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Voicemail Segment

Limit Break Radio has established a voicemail message box to take messages from the community. WE WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. Stories, strategies, community issues, shout outs, jokes, we want to hear it all!! What we'll do is take your calls and play them on our voicemail segment during the show.

Step 1: Download Skype OR use a cell phone or land line
Step 2: Make sure you have a headset or a microphone
Step 3: Call the username limitbreakradio OR dial 810-515-8715
Step 4: Leave a voicemail

Pretty easy, no? Voicemails are limited to 10 minutes in length and be sure to include your character name and server. Please know that all calls are subject to editing.

...So, let's hear it...

About Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns


Aniero Grigori

Hosting the show will be Aniero Grigori, the voice of Final Fantasy podcasting. He’s based off of Sargantanas server and runs warrior as his main job. You all know him as the host of the original LBR, and he says he’s looking forward to melding the classic formula in with an edgier new-age model to provide the best FF entertainment on the internet.

Contact Me: aniero@limitbreakradio.com


Eskalia Ryumasa

Co-hosting will be Eskalia Ryumasa, making his return to the network where it all began. His main job is Dragoon, and he’s based off the Balmung server. He got his start hosting Voices of Vana’diel on the original LBR network, and looks forward to skipping company events with the excuse of having to podcast. When asked to describe his ideal podcasting experience, he replied “It should be an orgy for the ears.” The interviewer reportedly refused to ask anymore questions.

Contact Me: eskalia@limitbreakradio.com


Juxta Position

And continuing the world’s longest, least-fulfilling, and most certainly unpaid internship will be Juxtaposition! He’s a Paladin based off of Sargantanas server and likes getting caught in the rain. He reminds us that he’s still the best, and is quote “Still awesome.” After a successful run on the original Limit Break Radio, he looks forward to bringing his brand of fun and excitement to the new show. None of us are sure what that means, but we’ve updated our vaccination records just to be safe!

Contact Me: juxtaposition@limitbreakradio.com

What's the motto for the show?

Good or bad, we're going to say what we want, when we want, about who we want. If they don't like it, tough.

That seems a bit extreme...

Your mom seems a bit extreme. Get over it.

And how often do we get to listen to you guys?

We're not yet certain how often we'll be producing episodes, it's just not something we'll be able to pinpoint until we dive in and see what kind of time commitment each episode is going to take. What we can tell you is that whatever we decide on will be a regular schedule. There will be a set day that episodes come out so you can always plan your LBR fix well in advance.

Why should I listen to you guys instead of some other FF based podcasts out there?

Because we'll actually be entertaining.

Is it too late to apply to be a host/guest/intern?

Guests were a large part of the original LBR, and we don't intend to cut them out of the new format. While our static crew is now assembled, we'll need guests for certain episodes and events. Once we have things up and running, look for further posts on how you can apply to be a guest.

Didn't you mention something about other posts on the site earlier?

Oh yea! Our goal is to have content posted to the site regularly, even if it's not a new episode of LBR:R. Eskalia is planning on a weekly editorial, and more things will continue to pop up as our hosts get settled in. We all work full time, but will do our best to keep content fresh on the site.

How can I contribute to the show?

Ah yes, this is an important one. At launch time, there will be no "Starbreakers" equivalent, and we will NOT be accepting donations. This may change down the line, but for now, it is our goal to provide the best FREE entertainment we can. If you really want to give a donation or contribute, we cannot thank you enough for your support, but please keep your money. The best way you can help us out is to help the site grow. Go to your linkshell, your friends list, your facebook, your twitter, anywhere you can help promote us and spread the word that Limit Break Radio is back! If everyone brings in two new listeners, it wont be long at all before we have the the largest (in addition to already having the best) community out there!

Should we still send e-mails and what not?

Hell yes! We'll still read e-mails on the air, and a couple of our planned segments are going to require your input. If you've seen someone do something outstanding, send an email and let us know and they may get a special shout-out on the air! On the flip-side, if you're witness to someone making a gigantic toolbox of themselves, send us a screenshot and they can be held accountable! We'll have a number of segments and a variety of ways that listeners will be able to interact and participate in the show. Just make sure you're following us on Twitter and Facebook and keep an eye out here at limitbreakradio.com for the latest news and announcements about the show.

Final Fantasy XI: Limit Break Radio Hosts



Main Job: Dark Knight

I am Aniero! I am one of the hosts and lead producer of Limit Break Radio. Fans will know I am a carreer Dark Knight, because there is no job better! I'm proud to help host Limit Break Radio with my friends and co-hosts. I enjoy doing Salvage, Limbus, Sea and Sky. I'm always on the lookout to do Assaults and am always happy to hear from fans.

Thanks to Maxx-V for the badass art!

Contact Me: aniero@limitbreakradio.com



Main Job: Thief

Secondary, Ranger and Black Mage

One of the most notorious and infamous Thieves to be born out of Windurst, Kallo Landis is Limit Break Radio's resident Rogue. For the past 5 years he's traveled all across Vana'diel seeking treasures and riches beyond anyones wildest dreams.

Kallo has done mercenary work for all three of the main nations, attaining the highest honor of Rank 10 in each of them. He's also finished Rise of the Zilart and the Chains of Promathia story line and while climbing the ranks of the Salaheem Sentinels to First Lieutenant he's secured the Treasures of Aht Urghan.

Currently, his last known whereabouts and goals included; defeating the Gods of Sky, discovering the secrets in the Sea-like land of Lumoria and Limbus as well as plundering the depths of the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins for salvageable treasures."

Thanks to TamTu for the drawing!

Contact Me: kallo@limitbreakradio.com



Main Job: Black Mage

Hello there. My name is Sayl from the universe of Odin. For all intents and purposes, my current stomping grounds would be those of the Republic of Bastok, whenever I happen to be there and not looking for interesting people to slaughter monsters with. I am a dedicated Black Mage, oh, and don't mind my snide comments and such. Altogether, I would like to think I'm a nice guy. Moving on.

In terms of my hobbies, I've been looking to pick up an instrument for the fabled Bard job I've had my eyes on, as well as dabble into Summoner at some point. Then there would be my future plans. I hope to someday become one of the best Black Mages to exist in our fair world, and possibly master all magics that I can get my hands on. Of course, my opposite, the White Mage, will probably be my last magician class to see the fabled 75 mark. My current list I will go through will be Black Mage (done!), Bard, Summoner, Blue Mage, Red Mage, and last, but not least, White Mage.

Aside from all of that, I also am a bit of a writer. I've placed my poems on the boards, but it may be best to move it to some other area. Keep on checking it if that tickles your fancy to see where it'll move to. Anywho, I think that's more than enough talking about myself. I'd prefer to actually meet and get to know SOME people, after all. Stay safe so we can do so, hm?

Thank you Bootstrap for the lovely art

Contact Me: sayl@limitbreakradio.com

Thanks to Tamtu for the art!!



Main Job: Whatever I feel like for the day

LBR's resident crafter Gamer here. I have no main job but I love playingwith my Beast master, Black mage, and Paladin, depending on the situation. I started out as a warrior from Bastok, thriving to become a Paladin. Since joining the LBR crew, I have moved my home from Pandemonium over to Odin. I miss my old friends very much, but I am happy with the new friends I have made as well. I can be found running the streets of Jeuno or locked up in the bonecrafting guild.

As of now I have 3 jobs above 70, Paladin, Black mage and Beast master. I enjoy blowing things up as black mage, causing uber damage while tanking as paladin, and soloing the impossible as beast master. The next job to be leveled will either be warrior or dragoon. Aside from those 3 jobs I love to craft. I have alchemy to 100 on one character and bone craft to 84 on another with various sub crafts leveled. I have finally obtains sky access and looking forward to completing the COP missions to gain access to sea. I need to work on ToaU missions, but those may take a back seat for WotG missions when they come out. I am rank 6 in Bastok and will stay there for the time being.
Don’t let anyone tell you different, Paladins can be great damage dealers if you set your mind to it ^^

Contact Me: Gamer@limitbreakradio.com



Main Job: Paladin, Dragoon, Samurai

Hi everyone! I'm Viki, hailing from the realm of Remora. Born a Red Mage in Bastok, I later moved to San d'Oria when I took up the arts of the melee classes. However, I am in no way restricted to one style of job, as I have experience in almost all of them. Old man Maat's cap is hopefully in my near future.

You can usually find me traveling Vana'diel with my linkshell, challenging some of the worlds toughest monsters head-on! In my off time, you may find me in Windurst cooking up a mean meal, or off training other job classes as I continue to strive for that blue cap. I enjoy campaign and salvage, and simply spending time with my friends in Vana'diel, whether it be beating up on monsters or looking at the fireworks.

Don't be afraid to say hi! I'm very outgoing and love talking to new people. ^_^

Contact Me: viki@limitbreakradio.com

Thanks to TamTu for the amazing drawing!

Limit Break Radio Interns



Main Job: Red Mage


Hey there fans! I'm the toa-taru-ally awesome Tarutaru from Windurst! My expertise lies in the arcane magicky-wagickys of the world, but my forte is the versatile Red Mage! Though... I'm a bit of a lazy Tarutaru... I don't really go out and practice my magicky-magickys as much as I should! Ooopsie! ^_^;

My favorite past time is leveling up other mage jobs; I have White Mage leveled to 37 and it's my first sub-job! Wootaru! Black mage is trailing behind at 25, but Red Mage is at 56!! I plan on leveling everything except Samurai, Monk, Puppeteer, Corsair, and Paladin due to sub jobs. /sigh The life of a Red Mage! =P

II enjoy long walks on the Valkrum Dunes, drinking Yagudo Coladas, and getting caught in Water weather. ;) Gimme a Teleport - HOLLA!

Oh! Also, be sure to check out my amazingly amazing segment on Limit Break Radio- Simply Juxta! It's Taru-reffic! ;D

Juxtaposition: Don't stress out Vana'diel!

Thanks Bootsy for the art!

Contact Me: Juxtaposition@limitbreakradio.com



Main Job: Dragoon

Erufailion enjoys traveling to planes of existence. Erufailion is a Hume from Sandy, and is an intern on Limit Break Radio. It is Erufailion's goal to never do any actual work while an intern. So far, so good.

Contact Me: erufailon@limitbreakradio.com

Thanks Duraigonne for the sktech!

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