Back from their holiday hiatus Ani, Kallo and Juxta dive into the Q/As Yosheep did on a few servers over the New Year. The questions left a little to be desired, but the answers? Tune in now to find out.

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7 comments on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 141 – Cash Me Out

  1. Todd NoEars Jan 10, 2018

    Changing the battle system to where buff, debuff, elemental damage matter would make the game great but I agree with you guys that we are paying a game that already free to play.

  2. MelDonar Patterson Jan 10, 2018

    How so only by free trial its free to play?

  3. Todd NoEars Jan 10, 2018

    MelDonar Patterson listen to the episode but to the jist of it, everything is going to the cash shop and it very clearly that yosheep is caring for new players and not long time players. They are not gonna change or up the difficulty of fates or other contents, change how battle work where debuff, buffs and elemental matter then just some skills for 3 second. There is a lot of things that is very clear we are just paying a sub for nothing at this moment. Eureka is the only hope for this game, if that flop then 4.3 forward is just gonna be shit

  4. Markis Jerimiah Kyler Jan 10, 2018

    The cash shop is just pointless stuff though. If they ever put anything in that effected endgame then they’d have to go full F2P. Right now it’s just tickling the F2P’s butthole.

  5. Tyler Karnes Jan 10, 2018

    Can you really say that things that go to the cash shop are really pointless when there were more developed items for the cash shop (with original assets I might add) than there were in the last patch?

    I never understood the whole “it’s just cosmetic” excuse when it comes to micro trans. It’s in a game that is about glamour and loot, how is it not effecting my game experience?

  6. Jeff Sheehan Jan 11, 2018

    MT that are cosmetic are fine if the game sands on its own. They arw copying Blizzards handbook for WoW but forgot the first page: make a fun game. Most of the end game content isnt worth doing because it will get outclassed in the next patch (or next half patch as we saw in hevansward). Most of the changes are geared to making it possible for new people to not have to work towards an end goal

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