On this weeks show Aniero, Kallo and Juxta throw back to the days of yore. They start by discussing this article from Kotaku and interviewing its author Cecelia D’Anastasio They talk about whats unique to FFXI and FFXIV and what similarities, if any they share. What makes them different and how does that effect each game? In addition, several stories and anecdotes from each of their MMO career’s come to light. The crews pessimism is challenged by friend of the show JoeNeverFails in an epic clash of FFXIV’s most vocal personalities.

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2 comments on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 76 – Red Dot

  1. John Ackley Aug 17, 2016

    Hope you enjoy Rhapsodies, arguablty the best cut scenes in game, and huge bonuses from the KI’s. Yes trusts is a nice system.

  2. Listening to this ep makes me annoyed that I don’t have the facility/ability to make my own MMO.

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