Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to your Tuesday night update as to what is going on in the FFFL! Week 7 is officially upon us. It’s the second half of the season. A chance for some of our middle of the pack teams to make a push for play-off contention and a chance for some of our bottom rung teams to provide me with material on Sundays.

First over to the waiver wire! For this first time this season, neither the Verminion Lords or the Edelweiss Avengers made a move, meaning they will finally climb the waiver order a little! However, both the Melusine Marauders and the Balamb T-Rexaurs decided to shake things up after their tilt last week. The Melusine Marauders cashed in their waiver position to claim Kooky Persona off waivers. She’ll replace Haurchefant and join the Marauders this week for their match-up with the Chickabos. Meanwhile, the Balamb T-Rexaurs have decided to end the experiment with Hildebrand, feeling he was not panning out the way they intended. They’ve cut him from the team to sign Prishe. We reached out to Prishe who had this to say: “It’s about damn time! We’re gonna beat the hell out of whoever we’re playing this week!”

In other league news, word officially broke today that next season will see the inclusion of injuries into the FFFL! The move is made with the intent of reviving the bench position as well as to encourage trades and waiver moves. More details on how injuries will work as we draw closer to the end of the season!

Our current standings:

Eastern Division –

Chickabos (6-0)

Titan’s Banana Hammock (4-2)

Balamb T-Rexaurs (3-3)

Melusine Marauders (2-4)

Red Wings (0-6)

Western Division –

Super Senpai Megaforce (6-0)

Edelweiss Avengers (5-1)

Verminion Lords (2-4)

El Negro Grande (2-4)

BeemBo USA (0-6)

This week’s match-ups after the jump!

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Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to your Tuesday update for the FFFL! Week 5 of the season is in the books so now we turn our eyes forward to week 6. This week has seen the completion of a trade as well as a couple roster moves, so lets jump right in!

The Verminion Lords have hooked up once again with the Melusine Marauders to complete their second trade of the season. This time, they’ll be sending the marmots Juxta did not slay in 1.0 as part of the special marmot defense force, yes specifically those marmots and Lightning to the Marauders. In exchange, they get Shantotto and Freya back!

On the waiver wire meanwhile, the Edelweiss Avengers have dropped Thancred despite having not lost a game with him. They pick up Shadow though who will get right into the action this week.

Last week proved to be a heartbreaker for the Balamb T-Rexaurs as their GM went on a tirade this Sunday. GM Eskalia could not be reached for comment, but league sources confirm he was fined and will be penalized in the draft next year.

With that out of the way, let’s check out the standings as we approach the half-way mark of the season!

Our current standings:

Eastern Division –

Chickabos (5-0)

Titan’s Banana Hammock (4-1)

Balamb T-Rexaurs (2-3)

Melusine Marauders (2-3)

Red Wings (0-5)

Western Division –

Super Senpai Megaforce (5-0)

Edelweiss Avengers (4-1)

Verminion Lords (2-3)

El Negro Grande (1-4)

BeemBo USA (0-5)

This week’s match-ups after the jump!

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Ladies and gentlemen it must be tuesday again because it’s time for an FFFL update! Last week saw a departure from the world of the feast as our players took part in Ballista as part of our Vana’diel outreach program. Next season, the FFFL is proud to announce two of our games will be played overseas in Vana’diel to help bring in fans from other planes!

Last week saw some incredible outcomes including our biggest blowout in league history as BeemBo USA was decimated by a margin of 70% in their match-up with the Super Senpai Megaforce. We can finally confirm that the Balamb T-Rexaurs won their matchup against the Red wings thanks to a strong performance from Vincent. While no fans actually attended the game, apparently one of the security cameras was able to get footage of the match.

Most of the teams in the league decided to stand strong with their roster this week, but the ever changing Verminion Lords and Edelweiss Avengers both made a move to continue shaking things up. The Verminion Lords acted first, dropping Setzer to obtain The Marmots that Juxta did NOT kill in 1.0 as part of the Special Marmot Defense Force, yes specifically those marmots. Setzer was disappointed by the news he had been cut, saying “It’s their mistake. If someone picks me up off waivers next week, I hope I get to play against them and make em pay.”

The Edelweiss Avengers meanwhile parted ways with Sazh, one of their few remaining draft picks and instead chose to draft Aldo onto the team. We reached out to GM Kallo who said quote “We may or may not beat the Chickabos when we play them… but it won’t be any fun for Nika.” More on this story as it develops. In other league news, after being cut from the Avengers last week and failing to be picked up on waivers, Ealdwine has announced his retirement from the FFFL. We reached out for a quote and he said, “I wasn’t supposed to be in this anyway. Some moron drafted me.”

Our current standings:

Eastern Division –

Chickabos (4-0)

Titan’s Banana Hammock (3-1)

Balamb T-Rexaurs (2-2)

Melusine Marauders (1-3)

Red Wings (0-4)

Western Division –

Super Senpai Megaforce (4-0)

Edelweiss Avengers (3-1)

Verminion Lords (2-2)

El Negro Grande (1-3)

BeemBo USA (0-4)

This week’s match-ups after the jump!

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Happy Tuesday FFFL fans! Week 4 is officially underway so let’s jump right into the action. This week sees dramatic changes to three of our team rosters, thanks in part to a blockbuster trade and  some acquisitions on the waiver wire.

First up, a huge trade was completed on Thursday as the Melusine Marauders and the Verminion Lords struck a deal. The Marauders will be getting Haurchefant and the marmots that Juxta Position killed in 1.0 as part of the special marmot defense force, yes specifically those marmots. In exchange, the Verminion Lords, sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chocobo, will receive Y’shtola and Gilgamesh.

The Verminion Lords weren’t done however, as they also released Cloud from the team to make room for the newly acquired Aymeric. With the acqusition, they no longer have a single player they originally drafted.

Speaking of which, the Edelweiss Avengers continue overhauling their roster, making their 4th move on waivers in as many weeks. They release Ealdwine, who is expected to return to obscurity in Eorzea in exchange for Yojimbo. Rumor has it that being the most well funded team, the Verminion Lords had considered making a run at Yojimbo, but the chance to force the Chickabos to fight Aymeric proved too tempting.

Our current standings:

Eastern Division –

Chickabos (3-0)

Titan’s Banana Hammock (2-1)

Balamb T-Rexaurs (1-2)

Melusine Marauders (1-2)

Red Wings (0-3)


Western Division –

Super Senpai Megaforce (3-0)

Verminion Lords (2-1)

Edelweiss Avengers (2-1)

El Negro Grande (1-2)

BeemBo USA (0-3)

This week’s match-ups after the jump!

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Ladies and Gentlemen! It is Tuesday night once again which means it is time for your Final Fantasy Feast League update.

This week has seen some movement on the free agent market as well as the very first trade in FFFL history! So let’s dive right into the weekly update!

Our first piece of action came courtesy of the Balamb T-Rexaurs who saw an opportunity to get better by selecting Terra off of the waiver wire. They’ve released Rydia to free up a roster space and Terra will slot in immediately as they prepare to host the Super Senpai Megaforce this week. Our next move was brought to us by the Verminion Lords, brought to you by HildeBrand Whitening Toothpaste, who decided to cut ties with Aerith and claimed Lightning off the waiver wire. Many experts were surprised when Lightning wasn’t selected in the draft, so it’s not surprising to see her taken off the waiver wire on her first appearance. Next up, the Edelweiss Avengers cut Biggs, officially removing all traces of the penalty they suffered in their week one scandal. By cutting Biggs, they were able to sign Vincent to their squad. However, in a surprising move, no sooner had he arrived at the Rogue’s Guild Fight Club, than he was informed he had been traded. In the FFFL’s inaugural trade, Vincent heads to the Balamb T-Rexaurs in exchange for their 2nd round draft pick Zidane. Both GM’s were reached for comment, saying they were pleased with the trade and felt it made both teams stronger.

Last week’s match-ups first saw the Balamb T-Rexaurs (1-1) dropping a late heart-breaker to Titan’s Banana Hammock (2-0).

The Chickabos (2-0) picked up their second win of the season as they pounded the Melusine Marauders (0-2) at home.

The Red Wings (0-2) took a tough loss against the Edelweiss Avengers (1-1), who apparently have hired cheerleaders to sing the praises of their team.

BeemBo USA (0-2) continues to struggle as they take the loss in the slums against El Negro Grande (1-1).

And despite a strong week 1 performance, the Verminion Lords (1-1) got pummeled in the Chaos Shrine by the Super Senpai Megaforce (2-0).

This weeks match-ups after the jump!

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Happy Tuesday FFFL fans and welcome back for week 2 of the Final Fantasy Feast League! Our first week was full of everything fans have come to expect out of the league including high intensity match-ups, shameless pandering, behind the scenes collusion, and of course your votes deciding the fates of Final Fantasy’s greatest, most mediocre, and worst heroes!

Fans were met with some confusion last week as the Edelweiss Avengers attempted to surrender their match-up to the Super Senpai Megaforce. League management intervened however, and the match went on as scheduled. After a large scale investigation into the attempted forfeiture, the Megaforce was cleared of all wrong-doing. The Avengers however, were found guilty of conduct not befitting a competitive team within the league and were penalized. Both Fran and Robel-Akbel were dropped from the active roster and sent to the waiver wire with Biggs and Wedge filling in their slots.

With only one week’s worth of games under their belts, most of the teams decided to stand pat and not make any changes to their line-ups. However, in the wake of their scandal, the Edelweiss Avengers made a move to improve their team. Wedge hadn’t even finished unpacking his bags before GM Kallo dropped him off the roster, making a waiver claim on Rikku. Sources tell us Biggs likely wont be far beind as we move past week two.

The only other move came to us courtesy of the Verminion Lords, who despite a win in their first week decided to take an opportunity to improve their team. Setzer will be joining the ranks of the undead, as he will be filling the gap left by the dismissal of Tellah. Setzer was reported to be disappointed he couldn’t take his lucky number 7, however the team captain Cloud relinquished the number and adopted the number 41. Setzer will have a trial by fire on his hands as he learns the playbook, however as most of the squad is dying and or dead, the playbook for the Verminion Lords is said to be very simple.

Last week’s first matchup saw BeemBo USA travel to the Gold Saucer. The Verminion Lords, brought to you by COR’s Draft, pulled out the win and defended their home turf. They move to 1-0 while BeemBo USA falls to 0-1.

Next up, the Balamb T-Rexaurs started their season on the road, travelling to the Wolves Den in Limsa Lominsa for a match-up with the Melusine Marauders. Home field advantage wasn’t enough for the Marauders to overcome however, and they fell to 0-1 while the T-Rexaurs advance to 1-0.

The Super Senpai Megaforce was apparently insulted by the attempted forfeiture and played like a team united. They stormed the Rogue’s Guild Fight Club, routing the Edelweiss Avengers in our biggest margin of victory of the week.

The Chickabos are said to be infinitely more dangerous within the depths of the Missing Member, and if week 1 is any indication, teams will not be looking forward to road trips there any time soon. They advance to 1-0 at the hands of the Castle Baron Red Wings who fall to 0-1.

And lastly, Titan’s Banana Hammock set up shop this season in the Navel and played host to El Negro Grande in their home opener. With Garnet’s status questionable until game time, the banana hammocks were able to pull out the win and advance to 1-0.

This weeks match-ups after the jump!

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Welcome back everyone to the second season of the Final Fantasy Feast League! It’s been a long tumultuous off-season, full of drama, suspensions, rules-dodging, and back alley deals! However, I am proud to declare season two of the league official open!

As we open the second season, there are new faces to be found everywhere. This comes as no surprise since 5 of the 6 teams from last season were either banned from the league, fell apart due to financial concerns, or are currently on trial for murder, sexual misconduct, and/or rampant drug abuse. Only Titan’s Banana Hammock returns to the league this season, eager to build off a strong finish to last year and hopefully take home the gold. They’ve adopted the Navel as their home base, and will be represented by a cast of familiar characters including Yuna, Lulu, Kain, Cyan and the newcomer Fusoya. Now let’s introduce our new teams, starting by rounding out the Eastern Division.

Aniero Grigori returns to the league, helming up the newly formed Red Wings of Castle Baron. His early draft strategy of picking players no one had ever heard of him may serve him well, if only because other teams have no idea how to prepare. His team of Lakeicius, Layle, Brandt, Benjamin, and the Protagonist from FF Legend 2 are eager to make their names known here in the FFFL.

New GM Malky Thera will be running the Melusine Marauders. Based out of Limsa Lominsa, this well rounded team of Shantotto, Freya, Onion Knight, Y’Shtola, and Gilgamesh (FFXIV) are out to prove they’re the captains of the ship city. They’ll have no shortage of competition however, as this season has 3 teams coming to us from Limsa.

Eskalia Ryumasa has reorganized his team after the disaster that was his first season in the league. Adopting the Balamb Garden Training Center as their home, the Balamb T-Rexaurs are ready to take center stage and power to the play-offs this season. Squall returns to the team from last season, joined by Zidane, fan-favorite Rydia, Auron, and Hildebrand!

After taking dead last in season 1, Nika Kayanian has restocked and reloaded with an active off-season. Re-branding her team the Chickabos, she represents our second team to be based out of Limsa Lominsa with her team doing battle in The Missing Member. Tifa, Iceheart, Celes, Merlwyb, and Faris have all signed on, determined to put to rest the demons of last season!

And now on to the Western Division:

First up we have a new GM to the league in Gordor, heading up El Negro Grande. Determined to put Kallo’s offensive strategy from last season to the test, he’s drafted Barret, Raubahn, Vivi, Laguna, and Garnet to defend the slums of Midgar!

However, another new GM to the league will be standing in his way. BeemBo USA will be headed up by Madd Hatter, coming to us all the way from Quarrymill. With a strong second round in the draft that netted him fan-favorite JoeNeverFails, his squad of Wakka, Ramuh (FF14), Locke, and Raw Devil are ready to roll!

Last season’s champion may have had his title and team stricken from the record books, but Kallo Landis has scratched, clawed, and cheated his way back into the league. Now running the Edelweiss Avengers, his team represents our third Limsan squad. Coming to you live from the Rogue’s Guild, Fran, Sazh, Thancred, Robel-Akbel, and Ealdwine aim to pick up where the Kallo Klux Klan left off… for better or for worse.

Making his LBR debut, Senpai joins the league as our newest GM as he takes command of the Super Senpai Megaforce. With a potent line-up including Beatrix, Sabin, Balthier, Rubicante, and Firion, opponents will certainly have a difficult time playing in the Chaos Shrine this season.

And finally, after extensive PED and STD testing, GM Juxta Position returns to the league running the Verminion Lords. Coming to us straight from the Manderville Gold Saucer, and sponsored by Lords of Verminion (Find in the Sleep-aid section of your local pharmacy), Juxta has drafted a legion of living dead including Cloud, Aerith, Haurchefant, Tellah, and the Marmots he slew in 1.0 as part of the Special Marmot Defense Force, yes specifically those marmots!

Match-ups coming your way after the jump!

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