Final Fantasy Feast League Season Two: Week 10 Match-Ups!

October 18, 2016



Good evening FFFL fans and welcome back from our one week break! Hurricane Merlwyb has cleared out and our mysteriously absent general managers have all returned from wherever it was they had gone, so the action can once again get underway! The extra week did not do much for the waiver wire however, as only one team made a change. The Melusine Marauders have released the marmots that Juxta killed in 1.0 as part of the special marmot defense force, yes specifically those marmots. In exchange, she’s acquired Malkeria off the wire who will join the squad this week.

Next week, we’ll be doing our playoff preview special where I’ll outline all the possibilities for who can still make it and what their chances are looking like. Currently, every team except the Red Wings, BeemBo USA, and El Negro Grande have a chance to make the post season, although the odds are growing increasingly dire for the Balamb T-Rexaurs and the Verminion Lords.

Our current standings:

Eastern Division –

Chickabos (8-1)

Titan’s Banana Hammock (6-3)

Melusine Marauders (5-4)

Balamb T-Rexaurs (4-5)

Red Wings (0-9)

Western Division –

Super Senpai Megaforce (9-0)

Edelweiss Avengers (6-3)

Verminion Lords (4-5)

El Negro Grande (3-6)

BeemBo USA (0-9)

This week’s match-ups after the jump!


Titan’s Banana Hammock will start out our week by travelling to Castle Baron for a match with the winless Red Wings. They remain in control of their own destiny, as if they win out, they cannot be caught for the second play-off spot in the eastern division.


Next up, El Negro Grande will head to Quarrymill for a game with BeemBo that means very little as far as standings concern. BeemBo is still battling to not go winless and with their remaining schedule, this may be their best shot to get on the board this season.


The Chickabos have a chance to take home the best record in the league this season by winning out, but that means first they’ll have to get through the Edelweiss Avengers. Like the Banana Hammocks, the Avengers are in control of their own destiny for a playoff shot.


The Super Senpai Megaforce will invade the Wolves Den to take on the Melusine Marauders this week. The Marauders desperately need to win this week to keep pressure on Titan’s Banana Hammock, though the Megaforce as you all know has not dropped a game this season.


Our match of the week features a pair of 4-5 teams. Why is this our match of the week? Because it’s effectively a play-off elimination game. Lose and you have no chance of making the post-season. Win… and well, you still need a lot to go your way!

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