Final Fantasy Feast League Season Two: Week 11 Match-Ups!

October 25, 2016












Good evening FFFL fans far and wide and welcome to your week 11 update! This is a major week for the league as it could be the one that determines our playoff picture. More on that in a second as we first dive into a couple of league notes. Last week, a clerical error caused the Verminion Lords to not have their claim processed in time as they attempted to pick up Aniero off the waiver wire. As this was a league issue, the claim was allowed for this week and GM Juxta Position was allowed to make another pick for this week if he wanted. Being who he is, of course he opted to.

This lead to our first instance of two GMs wanting to select the same player as both Juxta and Malkythera submitted a claim on Estinien. As Juxta had the higher spot in the waiver order, he was awarded the player. He sends both Mog and Iroha to the waiver wire in exchange for Estinien and Aniero.

Our current standings:

Eastern Division –

Chickabos (9-1)

Titan’s Banana Hammock (7-3)

Melusine Marauders (5-5)

Balamb T-Rexaurs (5-5)

Red Wings (0-10)

Western Division –

Super Senpai Megaforce (10-0)

Edelweiss Avengers (6-4)

Verminion Lords (5-5)

El Negro Grande (4-6)

BeemBo USA (0-10)

Let’s take a look at some playoff possibilities!

First, the Super Senpai Megaforce and the Chickabos have secured their spot in the playoffs and should they both win this week will face off for the league’s best record next week. It should be noted that the team with the best record maintains home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Titan’s Banana Hammock holds second place in the Eastern Division and is in control of their own destiny. A win either this week or next means they are playoff bound. If they were to lose both weeks and the Melusine Marauders win both weeks, they could be caught.

In the Western Division, the Edelweiss Avengers hold second place with the Verminion Lords nipping at their heels. The two teams play this week and a win means the playoffs for the Avengers. If the Verminion Lords win, then we’ll have to look at the results of next week.

The Balamb T-Rexaurs, despite having the same record as the Melusine Marauders have been eliminated from the playoffs. If the Banana Hammocks lose out, and both the T-Rexaurs and Marauders win out, the Banana Hammocks advance. If the Banana Hammocks lose out, and the Marauders win out, but the T-Rexaurs do not, then the Marauders advance. If the Banana Hammocks win a game, they advance.

Every other team has been eliminated from the playoff picture.

This week’s match-ups after the jump!


Our match of the week features the Edelweiss Avengers traveling to the Gold Saucer to take on the Verminion Lords! In one of the largest remaining playoff mysteries, two teams with everything to lose go head to head. A win means next week matters for the Verminion Lords, whereas the Avengers secure their playoff spot with a victory.


Much like the Avengers, if the Banana Hammocks can go on the road and get a victory, they’ll secure their playoff spot as well. However, to do so, they must do what no one has done this season. They must venture into the Chaos Shrine to take on the Super Senpai Megaforce.


The Chickabos have been on a tear since they suffered their first loss and with a Week 12 showdown with the Megaforce looming they still have a chance at the best record in the league. To get their, they’ll need to not overlook winless BeemBo USA as they come to the Missing Member.


El Negro Grande got a win last week, but unfortunately was eliminated from playoff contention. They’ll move into the role of spoiler now as they welcome the Melusine Marauders to the Midgar Slums. While the path to the playoffs is a difficult one for the Marauders, they’re still very much in it and need the win.


Two teams with nothing left to play for but pride. It cannot be confirmed whether the Red Wings even caught the bus to Balamb.

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