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Final Symphony - FINAL FANTASY VI, VII and X

We all have our favorite Final Fantasy soundtrack, but have you ever listened to it by a live orchestra?

Final Symphony is an officially licensed series of concerts featuring symphonic music from the video games FINAL FANTASY VI, VII and X. The exclusive arrangements are penned by Masashi Hamauzu, Jonne Valtonen and Roger Wanamo.

Aniero Grigori had the pleasure to interview Music Director and Chief Conductor Eckehard Stier of Final Symphony. Listen to the interview with Limit Break Radio at this Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. EDT!

Tickets and concert dates for Final Symphony can found at!

Eckehard Stier


It’s no secret that LBR has been pushing a lot of buttons in the Final Fantasy XIV community. Whether we’ve been telling Guildwork where they can shove it, slamming /r/FFXIV again and again, going after our own YouTube comments section, having a caller call-out the NA players for lazy playing or the legendary Salted Earth episode: Limit Break Radio has proved one thing again and again. We are the realest, most honest FFXIV podcast running. So, I made this for fun. Share it around social media.



Hello FFFL fans everywhere! Here we are! The waiting is over. It’s hyperbowl week!!! Our teams have played hard the whole season in preparation for this moment. The Kallo Klux Klan is set to square off with bitter rival Bondage N Servitude for the title of League Champion. Who will reign supreme? Who spends the off-season convincing themselves second place is good enough? Your votes will decide!

With no waiver wire moves allowed, teams this week were only able to swap in their bench player. Only Besaid Butt Plugs GM Aniero Grigori chose to do so, and it is the opinion of this writer that he did so only to create more work for the league commissioner. He brings Absolute Virtue in, and sends Ultimecia back to the bench.

Last week’s match-ups saw the Kallo Klux Klan defeating the Besaid Butt Plugs to secure their ticket to the hyper bowl. Meanwhile, Bondage N Servitude pulled out the win against Titan’s Banana Hammock in a back and forth match that went right down to the wire. In the toilet bowl, the Mordion Gaolbirds and Hengr’s Crucible needed over-time to decide who the winner was. After an extra session of voting on sunday, the Mordion Gaolbirds walked away the winners securing a shred of dignity while Hengr’s Crucible will have first overall pick next season.


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Good evening FFFL fans and welcome to the play-offs! The waiting is over, the standings are completed and the showdown for the post-season begins today! 4 teams have advanced to the play-offs with two teams left to play for pride and prepare for next season.

First up, the Kallo Klux Klan defeated Hengr’s Crucible, advancing to 8-2 and ending the play-off dreams of the crucible. They will meet up with the Besaid Butt Plugs in the first round, who managed to get into the play-offs despite a loss to Bondage N Servitude. Speaking of Bondage N Servitude, their week 10 win also nabbed them second place in the league and has them set up to face off with Titan’s Banana Hammock. The banana hammocks made it into the play-offs with a dramatic win over the Mordion Gaolbirds in a neutral-site game in Garlemald!

Onto the waiver wire for the week! There was not a ton of moves made this week, in fact… there was only one. However, it will shake the league to its core! Bondage N Servitude General Manager Juxta Position was surprised to find himself on the waiver wire this week, but he is a feast participant and is therefore eligible to be selected by teams. No one expected him to be taken, but the Kallo Klux Klan saw an opportunity and took it! They dropped Selphie off their bench and have selected a rival team’s GM to fill the position!

The final standings for the season are thus:

1st: Kallo Klux Klan (8-2)

2nd: Bondage N Servitude (5-5, 2-0 in tie breakers)

3rd: Titan’s Banana Hammock (5-5, 0-2 in tie breakers)

4th: Besaid Butt Plugs (4-6, 3-1 in tie breakers)

5th: Hengr’s Crucible (4-6, 2-2 in tie breakers)

5th: Mordion Gaolbirds (4-6, 2-2 in tie breakers)

Post-Season voting after the jump!

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Good afternoon FFFL fans everywhere! It all comes down to this ladies and gentlemen! Week 10 of the league is upon us and now we determine once and for all who is going to the play-offs and who spends a long off-season trying to figure out what happened.

The Kallo Klux Klan has locked up a first place finish in the regular season as well as their spot in the play-offs, however the rest of the league is in a very different position. Every other team sits with a record of 4-5 and with four teams set to make the playoffs, it’s “win and you’re in” this week in the FFFL!

Heading over to the waiver wire this week, all three teams that lost in week 9 have made changes to their line-ups. Meanwhile, the three winners from last week have chosen to stand firm. First up, the Besaid Butt Plugs have made their first line up change since week 4, opting to sign Ex-Death to the team and dropping Seymour. The butt plugs have struggled as of late and isolated the Maester as their weak point. Ex-Death joins the team and will start over Absolute Virtue.

Next up, Hengr’s Crucible made a rare line-up change. Thancred is coming in off the bench after studying the playbook for a few weeks. He’ll be taking Auron’s spot in the line up. While Auron has been performing well, the team has struggled overall and management felt it was time for a shake up. Management will need to keep a close eye on Auron’s ever-present hip jug as he will now be in charge of the team’s hydration from the bench.

Lastly, Bondage N Servitude made a pair of moves this week. They first benched Jenova, feeling the baddie didn’t perform very well as a tank on the all-hero line up. This moves Lightning back into starting line-up and time will tell how well she functions at tank. Not content to leave Jenova sitting on the bench though, she was cut moments later and Terra was re-signed to the roster. It’s definitely rare for a player to sign with a team that cut them just one week prior, but some hard feelings have apparently been let go.

The standings currently are:

1st: Kallo Klux Klan (7-2)

2nd: Everyone else (4-5)

Voting for Week 10 match-ups after the jump!

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Good afternoon Final Fantasy Feast League fans from all over the world! Eskalia Ryumasa here with your week 9 update!

With only this week and next separating us from the play-offs, every single team has a chance of making the post season! In fact, only the Kallo Klux Klan has sealed their post season berth, so everyone else is playing for their spot.

With that, let’s jump into the waiver wire moves for the week! Three teams chose to make moves this week, hoping to put themselves on the right path. First up, Titan’s Banana Hammocks cut ties with their long time coach Duncan, opting instead to sign Y’Shtola. Coach Y’Shtola will immediately assume responsibility, leading the banana hammocks into their showdown with Hengr’s Crucible.

Next up, the Mordion Gaolbirds decided to shake things up as they try to get back on track after losing a last second heart-breaker to the Kallo Klux Klan last week. They’ve released Steiner and instead signed Beatrix as their new tank. No doubt this may cause some awkwardness in that relationship, but there’s no crying in the Feast. Lastly, Terra has been cut from Bondage N’ Servitude only one week after signing with the team. In her place, Jenova has been signed and will start at tank this week. Once again, media flocked to GM Juxta Position for clarification on the use of a villain in the team’s tank position. He was quoted as saying, “Look, we needed a tank. She’s in a tank. Science.” We reached out to Terra for comment on being cut so soon after signing with her team and she had this to say: “Classless. You expect more from a quality progressive organization like Bondage N Servitude.” More on this as it develops!


The current standings are:

1st: Kallo Klux Klan (6-2)

2nd: Besaid Butt Plugs (4-4) (2-1 in tiebreaker games with BNS and HCB)

3rd: Hengr’s Crucible (4-4)  (2-2 in tiebreaker games with BNS and BBP)

4th: Bondage N Servitude (4-4) (1-2 in tiebreaker games with HCB and BBP)

5th: Titan’s Banana Hammock (3-5) (1-0 in tiebreaker games with MGB)

6th: Mordion Gaolbirds (3-5) (0-1 in tiebreaker games with TBH)

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Hello everyone! Eskalia Ryumasa here with your Final Fantasy Feast League week 8 match-ups! We are three weeks away from the play-offs and every vote counts!

Three teams decided to shake things up this week, making moves that they hope will line them up nicely for a play-off run! First up, Bondage N Servitude has decided to cut Beatrix, not believing their long time tank has it in her to take them to the promised land. Instead, they’ve chosen to sign Terra off the waiver wire. Critics were quick to question the use of Terra in the tank role, but when asked about the move, team GM Juxta Position just screamed “MAGIC DEFENSE” into the microphone for approximately 20 minutes.

Although Hengr’s Crucible doesn’t make many moves, they decided to make an upgrade at the bench-warmer position this week. Faris will have to find another team to serve Gatorade to, as Thancred has been signed off waivers. Our reporters reached out to Thancred about agreeing to terms with a team that didn’t have an open starting position, but his primary concern seemed to be whether he would be participating in or cleaning up after the many orgies common on Hengr’s Crucible.

Lastly, the Kallo Klux Klan has decided to make a roster move despite sitting in first place. Team Ranged DPS Rinoa has been cut from her second team this season, and will be heading back to the free agent market while FFXI Black Mage Shantotto will be immediately filling her place on the active roster. Fans of the team were pleasantly surprised to learn Professor Shantotto is in fact an adult, despite her appearance.

Over on the scoreboards, the race for the playoffs is in a full sprint to the finish. Despite being 70% of the way through the regular season, every team still has a chance to make the play-offs, although some have it more dire than others. The Kallo Klux Klan picked up another win last week over Titan’s Banana Hammocks. This puts the hammocks in a tough spot at 2-5, as one more loss is likely to spell the end of their season. Meanwhile, the Kallo Klux Klan sits at 5-2 and in 1st place. The Mordion Gaolbirds barely eked out a win over the Besaid Butt Plugs, pulling themselves into a tie for fourth place and out of the basement. Coming off their fourth straight loss however, the butt plugs now find themselves even with their week 7 opponents. Both teams are at 3-4, and will be hungry for a playoff spot. Lastly, Hengr’s Crucible picked up their second win of the season over Bondage N Servitude thanks to a fired up performance from Prishe. Both teams are at 4-3 with Hengr’s Crucible holding the tie-breaker and second place overall.

The current standings are:

1st: Kallo Klux Klan (5-2)

2nd: Hengr’s Crucible (4-3)  (2-0 in tiebreaker games with BNS)

3rd: Bondage N Servitude (4-3) (0-2 in tiebreaker games with HCB)

4th: Besaid Butt Plugs (3-4) (1-1 in tiebreaker games with MGB)

4th: Mordion Gaolbirds (3-4) (1-1 in tiebreaker games with BBP)

6th: Titan’s Banana Hammock (2-5)

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The second half of the season is underway folks and the race towards the play-offs is heating up!

Eskalia Ryumasa here with your Week 7 FFFL update! Week 7 is geared to be a huge one for the league as the standings are incredibly close and everyone is eyeing a potential play-off spot. Strangeness abounds this week as for the first time this season, every team has chosen to make no changes to their line-up. That’s right, all six owners feel confidant in their line-ups heading into their week 7 showdowns. One thing is for sure, three owners will look brilliant, and fans will be questioning the other three.

Last week’s match-ups appeared to be continuing the trend from the prior week in tightening up the standings. In fact, only two wins separate 1st and last place currently! Furthermore, this week was the complete opposite of week one. The Gaolbirds avenged their week one loss, delivering a critical loss to Hengr’s crucible. They advance to 2-4, while the Crucible falls to 3-3. Next, the Kallo Klux Klan defeated Bondage N Servitude, taking over a share of first place in the process! Both teams now stand at 4-2. Lastly, Titan’s Banana Hammocks handed the Besaid Butt Plugs their third straight loss. This keeps the Banana Hammocks on pace with the Gaolbirds at 2-4, and sends the Butt Plugs to 3-3.

The current standings are:

1st:  Bondage N Servitude (4-2) (Tied with KLK)

1st: Kallo Klux Klan (4-2) (Tied with BNS)

3rd: Besaid Butt Plugs (3-3) (1-0 in tiebreakers with HCB)

4th: Hengr’s Crucible (3-3) (0-1 in tiebreakers with BBP)

5th: Titan’s Banana Hammock (2-4) (1-0 in tiebreakers with MGB)

6th: Mordion Gaolbirds (2-4) (0-1 in tiebreakers with TBH)

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Hi there FFFL fanatics! Eskalia Ryumasa here with your weekly update as we move into the second half of the season!

First of all a very special thank you to Kallo Landis for providing the FFFL update on this week’s episode of Limit Break Radio. In the fallout of week 5 and the end of the first half of the season, most of the league has chosen to stand firm by their teams. Who could blame them? The top 4 standings are a log jam, with our two cellar dwellers choosing to make some changes to their teams. Titan’s Banana Hammock spent their top waiver pick to acquire Cyan off the wire, releasing Firion in the process. Meanwhile, ownership seems fed up with the Gaolbirds and has made large scale changes to the team. First off, they’ve switched JoeNeverFails out of the melee DPS role, hoping to make use of his knowledge of the Feast and slotting him in as the team’s coach. This freed Squall up to move into his more comfortable role of melee DPS. Not content with that swap, they also switched Rydia back into the healer spot and sent Garnet to the bench. Lastly, Sehl’teus has seen his last game as a Gaolbird. They released him this week, acquiring Vivi as their new ranged DPS. Will the pairing of Vivi and Steiner with Squall back at his preferred role be enough to power the Gaolbirds in the second half?

Last week brought a slough of upsets, leading to some very tight standings. First, the Gaolbirds were upset by Titan’s Banana Hammock, giving the hammocks their first win of the season! They advance to 1-4, sending the Gaolbirds into last place at 1-4 as well. The Kallo Klux Klan dismantled Hengr’s Crucible, keeping up their momentum from previous weeks. However, momentum is only as good as next week’s tank, so they’ll have to stay sharp to continue their winning ways. They advance to 3-2, while Hengr’s Crucible falls to 3-2. Lastly, Bondage N Servitude pulled off the upset and took over sole possession of first place by defeating the Besaid Butt Plugs. The Butt Plugs grand strategy of dick kicking apparently ran into some issues with the all female Bondage N Servitude. We caught up with Coach Kefka after the match and he had this to say, “I don’t have to answer to you! Here! Have some water! DRINK! BWEHEHEHEHEHEEHE!!!” Bondage N Servitude advances to 4-1 while the butt plugs fall to 3-2.

The current standings are:

1st:  Bondage N Servitude (4-1)

2nd: Kallo Klux Klan (3-2) (2-0 in tiebreakers with BBP and HCB)

3rd: Besaid Butt Plugs (3-2) (1-1 in tiebreakers with KLK and HCB)

4th: Hengr’s Crucible (3-2) (0-2 in tiebreakers with BBP and KLK)

5th: Titan’s Banana Hammock (1-4) (1-0 in tiebreakers with MGB)

6th: Mordion Gaolbirds (1-4) (0-1 in tiebreakers with TBH)

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Good afternoon FFFL fanatics! Week 4 has officially come to a close and Eskalia is here with your league update!

First up: Roster moves. Much of the league stood pat this week, but a couple teams made moves hoping to bolster their ranks. The Mordion Gaolbirds looked for a value pick up in Princess Garnet. Team sources were quoted as saying they hoped the presence of Garnet on the roster would bolster Steiner and help him perform better. Rydia meanwhile moves to the Gaolbirds bench. The Banana Hammocks GM has come under fire after opting to not make any roster changes this week, though speculators wonder if some stability on the roster will help things. The Kallo Klux Klan continues their roster overhaul this week, releasing Haurchefant and signing Raubahn. In some what related news, the Kallo Klux Klan was voted this years most friendly organization towards those with disabilities. Lastly, the Besaid Butt Plugs made a roster move after suffering their first loss of the season. After a short time with the team, the Butt Plugs have released Cloud and signed Absolute Virtue to their team. Team officials site a lack of energy and effort as their primary reasons for releasing him. We again reached out to Cloud for comment, but our calls have thus far been unanswered.

Now on to the scoreboards! The listless Banana Hammocks have fallen to 0-4, suffering a loss at the hands of Hengr’s Crucible, who improved to 3-1. The game was very close, but Hengr’s Crucible managed to secure a last minute win thanks to an amazing effort from healer Prishe. Meanwhile, Bondage N Servitude pulled out the late win over the Mordion Gaolbirds. The Gaolbirds lead going into half-time but an injury to Steiner in the second half spelled a trip to 1-3. Steiner was examined after the game and is expected to be 100% for this weeks match-up. Bondage N Servitude advances to 3-1. Lastly, the Kallo Klux Klan pulled out the upset of the week, ending the undefeated streak of the Besaid Butt Plugs. Speculators wondered if the ongoing concerns with Cloud were a distraction, but none of the Butt Plugs seemed too bothered by it. They fall to 3-1, while the Kallo Klux Klan advances to 2-2.

The current standings are:

1st: Besaid Butt Plugs (3-1) (1-0 in tiebreaker games)

2nd: Hengr’s Crucible (3-1)  (1-1 in tiebreaker games)

3rd: Bondage N Servitude (3-1) (0-1 in tiebreaker games)

4th: Kallo Klux Klan (2-2)

5th: Mordion Gaolbirds (1-3)

6th: Titan’s Banana Hammock (0-4)

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