Final Fantasy Feast League Season Two: Week 4 Match-Ups!

August 30, 2016



Happy Tuesday FFFL fans! Week 4 is officially underway so let’s jump right into the action. This week sees dramatic changes to three of our team rosters, thanks in part to a blockbuster trade and  some acquisitions on the waiver wire.

First up, a huge trade was completed on Thursday as the Melusine Marauders and the Verminion Lords struck a deal. The Marauders will be getting Haurchefant and the marmots that Juxta Position killed in 1.0 as part of the special marmot defense force, yes specifically those marmots. In exchange, the Verminion Lords, sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chocobo, will receive Y’shtola and Gilgamesh.

The Verminion Lords weren’t done however, as they also released Cloud from the team to make room for the newly acquired Aymeric. With the acqusition, they no longer have a single player they originally drafted.

Speaking of which, the Edelweiss Avengers continue overhauling their roster, making their 4th move on waivers in as many weeks. They release Ealdwine, who is expected to return to obscurity in Eorzea in exchange for Yojimbo. Rumor has it that being the most well funded team, the Verminion Lords had considered making a run at Yojimbo, but the chance to force the Chickabos to fight Aymeric proved too tempting.

Our current standings:

Eastern Division –

Chickabos (3-0)

Titan’s Banana Hammock (2-1)

Balamb T-Rexaurs (1-2)

Melusine Marauders (1-2)

Red Wings (0-3)


Western Division –

Super Senpai Megaforce (3-0)

Verminion Lords (2-1)

Edelweiss Avengers (2-1)

El Negro Grande (1-2)

BeemBo USA (0-3)

This week’s match-ups after the jump!

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David meets Goliath this week as BeemBo USA heads down to the Chaos Shrine for a match with the Super Senpai Megaforce. The phrase any given Sunday was made for games like this as BeemBo looks to shock the world!


In a classic case of bulletin board material, GM Kallo spoke out after last week’s win saying quote “They’re good kids, all these new teams. But they lack a certain something. You can’t just come into a league like this and expect to take home a win. You need to learn a bit of finesse. Those Midgar kids are looking pretty good though. Keep an eye on them.” We’ll see how both teams react this week!


The Melusine Marauders come in fresh off their blockbuster trade with the Verminion Lords, but they have a steep task ahead as they journey to the Navel for a match with Titan’s Banana-Hammock who looks to rebound after a frustrating loss last week.


In perhaps the hardest to stomach match of the week, the Balamb T-Rexaurs will travel to Castle Baron for a match with the Red Wings. As 1-2 meets 0-3, caffeine sales should be at an all time high!


In perhaps our most looked forward to match of the week, the Verminion Lords hit the road and brave the Missing Member to take on the undefeated Chickabos. Will the Merry Murderesses of the Missing Member hold off the bought and paid for Verminion Lords? Only you can decide!


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