Episode 111’s Limit Breaking Music

May 17, 2017

On Episode 111, Limit Breaking Music is back! We feature an interview with NPC! He joins the LBR crew as they listen through a few Final Fantasy XIV remixes and covers, including a Vocaloid remix, an Answers cover, and, of course, a rock guitar cover.

Every so often on Limit Break Radio, we feature video game remixes and covers from the creative and musically inclined. Our minds are blown by these artists! Check them out! Please make sure to give them a follow, subscribe, or like! Let them know Limit Break Radio sent you!

Put on your headphones and get ready for an orgasmic musical explosion!


NPC Interview

Check out NPC and links to his social media on his webpage: NPCMusic.com.


Rise (Alexander Prime Final Phase A12)【Instrumental Cover】

Cover by Ferdk (iTunes, YouTube, Twitter, and Patreon)


Our Paths (Dravanian Forelands Day Theme Remix)

Remixed by mcn (Twitter). The song is part of a project called “Life of Ishgard” with Hometown DOMINA (Tumblr). YouTube user Escha uploads some of the tracks.


Electrified World Of Darkness [ Final Fantasy XIV Remix ]

Remixed by Alavadia. We cannot find any social media, but be sure to check out their SoundCloud!


Starved (Orchestral Remix)

Remixed by Genji Glove, another with no social media. Check out their SoundCloud!


Sophia,The Goddess(Luka Megurine)/女神ソフィア(巡音ルカ)

Remixed by Milldyna/K’s Sound Project (SoundCloud, YouTube, and Website).


Answers (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn) Vocal Cover

Vocal cover by Lizz Robinett (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon)


Final Fantasy XIV Guitar Cover – Sophia’s Theme (Equilibrium)

Guitar cover by Sam Giffin (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter).


[FF14] Alexander Locus Remix

Remixed by REO (YouTube and Twitter).


FFXIV Duelling Theme – Palace of the Dead Remix

Please help us out with this one and let us know what you think! Is this the OST or a remix?? The Twitch chat was 50/50 on it!

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