Episode 99’s Limit Breaking Music

May 13, 2017

On Episode 99, Limit Breaking Music is back! We feature an interview with Benjamin Antony James, who we featured a few songs in past LBMs, and other Final Fantasy XIV covers from acapella to dance beats.

Every so often on Limit Break Radio, we feature video game remixes and covers from the creative and musically inclined. Our minds are blown by these artists. Check them out! Please make sure to give them a follow, subscribe, or like! Let them know Limit Break Radio sent you!

Put on your headphones and get ready for an orgasmic musical explosion!


Benjamin Antony James Interview

Please give him a follow on his Facebook, Soundcloud, and YouTube.


Answers from Final Fantasy XIV – BPAB(Block Party At the Brume) Remix

Arranged and produced by Pharell Nefertiti (Twitter and YouTube). Vocals by Rumi.


FFXIV – Battle on the Big Bridge Acapella (Gilgamesh’ Theme)

Performed by Triforce Films (YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud).


FFXIV Zervan’s Theme Remix

Remixed by gilgameshrulz (YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitter).


FFXIV ARR: Leviathan remix

Remixed by Reeka Teeks (M3RC3RL3SS) (YouTube and Twitter).


Sophia | FFXIV Hip Hop Remix |

Remixed by [ShinigamiBeats] (SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitter).


Idyllshire -Day- (Final Fantasy XIV Remix)

Remixed by NPC (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter).


[FFXIV Gridania Remix] – Eorzean Holidays

Remixed by Yaanic Geerts (SoundCloud and YouTube).


FFXIV – Ultima (Lindaru vs. Kmahna Remix)

Remixed by Lindaru (YouTube and SoundCloud)

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