Diadem 2.0 has hit and the reception hasnt been great. We take your calls on the new feature as well as share our own thoughts. Plus, with PAX East finished and another Yosheep Q and A in the bag the hosts dive into more discussions about the future of Final Fantasy XIV.

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9 comments on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 103 – Dia-dumb 2.0

  1. Brett Decker Mar 15, 2017

    I like it. It’s better, at least by a small margin. Way I see it, this is a system they’re eventually going to expand on in 4.0, and they probably don’t see the sense in dumping a ton of resources into this when the expansion is so close.

  2. Limit Break Radio Mar 15, 2017

    “Eventually going to expand on…” how many times are we going to keep telling ourselves that? How many times do they need to expand on or revise or recreate til it’s worthwhile?

  3. Brett Decker Mar 15, 2017

    As many times as it takes? Who knows. And “worthwhile” is sort of a subjective term. I enjoy the event/area itself, but yeah I don’t see the rewards as too worthwhile. I personally have no interest in a 280 weapon.

  4. Gordie Matheson Mar 15, 2017

    You guys/gals bring up the topic of healers need to DPS every so often….why is not made so using DPS spells/abilities as a healer enhance your heals? As (for example only) a White Mage you cast Holy then your next AoE heal is 50% stronger. Would that not enforce the need to DPS as a healer? From a healer perspective I don’t feel that DPS is a “need” more then a “want” due to the fact that a DPS class simple does it better.

  5. Gordie Matheson Mar 15, 2017

    From a Tank point of view the DPS is simply a means to an end…it creates “agro/hate” which in turn allows a tank to do his/her job. Where as for a healer, DPS does not help a healer heal. I think that is the biggest issue there. If a healer’s DPS had some sort of “protective” value then I firmly believe it would be used by every healer in the game….save for the bads, nothing will help them o.O

  6. “Nika is end game. Here’s 20 minutes of her not understanding stats.”

  7. Carboe Al'Kali Mar 16, 2017

    I think Aniero nailed hit when he said Diadem is tailored for the players whom checked out during the 3.x patch series. They have to be looking very closely at their server numbers and are likely alarmed by the exodus of players. I’d be curious to see what server health was like at the end of 2.x as well.
    I imagine they are seeing the numbers on what players have finished anima, collected tome gear, ect. and are seeing Average iLVL is low … My guess around 230.

    My thoughts : They are attempting to give the absent players reason to come back.
    I rechecked in cause I know playing now I can be 4x as effective as normal. I can catch up on gear and play the content without grinding into a wall. By the time I’m done I’m ready for Stormblood.

    The game feels more and more like a single player game on a season pass and less and less like an MMO. If you look at 3.x as a whole or 2.x as a whole without spacing it out it is far more enjoyable.

  8. Fred Campbell Mar 20, 2017

    Anyone know when and where they do the recording for FFXIV podcast?

  9. Carboe Al'Kali Mar 22, 2017

    @Fred Campbell
    They are Live on Sundays on Twitch for this show and Final Encounter Cast.

    Check out Checkpoint Radio too 😀

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