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Limit Break Radio episode 10 Live September 20th at 3pm

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Hey Limit Break Radio listeners, we’d like to invite you to listen to Limit Break Radio LIVE on September 20th at 3pm eastern. We’ll be going over Patch 2.38, letting you call up and vent about Player Housing, announcing the winners of our #BringSusan and PSN giveaways, and much much more. Remember, we would like you to become a part of Limit Break Radio by calling in and sharing your opinions live on the air with the LBR crew. To call in to Limit Break Radio make sure you have the Skype account ‘limitbreakradio’ on your Skype contacts list. Just send us a message while the show is live and we’ll try to bring you on the show as a caller.

So listen in live September 20th at 3pm at our channel

Limit Break Radio Update! Giveaways, FanFest, and #BringSusan

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Hey Limit Break Radio listeners, so as you can tell we do not have a new show today. We apologize. This is for a few reasons: Final Fantasy XIV news has been slow as of late. Being that we’re building toward Tokyo Game Show and the 2014 Fan Fest, information and news has been, understandably, scant. At the moment we’re considering having our next live show after Patch 2.38 which should drop somewhere around September 18th. We’re also considering a range of topics for our discussion segment, but if you would like to make a suggestion we invite you to do so by sending us an email at or tweeting us @limitbreakradio. And as always you can join in on the discussion by tuning in live at and connecting with us on Skype by adding the account limitbreakradio.

Don’t forget we have 2 giveaways going on, the first from our friend at @FFXIV_PTFinders who donated a 60 day FFXIV time card. To enter into that drawing all you have to do is tweet @mattalos and @popcicle with the hashtag #BringSusan to encourage the NA Community Team to bring Susan Calloway as a performer to the 2014 Fan Fest. Our second giveaway comes from listener Zoe Daybreaker who gave us a $20 PSN card to anyone who emails us at to tell us what you like or don’t like about the show, you will also be entered into a drawing for the PSN card. We’ll be announcing the winners on episode 10.

Fan Fest 2014 is fast approaching and Limit Break Radio is doing what we can to finalize our plans. Aniero and Nika will be in attendance on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be equipped with mobile recording gear, recording events and player reactions throughout the day. If you’re going to be at Fan Fest please try and find us and share your opinions about the events, announcements, and performances and maybe you will make an appearance on Limit Break Radio. We also intend on recording wrap ups for the days events, which will be like a mini-LBR live from the convention floor. If past Fan Fests are any indication we’ll only be doing wrap ups for Friday and Saturday but without a schedule of events, that could very well change. Additionally, Limit Break Radio will be completely mobile this year, meaning we don’t have a booth or access to a stable internet connection. It is for this reason that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to bring you live updates from the show floor or confirm the exact location of the recording of the wrap up. We will be live tweeting and maybe even live blogging from Fan Fest but in terms of the audio we produce, there’s a good chance we’ll only be able to produce and release that once the event is finished.

In addition to this, LBR is currently discussing the option of throwing some kind of after party in downtown Las Vegas on Saturday night. So after the convention wraps up you can take all of that energy and adrenaline and burn it off in the hottest party city in America with the coolest podcasters this side of Mor Dhona! Keep an eye to as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages for more details as they’re confirmed.

Join Limit Break Radio Live For Episode 8 July 19th 2014 at 3pm Eastern

Friday, July 18th, 2014

We hope everyone has been enjoying Patch 2.3. Well make sure to join Limit Break Radio live on as the hosts share their feelings about Patch 2.3. One of the most popular additions of 2.3 is arguably the most contentions: Hunts. We’ll be talking about the Hunt rage the’s currently infecting the Final Fantasy XIV community. But more then that we want to hear from YOU about how you feel about the Hunts. Remember you can call the show by adding the username limitbreakradio on Skype or by calling 313-515-8715 during the show.

Join us for the next Live Limit Break Radio on June 28th at 3:00 pm EDT

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Hey Limit Break Radio listeners!

We’ve been hard at work combing through all the juicy info that was dropped out at E3 2014. We’re all really excited to finally get to talk about Rogue and Ninja, Ramuh battle, new Crystal Tower bosses. The next episode of Limit Break Radio will take place Saturday June 28th 2014 and will be streamed live on our channel.

We’d like you, our cherished audience, to share your opinions about all the new content coming to Final Fantasy XIV, and there are no shortage of ways you can do that. If you’re not able to join us live, you can send us email that we’ll read and respond to on the show at You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for some LBR social media action. You can also leave voicemail messages that we’ll play on the show by calling the Skype account: limitbreakradio.

For those of you that will be joining us live on, you have the ability to call-in to the show! You can join Aniero, Kallo, Juxta, Eskalia and Nika on the air to share your opinions on the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Don’t like a recent update? Call the show! Want to offer praise to a great player? Call the show! Just want to give your Free Company a shoutout? Well, call the show! We want to give the community a platform where they can discuss and share their thoughts and opinions.

To call the show just add the Skype account limitbreakradio to your Skype contact list OR, for the listeners that don’t have Skype you can call the show using a regular phone at 810-515-8715.

We’re going to be giving away a $20 game card provided by @FFXIV_PTFinders, so be sure to tune in LIVE Saturday June 28th at 3:00pm EDT for a chance to win!

Limit Break Radio Episode 6 Live on Twitch May 24th

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Hey everyone-

No new episode this week. But I want to remind everyone to join us this Saturday for episode 6 live on at 2pm EDT/11am PDT. We’ll be talking about the Live Producer Letter XIV happening earlier that morning. Info might still be scarce, but we’ll pull together what we can and talk about what we know about the upcoming 2.3 patch. We’ll also be reading some of hilarious @XIV_PTFinders tweets suggested by you, the listeners, and talking about the differences between the Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV communities.

I’d also like to remind everyone that we’re giving away a copy of the Final Fantasy XIV: Before Meteor soundtrack. To enter in to our giveaway just plug at the end of your duty finder parties, screenshot the chat log and send it to For a full list of contest rules see this post. As it stands right now you have a 1/10 chance of winning and the more you submit the more entries you get. So go on and get out there and tell random ass people about Limit Break Radio and win a free CD and minion! This is how we take over the internet people.

Limit Break Radio Officially Goes LIVE

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Hey there LBR listeners! It’s Aniero here with an exciting announcement about the future of Limit Break Radio. First, I’d like to say thank you for your continued support and listenership as we get the show back up and running. We’re having a great time doing the show again and the feedback we’ve been getting from you guys has been really great. The emails, tweets, Facebook messages, iTunes reviews, Reddit PM’s, /tells and live stream chats have been fantastic. Clearly, Limit Break Radio has the best listeners on the internet. And because we think our listeners are so awesome we want our listeners to become more involved with Limit Break Radio.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce that starting with Episode 6 Limit Break Radio will be live streaming the show over

So while we think Tweeting and emailing and Facebooking with the show are all great ways to get involved we here at Limit Break Radio would like to take this one step further. Because the show will be live streamed we would also like to invite our listeners to call in to the show over Skype and/or a regular telephone* and actively add to the discussions being had on the air. The process is pretty simple.

First, tune in at the designated day/time of a live LBR show at our official page
Then, either send a Skype message to ‘limitbreakradio’ with your name or character name and server OR dial 810-515-8715
From there you will be placed on hold until we can take your call

Easy, no? Well, easy for you. It’s actually kind of technically complicated on our end. But it’s not like this is the first time we’ve done this, Limit Break Radio hosted a call-in show back in 2007 with Limit Break Radio’s Spectacular Annual Platinum Extravaganza Edition Call-In Bonanza Special. We had so much fun doing that episode and have always wanted to incorporate it into the overall show. This seems like a good time to do that. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’re not JUST live streaming the main talk show, we’re also doing occasional game play streams on our channel, which we recommend subscribing to so you’ll be alerted of these streaming sessions. As as a result of doing these streams and learning the streaming software, the show will take on a slightly more visual element. We will still have the podcast and the iTunes and RSS feeds and the show won’t change much from what we already do, but checking out the show on or YouTube will be more visually entertaining the the current videos that only feature the LBR Logo as a visual.

The way we record the show, we record one long show and cut it into 3 parts and release those over a series of weeks, but for those that tune in to the live show: you will get to hear all 3 parts live as they’re recorded. No waiting a week between episode parts. Bonus!

Last thing, I swear. We’ve updated the LBR website to include a Watch section where you can find our live Twitch stream, info on the next planned broadcast date/time and the Twitch chat. We’ve also updated the Listen page to make XIV shows easier to sort and find as well as our Links page and About page to contain current information.

Once again I want to thank everyone for their support of Limit Break Radio. It’s been a great couple of months and we look forward to bringing you more great Final Fantasy XIV podcasting!

-Aniero Grigori and the crew of Limit Break Radio

*Additional phone fees may apply. It could depend on your phone plan. Limit Break Radio is not responsible for any charges related to calling in to the show.

Double Dragoon

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Good evening ladies and gentleman. Eskalia Ryumasa here. Tonight, Limit break radio is proud to announce the newest show coming to its network: Double Dragoon! And, as is tradition for articles that I write on here, I’ll be doing it in Q and A form… so let’s get right into it!

What is Double Dragoon?
Double Dragoon will be an FFXI-Centric show focused on chronicaling the game’s content as well as providing some fun commentary on it.

Wait, FFXI?
Yes! My co-host and I have been bitten hard by the nostalgia bug, and decided to roll fresh characters. You can be rest assured this series will conjure both great and horrible memories.

We are proud to bring you the first video series ever on the limit break radio network.

So what are we going to see?

Well, not everything. It would be silly to show you video of us grinding our jobs, but outside of that, pretty much everything. We will be accepting requests for things you, the fans, would like to see us do. Right now, we plan to release video of all three nation storylines, RotZ, CoP, ToAU, WoTG, possibly seekers, dynamis, sky, sea, random quests we like, and a few other fun events we have in mind. If there’s anything else you’d like to eventually see, please go ahead and send us an e-mail at

Where can I watch the video?
Videos will be uploaded to our youtube page: Double Dragoon.

Why is it called Double Dragoon?
Well, our goal will be to accomplish all game content as just a pair of dragoons. (obviously, some events require more than two people to enter, but we still want to attempt them as just the two of us contributing.) As such, any event we tackle, we will first try with just the two of us on dragoon. If we determine that we can’t do it, we’ll then ramp it up to any means necessary to clear the event.

How often will you be doing video?
The simple answer is as often as possible. I would imagine as we get more proficient with video editing, we’ll be able to do episodes more frequently. As such, we’re not going to have a set time schedule for releasing videos. We’ll plan to release a minimum of one episode every other week, but it could easily become more frequent than that.

When does the series start?
We plan to release the first video one week from tonight, on Sunday, February 23rd 2014.

Who’s hosting?
In addition to myself, I will be joined by Baramille, who many of you remember as Xaze from Voices of Vana’diel.

What can I do to help?
As with LBR, the best help you can offer us is word of mouth. If you know anyone still playing XI, or hell, anyone who enjoyed XI and might like a trip down memory lane, please let them know about us. Subscribe to our youtube page, like and share our videos… there’s a myriad of ways that you guys can help us out!

Don’t you think doing an XI series is well… pointless?
This isn’t a series we’re doing in hopes of being famous. This is two guys, who loved a game they played for more than a third of their lives, trying to find a suitable way to say goodbye to it. If not a single person watches the series, just having made it would be enough for us. That said, we’d be honored if you would join us on this last run down memory lane.


Limit Break Radio:A Rdio Returns Episode 2 Part 2 Sneak Preview

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in store on the 2nd part of Episode 2 of LBR:ARR. Juxta makes a startling confession…

Happy Holidays From Limit Break Radio

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Hey Limit Break Radio listeners! It’s Aniero here. I know you’re expecting a new show today with it being Monday and all. I regret to inform you that we have no new show today. We were trying to do a Limit Breaking News for Patch 2.1 but due to a busier then normal holiday schedule we were unable to squeeze a show in. It’s disappointing because we had a lot of say about the ridiculous housing prices. At this point we’re focusing on trying to experience the new content so that when we get back to recording new episodes in 2014 we can at least have context to what we’re talking about. We’re also in the process of upgrading a few pieces of equipment that should assist us in streaming the show live. The upside to this is that you, dear listeners, have longer to submit your sexy screenshots to our #FappingTheRealm contest for a chance to win a $10 Ultimate Game Card. The submissions we’ve got have been awesome so far. We’ll have some Mumble segments coming your way over the holiday so be on the lookout for those. Our next episode has been scheduled and will be released Monday January 6th 2014. So stay warm, enjoy the holidays and get good and drunk. I know that what we’ll be doing.

Limit Break Radio: A Podcast Reborn

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Hello everybody!

Let me be the first to welcome you all back! I can’t tell you how excited we are to be back, and I’m posting today to make a few introductions and to answer a couple questions I know are floating out there.

So, let’s start with the question that I know is everyone’s mind: 

Why am I not listening to LBR:R Episode 1 right now?!

The answer to that is simple… it’s coming! Our goal is to provide a higher class podcast than the original LBR, and to this end, we are actually going to have a recording studio! We’ve had a couple delays moving our equipment out of Norg, and we’re running about a week behind where we anticipated we would be by this point. That said, we’re still hoping to have episode 1 out in October, but if not, we’ll definitely have some other content out to you…

Which leads into the next question: What the hell am I supposed to do until then?!

Don’t worry! Just because the first episode of LBR:R isn’t out yet, doesn’t mean there won’t be anything on the site! Our hosts intend to work on their own projects (both text and audio), and will post them as they come out. More on that later in the post!

Okay okay, I guess I can deal with that. So who’s hosting this thing?!

We’ll be running a three man hosting crew this time round, and without further adieu, here they are!

Hosting the show will be Aniero Grigori, the voice of Final Fantasy podcasting. He’s based off of Sargantanas server and runs warrior as his main job. You all know him as the host of the original LBR, and he says he’s looking forward to melding the classic formula in with an edgier new-age model to provide the best FF entertainment on the internet.

Co-hosting will be Eskalia Ryumasa, making his return to the network where it all began. His main job is Dragoon, and he’s based off the Balmung server. He got his start hosting Voices of Vana’diel on the original LBR network, and looks forward to skipping company events with the excuse of having to podcast. When asked to describe his ideal podcasting experience, he replied “It should be an orgy for the ears.” The interviewer reportedly refused to ask anymore questions.

And continuing the world’s longest, least-fulfilling, and most certainly unpaid internship will be Juxtaposition! He’s a Paladin based off of Sargantanas server and likes getting caught in the rain. He reminds us that he’s still the best, and is quote “Still awesome.” After a successful run on the original Limit Break Radio, he looks forward to bringing his brand of fun and excitement to the new show. None of us are sure what that means, but we’ve updated our vaccination records just to be safe!

What’s the motto for the show?

Good or bad, we’re going to say what we want, when we want, about who we want. If they don’t like it, tough.

That seems a bit extreme…

Your mom seems a bit extreme. Get over it.

And how often do we get to listen to you guys?

We’re not yet certain how often we’ll be producing episodes, it’s just not something we’ll be able to pinpoint until we dive in and see what kind of time commitment each episode is going to take. What we can tell you is that whatever we decide on will be a regular schedule. There will be a set day that episodes come out so you can always plan your LBR fix well in advance.

Why should I listen to you guys instead of some other FF based podcasts out there?

Because we’ll actually be entertaining.

Is it too late to apply to be a host/guest/intern?

Guests were a large part of the original LBR, and we don’t intend to cut them out of the new format. While our static crew is now assembled, we’ll need guests for certain episodes and events. Once we have things up and running, look for further posts on how you can apply to be a guest.

Didn’t you mention something about other posts on the site earlier?

Oh yea! Our goal is to have content posted to the site regularly, even if it’s not a new episode of LBR:R.  Eskalia is planning on a weekly editorial, and more things will continue to pop up as our hosts get settled in. We all work full time, but will do our best to keep content fresh on the site.

How can I contribute to the show?

Ah yes, this is an important one. At launch time, there will be no “Starbreakers” equivalent, and we will NOT be accepting donations. This may change down the line, but for now, it is our goal to provide the best FREE entertainment we can. If you really want to give a donation or contribute, we cannot thank you enough for your support, but please keep your money. The best way you can help us out is to help the site grow. Go to your linkshell, your friends list, your facebook, your twitter, anywhere you can help promote us and spread the word that Limit Break Radio is back! If everyone brings in two new listeners, it wont be long at all before we have the the largest (in addition to already having the best) community out there!

Should we still send e-mails and what not?

Hell yes! We’ll still read e-mails on the air, and a couple of our planned segments are going to require your input. If you’ve seen someone do something outstanding, send an email and let us know and they may get a special shout-out on the air! On the flip-side, if you’re witness to someone making a gigantic toolbox of themselves, send us a screenshot and they can be held accountable! We’ll have a number of segments and a variety of ways that listeners will be able to interact and participate in the show. Just make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook and keep an eye out here at for the latest news and announcements about the show.

Well, that’s all the information I have to pass along at the moment! Please keep and eye on our facebook page as well as our twitter page for more information and hopefully soon, the release date of episode 1! We’re so excited to be back, and look forward to entertaining you all for years to come. Until then, peace out.

-Eskalia and the staff of

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