Episode 129’s Limit Breaking Music

September 27, 2017

On Episode 129, we bring back Limit Breaking Music with the recent release of Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood! Kallo and Juxta chose some remixes that will brighten your day or kick you back into nostalgia with some 8-bit themes. Aniero finds an album that you can download, chock-full of strong FFXIV remixes.

Every so often on Limit Break Radio, we feature video game remixes and covers from the creative and musically inclined. Our minds are blown by these artists! Check them out! Please make sure to give them a follow, subscribe, or like! Let them know Limit Break Radio sent you!

Put on your headphones and get ready for an orgasmic musical explosion!

FFXIV: Stormblood – Garlemald Hymn [ROCK REMIX] by mWIND

The Lochs Night Time – Piano Cover by Luna Forsyth

Lakshmi Theme in 8-Bit by Coconeru

Stormblood Boss Battle V.1 by Djekkie

Kugane Theme Remix by Music Sasaki

The Last Battle/Deltascape Savage by Catherine JG

Final Fantasy XIV Automata Musicorum Lallorum Remix by Zephyr Cradle

Life of Ishgard by Zephyr Cradle
You can download the whole album at this link: https://htd-ishgard.tumblr.com/
1. Active Time Design Error / Lix
2. Oblivion 忘却の彼方 / BSJ-Club
3. Field of Borderless / こっけ
4. Fly Through the Clouds / YNO_Regeneratix

And of course, from friend and one of our favorite cover artists…

Final Fantasy goes Rock – Stormblood Boss Dungeon by Husky by the Geek

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  1. awesome show as always guys!

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