Final Fantasy Feast League Season Two: Week 12 Match-Ups!

November 1, 2016


Good evening everybody and welcome to your week 12 update in the FFFL! Our teams have competed hard through a vicious regular season. Everything from accusations of collusion, to attempted forfeitures, sponsors lost, bribery, and of course unsportsmanlike conduct. Any more bad behavior and we may be worse than the NFL. But through all of this, our teams have given it their all (except the Red Wings), and now we sit in the final week before the playoffs.

First over to the waiver wire where despite 6 LBR cast members being up for grabs, only one of them was selected! And of course, it was GM Juxta Position who traded away Hovernyan to select himself. This marks the first time a player has played for his own team.

Our current standings:

Eastern Division –

Chickabos (10-1)

Titan’s Banana Hammock (8-3)

Melusine Marauders (6-5)

Balamb T-Rexaurs (6-5)

Red Wings (0-11)

Western Division –

Super Senpai Megaforce (10-1)

Edelweiss Avengers (6-5)

Verminion Lords (5-6)

El Negro Grande (4-7)

BeemBo USA (0-11)

With the standings as they are, the Eastern Division is officially locked up. The Chickabos and Titan’s Banana Hammock will advance, however the Western Division still has some intrigue. With their win over the Avengers last week, the Verminion Lords have bought themselves a slim chance of making the playoffs. For this to happen, they will need to win this week and the Avengers would have to lose. That would then force a one day playoff to determine who advances.

This week’s match-ups after the jump!



Our first game to watch for the week has Titan’s Banana Hammock, who recently locked up their playoff spot traveling to the Gold Saucer to take on the Verminion Lords. The Lords must win to keep their playoff dreams alive, but the role of a spoiler can be a fun one indeed.


On the other end of the spectrum lies a match that means absolutely nothing.Neither team can make the playoffs, neither team has much opportunity to move around in the draft, and neither team is even guaranteed to show up to play. That said, maybe pride still counts for something?


This is it guys. Proof that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. The winless Red Wings travel to Quarrymill to take on winless BeemBo USA. Only one team can go without winning, who’s it gonna be?


They say in sports, the goal on the last day of the season is to be in control of your own destiny. This is exactly where the Edelweiss Avengers find themselves. A win and they’re in. A loss, and things could get dicey next week. As we said before, the role of spoiler can be a fun one, especially for the Marauders who are coming off a painful elimination from playoff contention¬†last week.


Two teams that have been battling hard all season to be the best will finally have their chance to prove it in the Choas Shrine this week. The 10-1 Chickabos will meet the 10-1 Super Senpai Megaforce in a match to determine the league’s best record. Both teams have playoff spots locked, but they can still secure home-field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win this week.


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One comment on “Final Fantasy Feast League Season Two: Week 12 Match-Ups!

  1. Taliz Marvelous Nov 1, 2016

    Megaforce is 10-2?! Did I miss a week? Who did they lose to?

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