Episode 91’s Limit Breaking Music

December 6, 2016

On Episode 91, we bring back Limit Breaking Music, featuring amazing Final Fantasy XIV covers from metal to synthesis, and even a chill out remix of PlayOnline.

Every so often on Limit Break Radio, we feature video game remixes and covers from the creative and musically inclined. Our minds are blown by these artists and their way to . Check them out! Please make sure to give them a follow, subscribe, or like! Let them know Limit Break Radio sent you!

Put on your headphones and get ready for an orgasmic musical explosion!


Ravana’s Theme / The Hand That Gives The Rose Metal Cover by Arathrum

Arathrum makes YouTube video game metal covers. He also covers tracks from Pokémon, Neir, Dishonored 2, Super Mario 64, and tons more! Subscribe to his YouTube and Twitch, and follow him on his Facebook and Twitter. If you want to support, check out his Patreon!


Final Fantasy XIV Main Theme “Answers” Metal Cover by Agordas

Agordas does mind blowing symphonic metal covers with layered vocals. He has great versions of the Misty Mountains, Skyrim, and Game of Thrones. Subscribe to him on YouTube, and follow on his Facebook.


Final Fantasy XIV – Dragonsong (Cover) by Benjamin Antony James

Benjamin Antony James is a familiar face to Limit Breaking Music as he has been featured here before! He has a nice playlist of Final Fantasy XIV rock covers and remixes. He is also in a band called Hotfoot Jackson. Subscribe to his YouTube, and follow his SoundCloud and Facebook.


The Warring Triad (Rock Version) by Milldyna/K’s Sound Project

We don’t know much about Milldyna as they are Japanese. However, we do know that Milldyna/K’s Sound Project has a variety of really cool Final Fantasy XIV remixes, such as a Sophia as a dance and piano remix or a World of Darkness rock style. Subscribe to their YouTube, and follow their SoundCloud and Twitter.


Sophia’s Theme (SewDough Remake) by  DJ SewDough

DJ Sew Dough reached out to us on Twitter and let us know of his own remix of Sophia. He does other remixes such as Dragonsong War and Shiva. He also did an amazing Lost City of Amdapor that even Final Fantasy XIV’s own music director, Masayoshi Soken, recognized him. Follow DJ Sew Dough on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.


Locus Alexander Boss Theme (Speech Synthesis Remix) by Anmi

This is awesome Alexander remix! However, it’s from another mysterious Japanese producer who goes by the name of Anmi. Check out their website. Give their SoundCloud and Twitter a follow!


Gateway (PlayOnline Remix) by chjolo

Oh, this PlayOnline music gives us Final Fantasy XI nostalgia or bad memories of just waiting for updates to go through. Either way, chjolo’s remix is so chill. chjolo remixes for Game Chops, a video game remixes label founded by Dj CUTMAN. He has other remixes for Final Fantasy Chronicles, Final Fantasy XI’s Gustaberg, Xenogears, and more!  Subscribe to chjolo on YouTube, and follow on SoundCloud and Twitter. Also, give a subscribe and follow to Game Chops on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter!

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  1. i don’t see it on my podcast catcher ?? am I missing it ?

  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout guys! I got the notification only just now for some reason :/

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