Fusion X of Gamer Escape joins us as we take a journey through all the information being passed around from the Stormblood Media tour, from Zone design to a Dungeon Preview, to brief descriptions of battle changes in action. We also dig into an interview done with Yosheep by Gamer Escape and as usual, things reach critical sodium levels. Join us as not only Aniero gets salty, but Nikalia, the voices of reason fall to the Saltiness as well.

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One comment on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 114 – With a Side of Salt

  1. Aaron Spielman Jun 10, 2017

    From listening to this week’s podcast, I know you still think new players don’t exist, so I applied to your guild like a week ago to help educate some minds. Aeryn Jen in game. I’ve been playing FFXIV for almost 3 months, but have played MMOs since like 1999 with EQ1, then WoW and others. For some reason FFXIV did not come to my attention until earlier this year, so I decided to check it out and it’s fun.

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