Today on Limit Break Radio, inclement weather prevents Juxta from being in studio, leaving Aniero all by himself to operate the gear. The crew soldiers on anyway and discusses statements made by Yoshi-P to the Korean publication Game Focus as well as an article published on telling healers that DPS is an expected part of their job. We read selections from the comments section and talk your live calls today on Limit Break Radio.

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One comment on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 92 – Phoning It In

  1. Aaron cobb Dec 16, 2016

    hey guys, after listening to the recent podcast.i had to write in. i have mixed feelings about healer dps. i think if ur comfortable in doing it the. do it. if not ,that should be ok too. if 14 had quests or training scenarios in the beginning levels where healers can learn to dps while healing this wouldnt be an issue. ive leveled whm and scholar to 50 and no where was i told thru the game thru story or job quests about doing dps as healer. i love u guys and listen everyweek “aneiro, take care of that sensual voice of yours lol” and nika you come off as such an elitist but still love ya. ps. dps should drop potions while fighting #jobequality. proud patreon supporter. tenchimuyio

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