Of course, no one can really take the place of me. And don’t mind what Kallo said with me Thundering the equipment. That’d just ask for Murphy to come visit. Anywho, I wanted to say the macro contest for Kallo is still going on, so keep on bringing those to us! On top of that, don’t think the surprises end at just the wallpapers… You know Black Mages. They usually have something up their sleeves.

Take care! Sayl

Episode 4 “The Gamer Episode” is now up, big thanks to Gamer from Pandemonium for being this week’s guest. Expect Gamer to be a regular on the show. In addition to the new episode we have also added Limit Break Radio wallpapers, which can be found in our newly opened Media section. You can have all of us, or just your favorite one of us on your desktop. Rock them with pride, much like the mullet….then change it once people see it and start laughing at you…also like a mullet.


Being a DRK we all know life hates Ani. Hell, you can tell by that big, dark, thunderous, rain cloud that always seems to be hovering over his head. Makes for interesting effects on the recording equipment, but a quick Thunder spell from Sayl fixes that right up. Anyhow, back to the reason for the post. See, I love anticipation, and by I love it, I mean I love it when you are in dire anticipation and I know the answers you seek. So, suffice it say…I’m working on big updates soon to come. That’s all you get.

Peace, Kallo

Ok, so those of you who have listened to the show already know, so I’m posting this for the stragglers. Limit Break Radio is holding our first contest.

Here’s the deal. Kallo likes to have witty macros, and since we all know he can’t come up with his own, we’re hosting a contest to have you guys write him one. That sounds fun doesn’t it? It doesn’t? OK, I haven’t got to the good part so hold on.
As many of us FFXI players know, Square-Enix just released the a brand new Final Fantasy related game for the PlayStation 2 console, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. That is what we are giving away ladies and gentelmen a very real and very free copy of Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Here are the official rules:
1) It must be in party chat (so it starts with /p)
2) It must fit in ONE FFXI macro line
3) Email it to either or
4) Anyone from anywhere in the world can win. We will send it to you!

Pretty simple, right? The contest will run for two weeks from today, which means that the contest will close as of midnight September 18’th 2006, EST. You have been charged with this sacred task. You know what you must do!!


So here’s the much anticipated episode 3. We have our first guest, Spazz, join us, we discuss a range of diffrent topics, but the big announcement is the contest that Limit Break Radio is having. Contest rules will be formally posted tomorrow, but they’re stated in the show. Guess it’ll require a listen to be in on the ground floor…I know…we’re sneaky!..(It was Kallo’s idea)…(blame him) >_>;