Final Fantasy Feast League Season Two: THE HYPERBOWL!

November 16, 2016


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the final week of Season 2 of the FFFL! That’s right everyone, Hyperbowl II is officially here! It’s been a long season, so lets take a look back at some of the highlights!

The season got off to a dramatic start full of collusion as the Edelweiss Avengers conspired to forfeit their week one match to the Super Senpai Megaforce. While the Megaforce was investigated and cleared of wrong doing, the Avengers were punished swiftly. They had two players dropped from their roster to be replaced with Biggs and Wedge and were also assigned the last overall pick next season.

This year saw the most dominant and impotent teams to every compete in the FFFL. While the Chickabos and Super Senpai Megaforce escaped the regular season with only one loss a piece, the Red Wings and BeemBo USA combined for an astonishing 23 losses. Had they not played in the final week of the season, it may have been a perfect 24.

Overall voting in the league was up by 212% this season, and that according to statistics I’ve just made up.

This was our first year where sponsorships were allowed and the Verminion Lords made great use of it, having a wealth of sponsors before their season started to tank.

This year saw our first trades in the league, and overall changes to teams were dramatically up from season one. However, they were concentrated around a few active GMs most notably Kallo and Juxta. In an effort to increase waiver wire activity, next season will see the introduction of injuries.

This year’s Hyperbowl features two non-hosts, good news for those who took the 10:1 longshot odds of that happening in Vegas.


Toilet Bowl II features a pair of hosts that have always held a grudge against each other. Kallo Landis’ Edelweiss Avengers will travel to the Missing Member to take on Nika Kayanian’s Chickabos. These teams only met once in the regular season, with the Chickabos taking the win. While the Avengers changed rosters frequently, the Chickabos have yet to change their line-up even once. Only you can decide this battle for third place!


And here it is! Hyperbowl II will see GM Poppa Woody and Titan’s Banana Hammock travel to the Chaos Shrine to take on Suren Kayanian’s Super Senpai Megaforce. Two teams run by non-hosts of the show was certainly a long shot odds wise but these teams have both proven to be powerhouses all season long. The Super Senpai Megaforce didn’t take a loss in the regular season until Week 11 when Titan’s Banana Hammock came to town. The Banana Hammocks struggled early on, but quickly righted the ship and went on a tear in the second half of the season, locking up their playoff spot in that very same week 11. Both teams are running the same roster they drafted, marking the first time an entire team has stayed the same throughout the entire season and into the Hyperbowl. So who will it be?! Only you can decide the Season 2 Champions!

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