On Limit Break Radio, the cast tackles the early access of Stormblood. The launch has been sordid and buggy leaving even the most stalwart supporters of the game frustrated and angry. The hosts talk to several callers as they attempt to break down and analyze all the changes with hands on experience.

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14 comments on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 116 – Raubuan EXTREME

  1. Next @LBRJuxta will be renaming his Red Mage William Cosby.

  2. the boss that has produced more bodybags than any other

  3. Tyler Karnes Jun 19, 2017

    I know you guys probably don’t read this but I hope you might talk about how it has become apparent that SE makes changes like a new age painter creates art next week. Throw random paint at a canvas and hope people are stupid enough to like it.

    SE is good at world design, story (kinda), and music, we know this. But gameplay and decisions on how to present content to a player they have just lost touch I feel.

    I’m sure you guys have already discussed the issues of bugs (haven’t listened to the show yet), but these are approaching beta test levels of bugs. To name a few there is the Susano bug which locks your character for emoting, the bug with the client where if you have a power flicker it deletes the game and patches from PS4 players, entire worlds crashing due to player count and that’s just a few. How could they launch a game with such glaring mistakes as these and respond by saying “the game is working as intended”.

    I don’t know man, I’m just rambling. I’ll try and call in this Sunday if I remember to tune in, but if not I hope you guys can talk about some of these problems to get them out there because all the Yoshi-P kiss asses are working day and night to silence anyone talking critically right now on forums, FB pages, and such.

    Love the show and you’re no nonsense, open minded thinking when it comes to the game.

  4. Jason Steele Jun 19, 2017

    If anything this shows that SE needs to start doing Beta testing outside of their company. A lot of issues could have been resolved with testing.

  5. Johan Sörman Jun 20, 2017

    Regarding ps4 problem my understanding it’s a design on Sony’s end. If a file get corrupted it redownload it all

  6. Ryan Louis Bouck Jun 20, 2017

    No problems for me an my PS4 minus the bottlenecking issue but not a big deal to me. Storm blood is going good for me so far.

  7. Alex Bauman Jun 20, 2017

    since when were they still bottlenecking? I was able to get in sunday morning.

  8. Alex Kramer Jun 20, 2017

    You guys are underestimating just how bad the population imbalance of Balmung is (and Gilgamesh too)

    We’re having loving queues of over two thousand at 5:01am the morning Early Access first started, exploding to 6k login queues while the world is actually completely full, and over the weekend login queues exceeded 10k at times. One screenshot had a login queue of 18k with the world full.

    And let’s be clear: this was not just a login bottleneck, the world is actually constantly if-we-have-more-players-the-server-crashes FULL.

  9. Limit Break Radio Jun 20, 2017

    Sucks to be u if u reached over 10k on Balmung. I’ve only reached over 4k+. Queue before dinner. After dinner, I’m in. Works out. XD -Kooky

  10. Alex Kramer Jun 20, 2017

    Limit Break Radio I think it’s nearly as bad on Gilgamesh. This is why the transfer bonuses are needed to get players off of those servers.

  11. Limit Break Radio Jun 20, 2017

    Ppl won’t leave unless their whole squads will. Have u left Balmung yet?

  12. Alex Kramer Jun 20, 2017

    Limit Break Radio sure haven’t. I believe the current measures will convince at least ten Free Companies to jump ship to Preferred servers.

  13. Alex Kramer Jun 20, 2017

    Here’s the thing: if the current measures don’t fix the congested server problem, the next step will probably be copying WoW’s Realm Splits. But that’s not characteristic of SE.

  14. Alex Kramer Jun 22, 2017

    …and it turns out DDoSing was at least partially to blame.

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