On this episode of Limit Break Radio: the team takes a look at the recent Producer Liver Letter 33 and what we can expect with the upcoming Patch 3.5. Yoshi-P talks about the new dungeons we’ll be facing: Baelsar’s Wall and Sohm Al (Hard), plus the final leg of the Void Ark raid series and we get out first peek into Diadem changes slated for 3.5x. As always the crew takes your calls and finally get around to reading some of your emails.

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2 comments on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 90 – The Livest of Letters

  1. Can confirm, information about Zurvan is in the Lore book but no pictures of him for the Warring T…

  2. Jean-Paul Wood Dec 5, 2016

    For Aniero,

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