Final Fantasy Feast League Season Two: Week 2 Match-Ups!

August 16, 2016



Happy Tuesday FFFL fans and welcome back for week 2 of the Final Fantasy Feast League! Our first week was full of everything fans have come to expect out of the league including high intensity match-ups, shameless pandering, behind the scenes collusion, and of course your votes deciding the fates of Final Fantasy’s greatest, most mediocre, and worst heroes!

Fans were met with some confusion last week as the Edelweiss Avengers attempted to surrender their match-up to the Super Senpai Megaforce. League management intervened however, and the match went on as scheduled. After a large scale investigation into the attempted forfeiture, the Megaforce was cleared of all wrong-doing. The Avengers however, were found guilty of conduct not befitting a competitive team within the league and were penalized. Both Fran and Robel-Akbel were dropped from the active roster and sent to the waiver wire with Biggs and Wedge filling in their slots.

With only one week’s worth of games under their belts, most of the teams decided to stand pat and not make any changes to their line-ups. However, in the wake of their scandal, the Edelweiss Avengers made a move to improve their team. Wedge hadn’t even finished unpacking his bags before GM Kallo dropped him off the roster, making a waiver claim on Rikku. Sources tell us Biggs likely wont be far beind as we move past week two.

The only other move came to us courtesy of the Verminion Lords, who despite a win in their first week decided to take an opportunity to improve their team. Setzer will be joining the ranks of the undead, as he will be filling the gap left by the dismissal of Tellah. Setzer was reported to be disappointed he couldn’t take his lucky number 7, however the team captain Cloud relinquished the number and adopted the number 41. Setzer will have a trial by fire on his hands as he learns the playbook, however as most of the squad is dying and or dead, the playbook for the Verminion Lords is said to be very simple.

Last week’s first matchup saw BeemBo USA travel to the Gold Saucer. The Verminion Lords, brought to you by COR’s Draft, pulled out the win and defended their home turf. They move to 1-0 while BeemBo USA falls to 0-1.

Next up, the Balamb T-Rexaurs started their season on the road, travelling to the Wolves Den in Limsa Lominsa for a match-up with the Melusine Marauders. Home field advantage wasn’t enough for the Marauders to overcome however, and they fell to 0-1 while the T-Rexaurs advance to 1-0.

The Super Senpai Megaforce was apparently insulted by the attempted forfeiture and played like a team united. They stormed the Rogue’s Guild Fight Club, routing the Edelweiss Avengers in our biggest margin of victory of the week.

The Chickabos are said to be infinitely more dangerous within the depths of the Missing Member, and if week 1 is any indication, teams will not be looking forward to road trips there any time soon. They advance to 1-0 at the hands of the Castle Baron Red Wings who fall to 0-1.

And lastly, Titan’s Banana Hammock set up shop this season in the Navel and played host to El Negro Grande in their home opener. With Garnet’s status questionable until game time, the banana hammocks were able to pull out the win and advance to 1-0.

This weeks match-ups after the jump!

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Our first match of the week sees BeemBo USA travel to the Midgar Slums to show down with El Negro Grande. The forecast calls for rain which isn’t expected to benefit either team. Will JoeNever rally his team against a team desperate to win their home opener?


The Melusine Marauders had a rough week in their home opener and feel they need a win in week two. Starting off 0-2 with two home games spent would leave a difficult road ahead so the Chickabos will have their work cut out for them!


Hildebrand appeared to be everything the T-Rexaurs hoped for as they went on the road in week one and took the win. Now they return home to the Balamb Garden Training Center to welcome the 1-0 Banana Hammocks. Will wild monsters play a factor?


A showdown between 0-1 teams will be taking place in the Rogue’s Guild Fight Club. The Avengers are rebuilding their team one piece at a time, and like the Marauders are determined to not fall to 0-2 in back to back home losses. The Red Wings meanwhile are looking to end their road trip on a positive note before their home opener next week.


Lastly, the Verminion Lords are packing the hearse and hitting the road this week as they travel to the Chaos Shrine for a match-up with the Super Senpai Megaforce. Both teams are coming off a strong week one performance and are looking to build on that momentum!


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