The upcoming patch for 4.2 offers quite a bit to chew on, but not much of it is what we usually consider the meat and potatoes of a patch. The big changes come along with PvP, Glamour and a Duty Recorder?! The crew also gets trolled by a long time listener.

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2 comments on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 140 – The Extra Large Live Letter

  1. Todd NoEars Dec 19, 2017

    Love the episode! I wanted to call in but had to bail out to go to work but I do want to say that mystic knight class can be in 5.0 because the Garlean can’t use magic but have technology that rivals with it. So with mystic knight using spell to enhance their sword. The Garlean can use their technology to do something similar to that and it will tie in with world of XIV. I also want to say that I’m excited for 4.2 because I want to see where the story will go, Eureka and the four lords. This patch is renewing my passion for the game and I hope the second part of the LL will show more of Eureka because if it flop then this game is gonna be in serious trouble, more so then they are now. You guys are the best and I love all shows you guys have in your network. Enjoy the two week breaks and happy holidays!
    -Zero Yuno

  2. I’m more excited for a Nintendo Direct for the Switch than a live letter for 4.2

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