August 11, 2007

Hey everyone. So we have some big things coming up that I thought I’d fill everyone in on, but first I want to apologize for the lack of episodes this summer, and especially recently. I was on a vacation to Chicago for the legendary Lollapalooza festival! It was great, maybe I’ll post some pictures from the fest once I get them (I’ve lost my camera cord ONOEZ!). Anyway, we’ve got our big ONE YEAR anniversary coming up which is staggering because I feel like we just started, so we have a lot to cover so expect an extra big episode for our one year…but don’t expect it until sometime after August 21st…now I know what you’re thinking, ZOMG Ani, the one year anniversary is August 20th. Yes, we know, but unfortunate circumstances prevent us from actually recording until after the 21’st. We would really like to get it out earlier, but it’s just not possible, we’re really sorry but regardless of when it comes it should not be missed!

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